Episode 89: How to Close Your First Wholesaling Deal (w/ a Full-Time Job & Newborn Baby)

Ankith Chandra joined the tribe just a few months ago, but he’s already closed his first Wholesaling deal! He’s found quick success, but it didn’t come easy – he took massive action and put in a massive amount of effort, while maintaining a full-time job AND a newborn baby.


Ankith shares his story, and the challenges he had to overcome, so you can start Wholesaling successfully right out of the gate, too. He’s also a great example for anyone who wants to set up a business that works for them while still working a job they love or growing a family.


Follow Your Mentors

Ankith is an engineer by trade. He understands that, to succeed in Wholesaling, he has to take himself (and his engineer’s brain) out of the equation. He listened to his mentors, modeled the steps they laid out, and followed those steps to find success.


Ankith’s First Deal

  • Ankith found the property on a High Equity Absentee Owner List from ListSource.
  • He mailed the Tribe’s template postcards to 1,800 people on the list. One person who called back said she received hundreds of postcards, but she called Ankith because his postcard looked different.
  • Another potential seller called him and left a voicemail, including the price she was hoping to get ($100k).
  • Ankith went through his script and discovered she was motivated to sell the property quickly because she wanted to buy a new property closer to her new home. He told her that he can’t compete on price, but he can offer speed and convenience.
  • Ankith put the home under contract for $93k and then assigned it for $99k to make a $4,900 assignment fee (after prorated taxes)!




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