Posted on: January 10, 2022

When you’re in the real estate industry, time is your most valuable asset. There are so many things that you should consider doing, plus you’re always in the rush that hiring a real estate Virtual Assistant (VA) can be so helpful. VAs are changing the way realtors work. They give you convenience and can save you a chunk of energy.

Now how can you find the perfect VA with the right set of skills?

Listen to Lauren Hardy as she gives you firsthand tips on what to do, what to avoid, and where to find a good VA that fits your standards.

Key Takeaways

  • How to quality check your VAs before hiring them
  • The first thing to consider when hiring a VA is that they must have good English.
  • Where to find good VAs?
  • VA’s are used for customer service and administrative task
  • The interview process (things that you should check off as an employer)



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