Episode 88: Transform Your Wholesaling Business with Cold Calls

The last time Brandon Barnes was on the podcast, he shared how shifting to a “go giver” mindset helped him find success in Wholesaling, and close a $24,000 deal. Since then, his business has grown and he’s finding a ton of deals through cold calls.


The Power of Cold Calling

Brandon’s business has completely transformed since he adopted cold calling as his primary marketing tactic. Brandon started making calls by himself just a few months ago, and now he has six people making calls and finding deals for him.


Brandon’s first cold calling deal:

  • Brandon was “driving for dollars,” looking for vacant homes.
  • His VA found the contact info for the property owners and he started cold calling.
  • One woman picked up who had a rental property vacant for over a year, and she had a $95k mortgage with nearly $1k payments every month.
  • Brandon followed the Investor Grit script and built rapport with the seller. She told him that she had received plenty of postcards, but she took a chance with Brandon because she got to talk to him and know him as a real person.
  • The seller was so motivated that she brought money to the table to help cover the high mortgage, and they were able to close the property in under 3 weeks.
  • Brandon made $5,000 on this deal, but it was a priceless learning experience because it opened his eyes to the power of cold calling.


Brandon’s business is only growing. Since May 2017, his team has closed 3 deals, has an additional 3 properties under contract, and are working on the biggest deal Brandon has ever encountered: a 12-property portfolio of valuable properties.

All of this is only possible because of cold calling, and always being a Go Giver.



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