Posted on: January 13, 2022

One of the most significant opportunities to find a deal is purchasing a distressed property. This happens when you buy a home under market value, usually intending to fix it up. Distressed properties come with risks, but they can be a superb investment when done correctly. 

Get ready to take notes as Brent Daniels gives you nine valuable points to communicate with distressed property owners and bring your wholesaling vision to life.

Key Takeaways

  • Stand up –  it all starts with a phone call
  • Smile – it delivers happiness
  • Speak with confidence – they need to trust you, so you can get the job done
  • Have energy and enthusiasm – be excited and have some energy 
  • Be conversational – stop thinking about the next thing that you’re gonna say
  • Be interested enough – be curious about people
  • Confirm and approve – you have to be an active listener 
  • Mirror and match – it comes down to body language, tone, and pace
  • Practice – practice, practice, practice!



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