Episode 864: Can You Still Make a Profit Flipping Houses

WI 864 | Flipping Houses


Flipping is a fast-profit strategy where an investor buys real estate at a discounted price and then enhances the property to offload it at a better cost. Rather than purchasing a property to live in, you buy a home as a real estate investment. The primary goal of flipping is to buy low and sell high.

Be ready to take down notes because, in this episode, Lauren Hardy will teach you how to profit in flipping houses. Today, she will give you the key numbers you should know when doing house flips and the red flags to watch out for that could result in you losing that hard-earned money. Her mission is to make sure that you’re consistently profiting when flipping houses. So what are you waiting for? Click that play button now!

Can You Still Make A Profit Flipping Houses

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