Episode 87: The Rhino Motto: TTP (Talk to People)

In the Rhino Tribe, it is our belief that we are just one conversation away from absolutely changing lives.

Today’s guest, Seth Taylor, has been EXPLODING his Wholesaling business over the past six months because has been embracing TTP: Talking to People.


TTP & Wholesaling

Seth spends about four hours every day on the phone making cold calls. It’s a much more offensive marketing strategy than sending out mailers. “It’s the backbone of my business right now.”

  • He starts by getting a property list. Right now, he’s using a non-owner occupied list.
  • Then he’ll reach out to his title company to get the names of the property owners.
  • Using LexisNexis, he finds those individuals’ most up-to-date numbers.
  • He sends those phone numbers to a VA who removes any trusts on the list, so that the list only contains people.
  • Using Mojo Dialer, and the triple dialer feature, he can make 200-250 calls in two hours. He aims to get to 250 contacts every day, and his partner is trying to do the same.
  • When someone picks up the phone, Seth starts going through the script that is available to everyone in the Rhino Tribe. Seth recommends practicing the script, by yourself or with a friend.
  • Seth and his partner average a deal closed for every 600 or so contacts (which means anyone who picks up and gives a yes, no, or maybe).
  • A list of 5000 names through LexisNexis cost Seth about $1.1k, and two dialers cost about $300. They go through each list four times, so his entire marketing budget for two months is about $1.4k.


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