Episode 868: How One Resourceful Wholesaler Closed 70 Land Deals in 18 Months

WI 868 | Land Deals


The real estate business takes you through many tough times, and you find yourself in different circumstances all the time. Your resourcefulness will determine how well you adapt to these situations.  As an entrepreneur, it is vital to understand that success is not about what you have but rather how good you are at dealing skillfully and promptly with new situations.

If you are ready to build a reliable passive income machine, we can help you get there! In today’s episode, we will be sitting down with Dan Haberkost as he spills the tea on how to scale your land business and understand how markets progress. Let’s also find out how he can flip lands and average $14,000 on sales in a month!

How One Resourceful Wholesaler Closed 70 Land Deals In 18 Months With Dan Haberkost

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