Episode 883: The $1,790,000 Land Deal that One Wholesaler Closed in 97 Days!

WI 883 | Land Deal


Making a big income in so little time for sure guarantees the financial freedom to be able to spend your time the way you want to. Here’s a guest that executed just about that, and is still continuing to grind on value-add techniques for his extensive investments.

Trevor Probandt, the founder of Go West Lands LLC, narrates his agendas as a raw land real estate broker and investor in this episode. He talks about how he worked his way from growing up on a small-town Texas farm to closing a $1,790,000 land deal in just over three months.

Continue to the podcast episode to learn more about Trevor’s strategies for land value appreciation.

The $1,790,000 Land Deal That One Wholesaler Closed In 97 Days! With Trevor Probandt

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