Episode 882: From Doordash to Doing 60 Vacant Land Deals in One Year!

WI 882 Elijah Bryant | Vacant Land Deals


Pursuing a career in wholesaling is not an easy venture, but eventually, it can be. It takes a lot of skill to close deals and learn the ropes of dealing with buyers and sellers. It is a path that one must commit to and practice before getting the hang of the process. This episode has Elijah Bryant narrating how he went from Doordash to 60 vacant land deals in just one year. He tells in detail how he moved from New York to Tampa to fulfill his goal of financial freedom. Bryant gives insight on how something you’ve never tried or even been scared of can come naturally to you as a means of living. Listen in to learn more about his deal breakdowns and the advantages of vacant land.

From Doordash To Doing 60 Vacant Land Deals In One Year With Elijah Bryant

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