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One trait that has gotten real estate investors to the peak of their success is resilience. It’s the psychological property of humans to bounce back from life’s adversities. Overcoming these inevitable and yet overwhelming experiences shapes an investor’s grit. Let us find out how one can reshuffle the deck regardless of the cards dealt.

A walking example is JaTeryn Moore. Despite being fresh off the TTP program, JaTeryn did not waste time and closed three deals right off the bat. She did that in just four months. Her persistence was and still is relentless as we speak. She closely aspires to be a property owner and a wholesaling coach. Listen as to how this tenacious goal-getter sets herself on a roll of successful deals.

A Story of Resilience – 3 Deals in 4 Months of Wholesaling with No Budget for Marketing

I’m going to read this word-for-word because the definition of this word fits perfectly with the person that I have on the show. I have got an incredible wholesaler out of Lansing, Michigan and the word resilience is absolutely perfect. Resilience is the psychological quality that allows some people to be knocked down by the adversities of life and come back at least as strong as before. Rather than letting difficulties, traumatic events or failure, overcome them and drain their resolve, highly resilient people find a way to change course, emotionally heal and continue moving towards their goals. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce to the show Jateryn Moore. How are you?

I am good. How are you doing?

I am fantastic. I am glad that you are here. You have an incredible story. You started out, you didn’t have a huge budget and you were able to literally put in the work, make the calls and have the conversations fail forward over and over to the point where you had a fantastic month with over $30,000 in assignment fees. It is incredible because the story is even better and I’m excited to unpack this. For everybody out there, tell us about you. What is your background? How did you find your way to being a real estate entrepreneur?

A little overview by myself. I grew up in Muskegon Heights, Michigan. I went to Lansing for college. I graduated from Michigan State University in 2019. From there, I thought I wanted to become a doctor and OB-GYN but I quickly realized that is not what my real passion was. That is not what God had planned for me.

I realized, in 2020, I needed to make some type of change. I had been in and out of jobs from mental health to children’s protective services. It was not doing anything for me and giving me the financial freedom that I had been looking for so I stumbled across real estate. Early in 2021, by listening to first Dave Ramsey and then Robert Kiyosaki, I found both of them and ordered a few books. From there, I got motivated.

Where do you think that seed in your brain that made you want to have financial freedom comes from? You wanted more, go out there and build a successful business.

I didn’t grow up in a luxury type of household or city. I have always wanted that for myself because 1) I desire nice things and 2) I know I had to work for it. My drive and wanting that financial freedom came from when I lost my mom in 2020. She passed away and I was able to depend on both my mom and dad financially. When I lost her, I’m like, “I have to figure out how to fend for myself as well as still be able to help with my brother and my father. I need to make a change with how I’m managing my finances, building my finances and how this is going to pave the way for me and my father.” Real estate was there so I said, “It is on.” From there, I have been trying to do all of the research I can do.

Did you go on YouTube and podcasts? Was it one of those things where you are like, “What is the best business to start right now?” Did you go down that rabbit hole and then find real estate? Did you go, “Who’s talking about money? It is Dave Ramsey. I’m listening to him,” and then Robert Kiyosaki popped on there. How does that go?

I’m want to pull this thread because I think that this is probably a common story with a lot of the people that are reading. It starts with, “How do I get financial freedom? How do I get control of my life?” You start looking for and researching and certain things come across your radar and then all of a sudden you are like, “That’s the path that I want to go.”

I’ll never forget January of 2021 when I found Dave Ramsey, I’m going hard with his YouTube videos. I’m like, “Dave Ramsey doesn’t like credit.” I know there are a lot of millionaires and billionaires that utilize credit for their benefits. I’m like, “I don’t know.” As I’m continuing to watch YouTube, there are recommended videos that pop up and I see Robert. I’m like, “Let me see what this man is all about.” I literally started watching his YouTube videos. I could not stand reading. I had never read it before 2021 Rich Dad Poor Dad. It kept popping up all over YouTube. I’m like, “Do I have to read this book? Do I need to dive into some reading to take my knowledge part?” That is why I did.

Striving for that financial freedom sometimes happens when faced with difficult circumstances.

I ordered that book and read it. From there, I’m like, “Real estate is it but how do I get into this?” I thought about Airbnbs. I still want to do that but I’m like, “I can’t do that right now,” because at that time, I did not have any money and credit. I have to work on that. I’m like, “I can’t do any of this.” I know that’s what real estate requires.

In April 2021, I saw the Wholesaling Inc YouTube channel. I’m like, “What is this? What is wholesaling? This is not true. You cannot make money just by getting some contracts and selling a contract for a higher price and making a profit,” but I researched that as a CPS investigator at work, “This is crazy and this is what I’m about to do.” I made a plan during the summer of 2021 to continue preparing myself for wholesaling. That is what I did. I got out of that position in the middle of nowhere. I quit my children’s protective services job in August 2021 and at the end of September, I started with TTP.

When you read Rich Dad Poor Dad, it changes the way that you think about real estate but it doesn’t show you what you should do with it. It goes into owning the properties or flipping the properties, doing that thing. The secret to that book is you have to find discounted properties and great opportunities.

That is all wholesaling is. Most people think the definition of wholesaling real estate is assigning the deal. I understand that because that’s how you get your income to build your business, to be able to have the down payments for your Airbnb, pay off some debt so that you can increase your credit score or whatever it is so that you can expand it or show more income so that you can get more traditional financing from conventional banks but you have to get the cash first.

That was always my mystery. I read this as a kid and I was like, “I’m twenty years old. I’m reading this book and I’m so pumped. I want to do something but I didn’t know what to do.” I am telling everybody out there reading the foundation of your real estate business is finding the deals. It is wholesaling. It is the table that we eat off of for real. Most people don’t think about it too often.

They are like, “I want to do this Airbnb, rental, fix and flip and all these things,” but I believe this. If you understand and take the first year or first twelve months to build a business that’s focused on finding ugly houses and getting big checks, you are going to be set for life because that is a skill that if you keep honing and building then all of a sudden build a machine or a company around, being able to find these incredible opportunities, that’s where you get the financial freedom.

That’s when you start taking those properties off the board, keeping them and building the wealth, not just your riches. It is income equals riches. You could be rich with a bunch of cash but wealth is when we buy the assets and let those assets make the money. We are not in it every day. That’s financial freedom.

When we are building our business, we have to go out, work, make the calls, go on the appointments, comp the properties, sell them to buyers or fix them up and flip them and all these other things. Once we own these and we have people paying us rent, now that thing is making money for itself. It’s independent. That is the path. That is where you are going. That is what you are doing. When you started out, you didn’t even have a budget for a dialer?

I didn’t have money for that. I literally quit CPS. I got my last $800 check from them. I started TTP. How I pay for the program is my refund check from Michigan State University because I’m in my Master’s Degree program. I said, “I’m going to use this refund check to take my life to the next level.” I invested in myself and I will never look back.

You came out firing. So that everybody knows, Jateryn joined the TTP Coaching Program. You texted me probably five times a day. Everybody gets my phone number but you were texting me actual leads. You went right into it. You jump right into, “I want to get on the phone. If I get on the phone with people, I know I’m going to win.”

WI 888 | Resilience

Resilience: You have to work for it if you want to be successful.


You do know how long that usually takes people to figure out. It takes years. It was instinct for you. It was innate. It was like you were already there. You are like, “Put me on,” and everybody in Lansing, Michigan wants $50,000 for every deal.” It is here and you got to get it at $20,000, $25,000, $15,000 or whatever. Finally, in 90 days, you started cracking them. Let’s talk about that. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details. You were hand dialing.

I went to Best Buy and got a little prepaid phone that I paid $20 a month to use unlimited calls and texting. I used that from September until December of 2021. That is how I did with my first three deals, just hand dialing because I couldn’t afford a dialer.

What was your record for the number of calls that you made on the day that you put in the ten-digit number and called? How many times?

One hundred fifty times.

I know because hand dialing is how I started and in 50, I was exhausted. One hundred fifty is like, “Wow.” That’s incredible but you had that fire in your belly that you were like, “I am going to find an opportunity. I’m going to find a deal.” It does. I am telling you this. It is 100%. If you have enough quality conversations with distressed property owners, you will win. You don’t have to have a huge budget. $20 at Best Buy. You probably spent the rest of it on a list that you got skip traced. Talk about it. Walk people through this. Who were you calling? How do you get the numbers and all that?” Let’s break that down.

I started off and went driving for dollars. That was my main list from September until December 2021. Starting out, I pulled too much data. I remember I’m hand dialing. In the first week of joining the coaching program, I had my driving for dollars lists and vacant properties. I’m like, “This is a lot of information.” I focused on driving for dollars. That’s basically what I did, I drove for the dollars.

Explain what does that mean you are driving around.

I drove around in Lansing and my market. I’m looking for houses that looked like they needed some love or that were ugly or distressed properties. I use deal machine apps to keep track of all of my properties. In the end, I uploaded that list, got the information and then hand dialed it. Now, I’m skip tracing and putting it into the dialer.

Were you using a free resource online for the phone numbers or you were pulling the phone numbers from a skip tracing?

I was.

You would call them up, ask them if they would consider an offer and then over and over. Where are you making these calls? I want to visualize this.

It’s so exciting when the first deal happens. When you get the check or the wire, it’s real.

When I first started off, I didn’t have a desk or anything so I did it at my dining room table then I would sometimes do it in the bedroom but now I have a desk so I call from our home.

Was anybody home? Were you alone? Were you just calling when you were alone? By yourself, at your kitchen table making calls. That is one of the hardest things ever. Do you realize that? You are doing it but it is difficult because you have your space. Your house is your space and then all of a sudden you are like, “I’m at my kitchen table.” It feels awkward at first calling people up and asking them if they would consider offers but you got to push through that. How do you do that? How did you push through?

It was me knowing that I have to do something and do something quick. I didn’t want to have to depend on the security anymore of a biweekly check or anything. I had to push myself even though it was in the comfort of my home. I closed my bedroom door if I had to. If I was looking at my bed and trying to like, “I want to go lay down,” but no. I closed the bedroom door. I need to go into the dining room, get started and make my phone calls so that I can have some progress with this. It worked out.

Before we go into the deal breakdown and ring this bell, what’s the big vision. The first step on your real estate journey is getting the proof of concept. It is making sure that you crossed that bridge from faith to the fact that you can do this and you can do it over again. What is the big plan? If you think about this and I know you do but 5, 10, 15, 20 or 50 years, what does that look like? What is the big goal that you are working toward?

I own some properties but that is not even my big goal. I want to give back. At heart, I am a coach and a mentor. All of this information that I’m taking in my journey and all of these things that I’m learning, I want to be able to serve and give back to people who are in my situation or who were in the situation that I was in coming into the program. Ultimately, in about 5 to 10 years, when I’m continuing to wholesale, I want to be able to provide the same value to other people. I want to be a coach and own properties.

Do you have any idea how many properties do you want to own?

In my head is ten but my biggest thing is going to be on building a wholesale business and being a coach.

Those ten properties could be giant commercial buildings. It could be in a high-rise building, a mall or something. People get stuck on, “I need 400 or 1,000 doors.” I would rather own ten properties that are huge. I love that philosophy. That’s great. Let’s break down a deal. What deal do you want to break down?

My first one. I will never forget the dates. I started TTP on September 8, 2021 and on September 10, 2021 I had my first contract. I started dialing and got that contract. This is what my TTP family calls rare because the seller was motivated and ready to go. I was able to get the four pillars, price, motivation, timeline and condition in that one conversation.

I got the appointment and he was ready to sign that day but I locked up the property too high. I still had it on a contract and it had been under contract for a little while. This deal had taken me to the moon and back. I was in the middle of also trying to build my cash buyers list because I didn’t have a buyers list. I’m making calls to people who have made cash purchases in Lansing within 2021. I was sending out the information for the property.

WI 888 | Resilience

Resilience: For all the things you are learning, you should be able to serve and give back to people in the same situation or who were in the situation you had before coming to the program.


I had a couple of buyers come by and they were like, “This is a lot of work. it needs too much work. I would never pay this.” I’m like, “It’s here. I’m not about to let this discourage me. Somebody is going to want this property. It was a distressed property. I know somebody wants this.” What I had to do is I went back and had to renegotiate with the seller. He came down. It was locked up at $40,000. I had included a fee of $10,000. I had it at $50,000 to my cash buyers and they were not having it so I ended up renegotiating with the seller down to $32,000.

Where did this lead come from? Is this a driving for dollars?

Driving for dollars.

You call them up. Is it the first conversation he wants to sell?

He was ready.

He was waiting for your call.

He said, “I’ll go ahead and sell it.” I met with him that day. I went out right away.

He’s like, “For this price, for $40,000, it’s yours.” You have to go back. You are putting it in front of everybody. They’re saying, “It’s too high.” Did they give you a price that they would buy it at?

Some of them said that they needed it to be at $15,000. Somebody said, “Can you do $20,000?” I’m like, “I’m going to negotiate. I’m going to go back and talk with the seller to see what I can do and I’ll let you guys know.” That’s basically what I did. I had about four buyers come out and look at it.

At $40,000, you got it down to $32,000. At that point, were you able to find a buyer?

To anybody just starting out, the biggest piece of advice will be just to do it.

I was. How I find with my buyer is crazy. I found my buyer driving for dollars. I had another property I had been following up with for about three weeks in September 2021. I kept calling the owner and I’m like, “Will you consider an offer?” He’s like, “Yes.” I kept following up. He’s like, “Give me a call next week.” In the third week of September 2021, he’s like, “I’m going to keep this property. Do you happen to have any properties that you’re interested in selling?” I said, “This has to be the Lord,” because when I say, “Yes. I have a property that I’m interested in selling.” He’s like, “What’s the address?”

I gave him the information and he was like, “That’s perfect. I’m right around the corner. I’m driving over there now.” He went over to the property and he was like, “Is it open?” I say, “Yes, it’s open. You go right in and look at it.” I stayed on the phone with him as he was walking through the property and he’s like, “I want it. What’s your price on it?” If I’m remembering, I told him at $37,000. He’s like, “That’s the price you put it out at. What’s your best offer?” He was a feisty one. I was like, “I’m going to get back with you and see what I can do.” I ended the conversation and contacted the seller back.

That is what I told him. I did not even call the seller back. I’m like, “You need to be a stickler and let this buyer know that this is what it’s going to be. I’m not getting pushed around.” I ended up recalling him back and he was not having it. I had to negotiate with him essentially. He ended up taking the property at $34,000. It was a $2,000 assignment fee. He was interested and it wasn’t even him that bought the property. It was his brother. He let his brother know about the property so I met with him. He happens to own the restaurant in Lansing and he gave me dinner every time I came there. It worked out.

Here’s the thing. There is no problem negotiating with a buyer if you only have one buyer that’s looking at it. What we want to do is build a robust cash buyer database so that they are fighting for deals but if you are only negotiating with one, if only one person is interested, one party or one company, whatever the situation is, make it happen. The seller gets their property sold. This buyer gets a great deal and you get proof of concept of $2,000. From there, you springboard onto a way bigger deal. That’s the start, though. It’s getting rolling.

That was two days of calling and I had a contract.

To get into this business, get a list of properties and to hand dial them until you win is resilience. Being resilient in this business, not letting the fear of rejection, failure or people being mad at us. Our brains are hard-wired to be in a tribe. Anytime that we feel like we are getting out of the tribe, our brain goes wacky.

That’s what happens when we get rejected and when people are mean to us or whatever else. We are like, “Am I getting kicked out of the tribe?” That’s what our brain thinks. If you are logical with it and understand that there are certain people that you can help and certain people that aren’t ready yet then you can go forward with confidence knowing that your efforts are going to get a return on the investments.

It’s exciting when it happens too. When you get the check or the wire, it’s real.

Now you are not hand dialing because you’ve had success using a dialer. How is that going?

It’s absolutely phenomenal. My time is being used better now that I have a dialer and I love using the dialing system.

For anybody that is maybe brand new to this, I want to explain a couple of different things. When Jateryn talks about cash buyers, that is people in every market are looking to buy investments for rentals or fix and flip. It’s 1 of the 2 or they have got their own list of buyers that they want to take your deals, sell to their buyers and make some money there.

WI 888 | Resilience

Resilience: It takes action in order to get the results that you desire. Go out and do it. Stop waiting.


There are some different strategies but in every market, there are cash buyers. You find them and build relationships with them. What we do is find the properties for these cash buyers. That’s all wholesaling is because most of the cash buyers do not want to deal with the emotions of the seller. That’s our job. Until they want to deal with the emotion, deal with emotions. It’s not even that.

It’s like they don’t want to be involved in it at all. It’s not dealing with them. These are human beings but they don’t want to do that job because they want to focus on fixing up properties, running their construction crews, running their property management and doing that. They don’t want to do the marketing.

That’s where we come in. That’s why we find these incredible opportunities. We have the opportunity to close on these things. We have the ability. It’s a wonderful business if you set it upright with the foundation of going out there and building a machine to source these deals. That’s what you are doing.

It changed my life.

Give people that are just starting out some advice here. What an inspiration, 3 deals closed in 4 months, hand dialing, now you are on fire. Your pipeline of leads is going bananas. You flew into Phoenix and sent me a picture of you calling from your hotel room when you got into town. I wouldn’t even do that. I get off a flight and I’m like, “I need to lay down or do something.” You are not you. You got that fire and that sparkle in your eyes. You’re going crazy. Give advice to people that are just starting out that are very inspired and what the 120 days meant to you.

To anybody starting out, my biggest piece of advice will be just to do it. A lot of people I hear and myself included analysis paralysis. I want to take in all of this information but in reality, you are sitting on the information and you are not acting on it. What does it take? It takes action in order to get the results that you desire. Go out and do it. Stop waiting. If you have any questions, resources are unlimited. I call YouTube YouTube University. It is a phenomenal amount of information on there that can at least get you started.

Thank you for being on here. A couple of things to the audience, DealMachine is a driving for dollars app. It’s the best one. They love the Rhino Tribe, TTP and Wholesaling Inc and we get the biggest discount. If you are going to use the app, make sure you use the coupon code TTP. It’s the biggest discount that they have.

If you are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP Coaching Program and TTP family. Go to Check out what it’s all about. Check out the incredible people that are doing amazing business throughout the country that I have had the absolute pleasure of coaching. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call and I look forward to working with you personally. Until next time, I always encourage you to go out there and to people. Love you.


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