Episode 90: The Secret Behind Building Social Proof & Growing Your Wholesaling Business

Today Tom is sharing some game-changing information we’ve never discussed on the podcast before. This is one of the secrets he’s been using in his business for years, and that many of the biggest Wholesalers and Real Estate Investors have been using for years.

Troy Howard, Co-Founder of SoTellUs.com, shares how you can implement this small but effective secret, right now, in your business.


Testimonials: They’re Important… But Difficult

It’s difficult to overstate the impact of good, honest video testimonials. Video testimonials can truly change your business, but they can also be really difficult to secure. SoTellUs is a video testimonial game changer.

Even if a former client is happy and really wants to leave a good testimonial, there are still obstacles in recording, uploading, and using a high quality video.

  • SoTellUs gives you – the business owner – an app that allows you to record video testimonials in about 30 seconds, in person.
  • If a business owner is not working with a client in person, they can also send a text that provides a link to the client. They don’t need to download the app or make an account, or even understand how to save a video to their phone; just click the link in the text, click record, and everything else is automatic.
  • These options remove almost all of the potential obstacles for the client, and makes accessing the video much easier for a business owner.


The key to a great testimonial is timing. You want to capture the moment right after the sale is complete, when they are emotional, satisfied, and just received their check.


What difference does a testimonial make? If you have an emotional testimonial video, 84% of people will treat that video as if a friend referred them. In our experience, this is absolutely true.


Tom’s Testimonial Tips

When you ask for a testimonial, your customer may not know what to say. You want to prompt them to provide their pain, the solution you provided, and the reward they go.

Remember: pain, solution, reward. You can use these questions as a prompt:

  • Why were you frustrated about the property? This is the pain.
  • What did you do? This is the solution: they contacted you.
  • What does your life look like now (that you have the money)? This is the reward.

We also ask them to end the video with a CTA, or call to action. We simply ask the customer, politely, to mention the name of the company and tell the viewer how they can get in touch with you.

You’re not scripting the testimonial – you’re just helping them formulate a flow, and this makes it easier for them to share their experience, in the moment.


Tom is setting up a SoTellUs Testimonial contest! Go to the Investor Grit Facebook Page and find Tom’s post to learn more details and join the contest.




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