Posted on: September 07, 2017

Today Tom is sharing some game-changing information we’ve never discussed on the podcast before. This is one of the secrets he’s been using in his business for years, and that many of the biggest Wholesalers and Real Estate Investors have been using for years.

Troy Howard, Co-Founder of, shares how you can implement this small but effective secret, right now, in your business.


Testimonials: They’re Important… But Difficult

It’s difficult to overstate the impact of good, honest video testimonials. Video testimonials can truly change your business, but they can also be really difficult to secure. SoTellUs is a video testimonial game changer.

Even if a former client is happy and really wants to leave a good testimonial, there are still obstacles in recording, uploading, and using a high quality video.

  • SoTellUs gives you – the business owner – an app that allows you to record video testimonials in about 30 seconds, in person.
  • If a business owner is not working with a client in person, they can also send a text that provides a link to the client. They don’t need to download the app or make an account, or even understand how to save a video to their phone; just click the link in the text, click record, and everything else is automatic.
  • These options remove almost all of the potential obstacles for the client, and makes accessing the video much easier for a business owner.


The key to a great testimonial is timing. You want to capture the moment right after the sale is complete, when they are emotional, satisfied, and just received their check.


What difference does a testimonial make? If you have an emotional testimonial video, 84% of people will treat that video as if a friend referred them. In our experience, this is absolutely true.


Tom’s Testimonial Tips

When you ask for a testimonial, your customer may not know what to say. You want to prompt them to provide their pain, the solution you provided, and the reward they go.

Remember: pain, solution, reward. You can use these questions as a prompt:

  • Why were you frustrated about the property? This is the pain.
  • What did you do? This is the solution: they contacted you.
  • What does your life look like now (that you have the money)? This is the reward.

We also ask them to end the video with a CTA, or call to action. We simply ask the customer, politely, to mention the name of the company and tell the viewer how they can get in touch with you.

You’re not scripting the testimonial – you’re just helping them formulate a flow, and this makes it easier for them to share their experience, in the moment.


Tom is setting up a SoTellUs Testimonial contest! Go to the Investor Grit Facebook Page and find Tom’s post to learn more details and join the contest.




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Episode Transcription

Tom Krol: Hey guys, welcome to another amazing episode of Wholesaling Inc., today is going to be a game changer for you in your business. This is the no fluff, no BS zone, and today we are going to change your business, I’m going to give you information that you can implement right now, this is game changing information that we have never discussed before, it’s one of the little pearls of wisdom, one of the little secrets in my business that I’ve been using for years, that a lot of the biggest wholesalers, and real estate agents, and other real estate investors, have been using for years, that nobody talks about, but all of the big players are doing it.
And not only am I going to tell you what it is, and show you exactly how to do it, but I am going to give you a special tool that is going to make it so fast, and so simple, it’s literally a no brainer. We have a special guest with us today that is going to take you through step-by-step-by-step, how to implement this little tiny secret in your business, in your real estate investing, wholesaling business, right now today, that is going to change the game. You guys, I’m super, super excited to introduce you to Troy Howard from, it is an amazing corporation that makes using this tool super, super simple. Troy, are you there on the line with us?

Troy Howard: Yes, I’m here Tom, and thanks for having me today.

Tom Krol: Absolutely, it’s my pleasure. I am so excited to be speaking with you, I’ve been looking forward to this podcast all day. So it’s really, really awesome, and what I want to talk about with you today, what I want to speak with you about, is this amazing strategy of testimonials, and how important they are, and how difficult they are, and how you are going to make our lives easier. As you know, Troy, I’m a big fan. I’ve been using SoTellUs now for quite a while, I have amazing results, it is a total game changer when you have testimonials, and I’m super, super excited to have you on the phone, so thank you for joining me today.

Troy Howard: Yeah, thanks for having me, again like I said, I’m really excited to talk to you guys about testimonials, and the power of them, and how they can change your businesses, because they’ve changed my business over the last 19 years. So it’s one of our best kept secrets, that we’ve used to really outgrow all of our competitors.

Tom Krol: Yeah, it makes a huge difference. I remember when I was working with my website team, and we started putting them on, literally, what they called it was social proof, and when you have a real person, who’s giving you a real testimonial, with their real name, and their real experience, it is so tremendous you guys, I cannot overstate the importance of a video testimonial. But I think what a lot of listeners are going to find, and what I know I found, and Troy, you probably would agree, is that when you request a video testimonial, it’s so complicated, right? Because if I say, “Hey Troy, you had a great experience, I bought your home, and you’re happy, can you give me a video testimonial?”, what happens is, even if I could somehow get you to do it, it never comes through, the file is too large, the sellers don’t know really how to send it, because it’s too big for instant messenger. It’s too big for e-mail, the video file. How have you guys been able to overcome that?

Troy Howard: Yeah. So that’s one of the biggest challenges that everybody faced, was those issues of, how do I even get the video, you know? And so what we did is we actually went out and we built an app that you can download on your phone, and it will let you capture a video testimonial, or a video review from your client, right there, face to face. So you know you’re closing on the house, you’re doing the paperwork, and all that kind of stuff. And you can literally just say, “Hey, will you just take 30 seconds, and give me a quick video testimonial?”, you launch the SoTellUs app on your phone, and you just click on video, and then all they do is they put in their first name, their last name, their mobile phone number, they give you a star rating, and boom, you record the video. And the app will actually take that video, upload it to our servers automatically for you, so you don’t have to worry about how do I get this, and upload it to YouTube, and all this stuff, and get it off my phone.
All of it’s done automatically for you. And then our system will actually go out, and market it for you automatically as well. And we can talk a little bit more about that. But basically we’ve taken all the headache out of getting the video, and figuring out how to get it online, and we do it for you instantly through our app. And we also give you the ability also to, where you can just send a text message out to somebody, and you can say, “Hey, give me a quick a video testimonial”, they can do it right from their own phone. They don’t have to download our app, they don’t have to create a profile, they literally click a link in the text message we send them, and boom, they record the video, hit submit, and it instantly uploads. So again, they don’t have to worry about how do I get this over to you? It’s instantly uploaded to our servers, and then we do the rest for you.

Tom Krol: So guys, I just want to break that down, because I cannot tell you, I’ve been using SoTellUs now for a while, it is an amazing tool. So let me just kind of summarize what Troy just said. So here’s the problem, and this is what the solution, and just stand by guys. This is going to be a quick episode today, but there’s a huge, huge, huge benefit coming up at the end of the show here for you, just for the friends of the show. But here is the deal, so when you have a seller who is just now getting their check, the key with testimonials is timing. Timing is everything. So if you get somebody who’s a happy homeowner, and they just sold their home to you, and they are emotional, and they’re overcome with happiness, and joy, and peace, and now that this is a done deal, you have to capture it right then.
So what SoTellUs is able to do, is not only can you use that tool right then, in the moment, if you happen to be there, and you can capture it using the app and automatically upload it, but what you could also do, what we do, because we don’t attend a lot of our closings, is I can send the seller, I can say, “Hey seller, how did everything go?”, “Oh, the title company was so happy, and was so convenient, and everything, we got our check, we’re so happy”, and I would say, “Hey, would you mind saying that in a little video for me? Would you mind if you could do that?”, and they always say, “Yes, oh yeah, I’m happy to do that right now.”, So I’ll say, “Great, let’s do it right now. I’m going to send you a text message”, and through SoTellUs, I send them an invitation.
Now, here’s the killer guys. The sellers, even if they don’t know how to use technology, they do not have to, and Troy, stop me if I’m wrong here, they do not have to install anything on their phone, they just click on the link that you just sent them automatically, and they just hit record, and they do a video, they hit stop, and it automatically goes to you. So you get the star rating, plus the video, right in the emotional moment when they’re most happy, and satisfied, with your service. It is a game changer you guys, I cannot tell you how important getting that social proof is.
When you have that social proof, it’s great, and you can use it even if you haven’t bought a house, if somebody just said, “Hey, I love talking to you guys, you’re an honest company. You didn’t buy my house, but I had such a great experience”, anybody who has good news about you, I now like to send out SoTellUs app, it’s so easy. I send it out to everybody, anybody who’s had a good experience with us, whether we bought their home or not, I’m like, “Hey, would you mind putting that down?”, because I don’t want good news to be a place where it comes to me and just dies. I want to share that with the world, because if nobody else knows it, it’s not going to count.
And they say, “Oh yeah, sure Tom, I’m happy to do that”, or whoever on our team that they’re working with, so that is amazing. That is amazing, because they don’t have to worry about uploading the video, or anything like that. So anyway Troy, just wanted to kind of re summarize that, because it’s such a powerful, and amazing tool. It’s really impressive. Do you have any statistics or stats, and I know you do, because we kind of spoke briefly, but what is the difference between people who have real testimonials with real people, as opposed to people who like don’t, what does that kind of look like?

Troy Howard: All right. So yeah, it’s really interesting. Especially when you’re doing video, the stats are even better when there’s video involved because like you just said, you can capture the emotion, and that emotion can be transferred through the video. What’s crazy is, if you get a video like that, or a testimonial like that, that has that emotion in it, 84% of people will treat that video as if a friend referred them. We all know that if someone refers you business, you can close that nine out of 10 times, 10 out of 10 times, because there’s a trust that comes with that referral, while watching a video and capturing that emotion, when people watch that video, almost nine out of 10, are going to close just as if it was a referral. So that’s the power of using video, and capturing that emotion, because it’s just like one of their friends referring them. People are going to believe it.

Tom Krol: Right.

Troy Howard: So that’s what makes the difference.

Tom Krol: So I totally agree, because we’ve seen the numbers ourselves, and let me give you guys also a little advice on how I get testimonials. First of all, we have an attitude in the office, which is right now, as soon as we get good news now, we have an attitude that we want that good news delivered back to us right now in video. So the first thing we do is we get a little bit, we have those awkward conversations of asking the person who is satisfied for a video testimonial right away. It is absolutely key. The other thing that we do, which is really key, and I learned this directly from he’s a great guy when it comes to this kind of stuff, and what he taught us was, he talks about pain, solution, reward. So whenever we ask a seller to give us a testimonial, very often they don’t really know what to say. They’re happy with the service, but you got to give them like a little bit of instruction.
So what we do, is we say, “Hey Mrs. Jones, if you don’t mind, what we’re looking for is kind of like a, where were you at, why were you frustrated about the property? What did you do by contacting us? You contacted us, and then now that you have your money reward, what is your life look like?”, so pain, solution, reward. Where were you at? What did you do? What does it look like now? That is key for a testimonial. So when you get a testimonial, first of all, get them all the time, get them right now, and remember pain, solution, reward. So “Mrs.Jones, what were you frustrating about? And then you contacted us, and then what happened? And everything’s great. Okay, can you put that into a video?”, I think that that is key, to give them a little bit of a context, or a framework, on how to leave you a proper testimonial.
That’s number one. Number two, is we always ask them in the video, what is something that people call in marketing, an acronym called CTA, which means Call to Action. So what do they want the people watching the video to do? So the other thing that we always ask people to do, is just leave us a CTA, which is we’ll say, “Hey Mrs.Jones, don’t forget, when you’re doing this video, please, put in the name of our company, and tell them to go to our to find out more, or our phone number, or whatever.
But always give them this piece of advice, is that you want them to use pain, solution, reward, and then a CTA, a very clear CTA, like go to the ABC home buyers, or whatever the website is, dot com, and go from there. So I mean Troy, do you kind of, how do you feel about that? Because that’s how we’ve been doing, but you might even have better advice than we have.

Troy Howard: Yeah, no I agree with you 100%. When it comes to getting a video from somebody, you want to make sure that they know what they’re going to say, before you start recording, because then they’re comfortable, and it’s easier for them to do it. So by very quickly just laying that out exactly like you just did, it makes it very easy for them to give you that testimonial. And you’re not really scripting the testimonial, you’re just helping them formulate a flow in the testimonial, and it makes it easier for them to share their experience.
So I agree with you 100%, and the key is capturing it right then, when they’re holding that check. We have several car dealerships that use our service, and they capture these video, these people standing in front of their car, when they’re getting the keys, and the videos are awesome. I mean it just makes you want to go down there, and buy a car, because these people are so excited about getting their car, and they kind of, same thing. They kind of walk them through this formula of what they want them to say. And that’s the perfect way to do it, because that’s going to give you something that you can use in your marketing all day long.

Tom Krol: You guys, it’s so important when the seller has that check in their hand, have that awkward conversation, build up those muscles in your belly of discomfort, that make you uncomfortable, to ask for the testimonial. It is such a game changer, and the way SoTellUs does it, and I don’t know all of the background of SoTellUs on how they do it, but I do know, that they’re able to SEO these videos, you can put them on your website. I mean, it’s amazing. It’s so important, and you heard Troy say it, it’s basically in the high 80%, of getting a referral from a friend, which is so powerful. As a matter of fact, I was at a house today, and I asked for a referral from my buddy for painting a property. So it is absolutely key, I love it. It’s very, very exciting. Any other tips or tricks, Troy, that you can think of, as far as testimonials, how to’s, or anything like that?

Troy Howard: Yeah. I think one of the things we really want to talk about too, is once you get the testimonial, what do you do with it? That’s one of the biggest keys, because you get it, and then you’ve got to get it out there, and you got to get it in your marketing. And that’s one of the things that SoTellUs will automate for our customers, is literally, once you capture that video, our system will automatically put it on your website, through the SoTellUs widget, it will push it to your social media sites for you automatically. So it becomes a part of your social proof on the social media sites. And then we do, as you mentioned, we optimize those reviews, and we submit them to the search engines, so that they’ll actually show up on the first page of Google, when people are researching your business.
Because you got to understand, and you’ve got to believe that 70% of consumers will actually research a business online before they’ll pick up the phone, and call them. So you know, when you’re dealing with these sellers, and you know they’re looking to sell their house to you, they are going to look you up online, and they’re going to see what’s on that first page of Google, to try and determine whether they can trust you.
So our system helps build that trust, by getting those reviews on that first page of Google. So that’s what they’re finding there, and that’s really, really important, is how to market them. You know, we had a client a who signed on recently, and he does seminars, and he does several of them a month, and he’s been doing that for like a decade.
And he told us, he goes, “Look Troy, I’ve got 10,000 video testimonials”, and I’m like, “Wow, that is awesome”, I said, “Where are they?”, and he goes, “They’re sitting on a hard drive next to my computer”, and I go, “So, you haven’t used them in any of your marketing?”, he goes, “No.”, he goes, “I pay a video crew to come to every one of my seminars, we record video testimonials at every single event, and we’ve never used any of them”, and he goes, “And you’re telling me with SoTellUs, not only can I capture it instantly, without hiring a video crew”, he goes, “But it will actually go out in all of my marketing?”, and we’re like, “Yes”, because you can have 10,000 awesome video testimonials, but if nobody sees them, then they’re worthless, they’ve got to be out there, in the public. So you need a system that will automate that for you.

Tom Krol: It’s so powerful. It’s such a no brainer, and I know for a lot of us who are in the real estate space, in the wholesaling space, we use, there’s only a few internet providers, or as far as website developers that we use, and I can tell you from speaking to them, the first question they ask when you sign up for their service is, “How many testimonials do you have? Can we add that to the page?”, because that helps the social proof, and the trust is key. So you guys, I want to have a contest to see who can get the most SoTellUs testimonials, and we have got to come up with a prize. So here’s what I’m going to do, we’re going to do this for sure, and this is totally, I’m just thinking of this off the top of my brain, but I know for sure that this will bless your businesses guys, and I know that when you get testimonials, I know it’s going to change your business.
So I’m going to put something together, I don’t know what, but I’m going to put a Facebook post in the Investor Grit Wholesaling Inc. Facebook page, that’s our public page, so we are going to write up a contest, and I’m going to give you guys like 30 days, and whoever gets the most SoTellUs testimonials in 30 days, we are going to have an amazing, amazing, amazing, and you know when we give out an amazing gift, it’s really amazing. Not just a [inaudible 00:17:18], a little thing. So we’re going to definitely do that 100%, and I also want to let you know, I want you to start this today. So, SoTellUs here is the deal, I have been like twisting Troy’s arm, and twisting his arm, not too hard because he’s an easy guy to get along with, and give us huge benefits.
But you know, we’re always going to fight for the tribe, and he is giving us an amazing, amazing, amazing deal. So well Troy, go ahead, I know you want to help the people on this show get to their financial goals, and hit their targets, so tell us a little bit more about what tribe members can expect if they go, and take a look at your product, and service, which you guys, this is a super, super, super affordable, no brainer, little tool here, that you can use and plug in right away. So Troy, tell us a little bit more about that.

Troy Howard: Yeah, so what we talked about when we decided on it, was we would give anyone in your guys’s tribe, 50% off of SoTellUs for the life of them being a customer. So it’s not like we’re just going to be a discount now, we’re literally going to give you 50% off of the pricing forever. So that’s a huge savings, year, upon year, upon year, as you use our system.

Tom Krol: Awesome. And you guys, that’s not just for tribe members, that’s all listeners of the show, now here’s the deal, so what I want you to do, is today, as soon as you pull the car over, don’t do this while you’re driving, go to, so go to, and there’s going to be a special discount for all of the listeners of the show.
It’s going to be a huge 50% discount on this app, that you can implement right now. This is a huge benefit, guys. This is such a no brainer. It makes grabbing testimonials all day long, super, super, super simple. If you’re a tribe member, we’re going to put something in the forum where you’re going to have an even better deal. We’re going to, if you’re actually already a Rhino, when you go to that page, we’re going to have another special gift for anybody who’s a Rhino. Because you know, we always fight, and take our vendors, and twist their arm for the best deal. Not that we’re twisting your arm Troy, but we love it. So, that’s awesome brother, well we sure appreciate that. That is a good stuff. So how did you get started with, SoTellUs, how did this all come about? How long have you guys been in business?

Troy Howard: Well, so we’ve been in business for 19 years, but the SoTellUs system, is about two years old. And literally the way we got into it was, we took the concept of social proof, and we implemented it in our own business, because we had launched a product about six years ago, and we decided from a marketing perspective, you know what? We’re not going to talk about the product, we’re not going to sell the product, we’re just going to let our customers results, their success stories, sell the product for us. So what we did, is we flew around, and we videoed all of our customers talking about this product, and how it had changed their life. And we just use that as our marketing. Well, it was absolutely amazing. I mean we literally generate like $500,000 in recurring revenue over a six month period by using that sales techniques.

Tom Krol: That’s awesome. Well, wait, hold on, hold on. I’ve got to do something since you said that big number, hold on. All right, I had to ring the victory bell for you, because that is an awesome amount of revenue just from testimonials and social proof. That is killer.

Troy Howard: Yeah. And what we realized though was, because we worked with thousands of businesses all around the world, we knew our customers couldn’t go out, and hire a video crew, and fly around, and get videos from their customers, so we’re like, how can we make this super easy for our customers, so that they can do the exact same thing, create the same marketing that we use, but at a really cost effective way.
So we literally spent about two years developing the SoTellUs system, and perfecting it, so that we could launch it out to our customers, and they could very easily, instantly capture videos from customers, from anyone all around the world. And it’s just gone like gangbusters since then. It was crazy, I was just looking at the stats the other day, and even though SoTellUs is less than two years old, we’re literally, our video reviews are getting millions of views. I mean, it’s just going crazy, because video is the hottest thing around there. And so it’s growing like gangbusters, and it’s all because, we had a need in our business to be able to instantly capture those videos, and then market them, and we built a system to do it for everybody else.

Tom Krol: I love it, it’s an awesome story. I love when you can develop something from your own business need, and make it work. And I will tell you guys too, that the app that does this, it does capture text, and audio reviews too. But, I want every single person who’s a listener, especially tribe members, if you guys are Rhinos, I want you to push, push, push, push for video reviews. I mean, Troy, you tell me if I’m wrong here, but video is better than text, or audio, is that correct?

Troy Howard: Oh yeah, absolutely. I mean, you just cannot compare. I mean, think about it, you go on Amazon, you read these written reviews, and you’re like, “Yeah, maybe that’s true. Maybe it’s not, I don’t know”, but when you see someone on video with emotion, especially if you see them holding a check, I mean, come on, you can’t help but believe that.

Tom Krol: Absolutely. So that’s your next big step, how are you guys going to close the Amazon loop, and get them as a customer for SoTellUs? C’mon.

Troy Howard: Exactly. That’s our next, well, or they’ll buy us, one of the two.

Tom Krol: Oh, I like that. I’m sure, yeah, I can make some phone calls, I’ll see if I know anybody over there for you. That’s awesome.

Troy Howard: Exactly.

Tom Krol: Very, very cool. Yeah, so I love it, it’s an awesome tool. So Troy, I’ve got to ask you, because this is the Wholesaling Inc. Podcast, before I let you go, you obviously are the cofounder and part owner of an awesome company here, SoTellUs, a lot of the people on the phone, they’re just kind of getting started in real estate investing, and opening their own businesses. A lot of them are seasoned business owners who are, they’re making a lot of money. Any general business advice, something that you could recommend for our listeners? A book that they could check out, or a resource, what’s kind of helped you along the way, get to the top of your field?

Troy Howard: Well, I’ve got to tell you, the answer to that really is, you’ve got to find a mentor, you got to find someone who can lead you, and guide you, and walk you through the path of success. I mean, what you guys are doing for your tribe, is absolutely amazing, and that’s how we’ve grown our business. You know, we started out from the very beginning, 19 years ago, looking for someone who was absolutely successful. And then we went to them, and said, “Okay, what will it take, for you to teach us what you’ve done?”, and we’ve done that, year, upon year, upon year. So the best way to find success, is to find someone who is successful, and do everything they tell you to do.

Tom Krol: I love that advice. That’s great advice. That’s amazing. It’s not what I was expecting you to say, so that is incredible, and I totally agree. What business are you guys in, other than SoTellUs, what was your business?

Troy Howard: Basically our business, we started out back in 1999, just building websites for small business owners, and so we do internet marketing, we do SEO, we do PPC, we do all the whole gambit of internet services. And then we’re also the SoTellUs side of the business is, we’re a software development company, so we’re constantly developing new software, that we roll out to business owners to help them in their marketing.

Tom Krol: Wow, that’s awesome. I love it. All right guys, well you heard it. This is Troy Howard, he is one of the owners of SoTellUs, awesome guy. He gave our listeners, and our tribe, an amazing, amazing, amazing deal to implement this application in your product. You guys, do this today, this is a no brainer. Get uncomfortable asking for testimonials, and get them uploaded today. Whoever you just helped, whoever has something good to say about you, if you’re a brand new investor, and you’re just starting off, and somebody thinks that you’re an honest, hardworking person, get a testimonial from that person today. Don’t do it tomorrow. Do it today. Get this app, and get that testimonial today. Go to, that’s, and start getting testimonials today. It will change your business, I promise you. It is a game changer.
Troy, I appreciate your time today, thank you very much brother.

Troy Howard: Hey, thanks for having me on the show.

Tom Krol: All right, and I will keep you posted too. I don’t know, if you’re not in the Facebook group Troy, I will definitely want to put you in the Facebook group, and we are going to definitely, 100%, when this podcast comes out, we are going to do a contest. Whoever gets the most SoTellUs testimonials is going to get a massive, massive, massive gift. So be ready, because we’re going to have you involved in that contest. You can watch and cheer people on.

Troy Howard: Oh yeah. That’ll be awesome. We love contests.

Tom Krol: I love it. All right brother, sounds good Troy. Thanks again. I appreciate it. All right guys, it’s, and we’ll talk to you soon. Have a great day.

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