Posted on: January 11, 2022
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In the wholesaling world, many marketing avenues can lead you to find good deals. But did you know that you can still generate leads without even spending a single penny? Yes, you can! And Brent Daniels is here to open up the bottles and give you tips on how to be a wholesaling genius.

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Wholesaling Quicktip – 5 Ways to Get FREE Real Estate Deals

Episode Transcription

I’m talking about the five referral sources that you need to go after, the absolute free leads. Now we talk a lot about marketing. We talk about direct marketing whether it’s mail, pay-per-click, banded signs or anything that we’re spending money on to the market for our business. We also talk about picking up the phone and talking to people or phone prospecting.

There’s the marketing and then there’s prospecting. There’s being on defense and there’s being an offense but there’s also a third way to get business that is powerful that my business, every single year makes over six figures for free. It doesn’t cost us anything and that is from getting referrals from these five main sources.

Number One: Friends And Family

Let’s start with number one. I wrote it down and this is the most underused referral source that you can use. That is your friends and family. It is crazy to me that people are starting their real estate journey, the real estate business and they don’t tell their friends and family about it. It’s because they worry that if they don’t stick with it or don’t succeed that they’re going to be, their family is going to rip them apart or make them feel like they’re a failure or something like that.

There are people that you know, your friends and family out there that know people that are in distress, that know properties that are completely run down or they have rundown properties themselves. I am telling you, I get referrals every single year from people that see me and on social media, on Facebook and Instagram, talking about what I do, being a real estate investor and wholesaling real estate.

Don’t be like a secret agent, hoping the deals fall in your lap and not letting your family know. All of a sudden, you show up to the family reunion and you’re driving a Lamborghini. No, ask them. See if they have referrals for you. You have to ask the question, who do you know that is looking to get rid of a distressed property? Who do you know that has a house that is beat up, that needs some love and renovations. You need to have that conversation with your family and friends.

Number Two: The Neighbors Of The Worst House On The Street

Number two. The neighbors of the worst house on the street. In every single neighborhood I have ever talked to the neighbors, there is at least one neighbor that knows everything about everybody. They have the phone numbers and situations for everybody on the street. Go around. If the house is right in front of you, go 1 to the left, 1 to the right and 3 on the other side of the street.

Real estate agents make income from good properties already fixed up, staged, and beautiful.

Knock on the door of those neighbors and ask them if they know what’s going on with that property. If it’s a vacant house, this is a goldmine. The neighbors want the neighborhood to look good. This reflects poorly on the value of their properties if the house next to them is a junkyard. These neighbors are going to help you out.

If they don’t have the contact information of the owner of that property, they’re going to know the situation. They’re going to say, “That was a rental.” “That person passed away,” or, “This person owns it.” This is vital information that you’re not going to find online. This is digging deep into the neighborhood to get the information that nobody else has. That’s number two, go after the neighbors.

Number Three: Real Estate Agents

Number three, I talk about all the time here, guys. It’s going to be the best source for you here and that is real estate agents. They make their bread and butter. They put food on the table and make their income off of good properties. Properties that are already fixed-up, staged and beautiful. They can get loans on them.

Typically, they don’t want to deal with properties that are run down. Sometimes they put them on the market and get 50 offers on them and they have to review every single one of them. It drives them crazy or they feel ashamed that they’re selling properties lower. They feel ashamed that it’s a lower commission because it affects the average commissions that they make per deal. It’s an ego-based business with real estate agents. Appeal to their ego. Talk to them, call them up.

You want to reach out to the agents that have sold rundown properties on or on Zillow. Wherever you want to go, look for the lowest-priced properties that have sold and look for the listing agent. If you’re looking at the listing sheet, it’s at the very bottom. This is a key tip. If that’s where it’ll say the listing agent’s information. Don’t go with the one that sponsors that because it’s a different agent.

Get the listing agent, call them up and say, “I saw that you sold a property that needed a complete renovation. Do you have anything else in your inventory that would need a cash offer, need to be sold and needs to be completely fixed up?” That’s what you want to go after or, “Do you have anything coming up?” “No, I don’t.” “Can you save me on your phone? I will make this the easiest sale for you possible. You save all the commissions. I’ll give you cash. I’ll let you know in 45 minutes if I can buy it or not. It’ll be fast.” That’s the conversation you want to have with a real estate agent, have them save you in their phone as the cash buyer, your name, Brent cash buyer and have them reach out or even text you when they have a property that’s run down. That’s number three.

Number Four: Other Investors

Number four. Other investors. This is crazy. Some people stumble upon deals and don’t know how to sell them. You need to network with all the people in your industry that are wholesaling or investors themselves. Sometimes investors buy a ton of properties. They run out of money and have to resell these properties that still need complete renovations. Go and talk to these people. Be the guy that is going to help them sell this property or get rid of it very easily.

WI 860 | FREE Real Estate Deals

FREE Real Estate Deals: You need to network with all the people in your industry that are either wholesaling or investors themselves.


We get calls all the time from people that they can’t get rid of a property or they’re in the middle of a project. They don’t have enough money. They have to sell it. The motivation is super high. Also, if you have a niche area that you work and people know you have a niche, maybe it’s land, multifamily, certain zip codes, areas or communities. People will bring you those deals because they know that you can get the deal done. Other investors are number four.

I’m telling you, you can build this up and get this. Don’t just read this. Take action on this. This is free. This is picking up the phone, calling these people and having a conversation. That’s it. It’s still talking to people but it’s building up your network of people. Imagine if you had 100 or 1,000 people that are sending you deals every single year because you built up this huge database of referrals.

They send you a referral and you send them a nice gift. You send them a referral fee or stay in contact. You take them to dinner. You buy them, their family and their kids, gifts, whatever it is. You keep this relationship with them because you’re the guy that takes care of the properties and they send them to you.

Number Five: Probate Attorneys

The last one. This is interesting because I met one and picked his brain at a real estate meetup group, which is probate attorneys. They have access to people that literally have to sell their properties but they get hit up all the time. The number one way to get referrals from probate attorneys is to send probate attorneys referrals.

If you send them business, they will send you business. It’s as easy as that. They have so many opportunities. Every single week, they’re going through the courts trying to figure out who’s going to own property. You be there and be the guy. Oftentimes, these people refer families to certain buyers and say, “This guy will give you a cash offer. You might as well take a look at it.” They’ll refer you business. It is a huge resource. Some people build their whole careers by getting referrals from probate attorneys. That is the number five.

Build this up, keep it organized. Make sure that you have this referral network so tight and you’re staying on top of them. You’re communicating with them, talking to them and calling them every single month, “What do you have?” Some people ask every single week, “Do you have any deals that I can get? Do you have anything that needs a cash offer?” It will build. It costs $0 to pick up the phone, be proactive and talk to people in your referral database.

All of a sudden, you won’t have to make any more cold calls or marketing. You could build the whole business off of referrals. It’s incredible. Check this out. If you are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, go to Check out the page. See what it’s about. This is the next level and taking your business from amateur to pro. You work with me personally. Check out the testimonials. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. I look forward to talking to you. Until next time. I love you.


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