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WI 857 | Real Estate Success


“Failures do what is tension relieving, while winners do what is goal achieving.” – Denis Waitly

Real estate investment success has been anchored in the daily patterns that have governed our way of living. Especially now that we’re in the new normal, investing in real estate has been more significant than ever. But the journey towards achieving those gold nuggets can take a couple of twists and turns.

Failing is a part of winning, and today we will be learning how to fall seven times and stand up eight. So you can hit those milestones and start running your empire!

Two Things that Separate Winners from Those Who Continue to Chase Success

This is Chris Craddock with REI Revive and I am here with Rob and Jen Castillo. I am excited to be able to share with you their story. We always talk about two things that winners do, activity and skill. I finished reading a book which everybody should read called Scaling Up. The whole idea behind Revive is to get there faster. At the end of the book, he said that there are two things that winners tend to do. They have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. They are always learning, reading books, listening to books, and listening to podcasts. Two, they’ve got a natural bent towards massive imperfect action. They are going to do it. Even if they are not positive that everything they are doing is right, they are moving towards the goal. With that said, I get to share with you a couple that just started. It’s the closing day of their first deal. Rob and Jen tell us a little bit about yourself.

Thank you for having us.

We’re so thankful to be here.

A great life happens when you get in the driver’s seat and control where you go.

Give us a little bit about your history. I know you guys are working to build out the business. Rob, you’re in law enforcement.

He’s a police officer. I was a 911 dispatcher for almost fifteen years. I left when we had our little girl back in June 2021. Rob started getting into listening to podcasts. He kept pushing me and saying, “Jen, this is the way. This is how we’re going to make our little empire of business.” I was skeptical at first. I didn’t know anything about real estate other than personally buying a home myself before. I’d never been through anything where there was a potential for us to make money and thrive on it.

He kept saying and finally, I hopped on board. Thank God I did. Here we are. We closed our first deal. We started in October 2021 reaching out to people after over a year and a half of solid listening to podcasts, watching, reading the books, and looking at the mentors like you, Brent Daniels and all those people. It was crazy.

WI 857 | Real Estate Success

Real Estate Success: There are two things winners tend to do. They have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and have natural gravitation to action.


I want to jump in and share one thing with everybody. Jen, you said something that I thought was interesting. You guys were in a tough spot. Rob was listening to a massive amount of podcasts and it sounded like you’re slightly frustrated because you’re like, “What are you doing?” The crazy thing is your life grows to the extent you grow. It’s the fact that you’re listening to podcasts. People out there may be in a dark place or a tough spot, and they’re taking it in and listening. The best part about it is the other action. That was where we went to learn, but then also take action to reach out. You heard me on a podcast and reached out to me. How long has it been? When did we start talking originally?

It was around that time frame when I contacted you. It was great from the beginning with all the podcasts and listening to them. TTP was a big one in learning and trying to figure things out. I heard this podcast with great energy and I was like, “I love the energy that this man comes with.” You started talking in that podcast and you said you were in Fairfax. I said, “I’m going to reach out.” I had reached out to others before trying to get information and no one was receptive. I got some here and there. I spoke with you and the way you came off talking with me and taking the time was amazing. I’m truly grateful for having you as our mentor and guiding us through this. It’s been incredible.

I love the fact that we hear stories together, activity and skill, almost every day. I talked to Jen and pretty much every day I’m talking to you guys. You’re talking about something you’re both listening to or people that you’re talking to, which goes back to activity and skill. That’s the big key here. We’re always talking about how do we get there faster. You may be in that dark place where you need to go up or you’re starting to do business. Here’s the great thing. If everything closes like we’re expecting it to close, you’re probably going to make almost half of what you make in a year from the police department in one month.

Success is out there as long as you work for it and go for massive wins.

We’re pinching ourselves because I never thought that this was a possibility. Before, I just meandered through life. I went to work and worked those long hours away from my family and my kids. I was miserable. I felt like life was something that happened to you and you rolled with the punches. Not until the last few months when I feel like, “Now I see.” A great life is what happens when you get in the driver’s seat and you control where you go. That’s what we’re doing now.

Especially with us working together, it’s been phenomenal working with my wife. We always talk about getting that win and being focused on going after it and doing everything that we can whether it’s learning, which is a big thing for us and taking things in. You say it best and Tony Robbins. I love it when you say to us and you go, “Decades into days.” I love that because I’m big on personal growth. Being in this business has been a conduit to my personal growth. It’s growing and you’re learning so many different skills. It’s been amazing.

I know you told me your story and you have had some tough times. Speak to the people who are maybe saying, “I want to make something happen here. I want to move forward.” You look at Hollywood movies like Rocky, it still would have been a good movie if he was an upper-middle-class dude. If he doesn’t make it, he doesn’t make it. The cool thing about Rocky is he overcame his circumstances to become who he became. That makes the story so much better.

WI 857 | Real Estate Success

Real Estate Success: Every business leader needs to read. Do that and reach out to people who can help you think better.


I know that some people are probably there. Wintertime is a dark time of the year. This is when people are down, but this is also when winners are made. It’s when you’re tired and you don’t want to get up. When you’re laying on the mat like Rocky and Mickey is standing there like, “Get up, you bum. Mickey loves you.” It’s that kind of stuff. Can you speak to somebody who’s there right now? Maybe they are tired. Tell them about where you were and what could come if you get up and put some work in.

Always push forward. When I started listening to the podcast, TTP, specifically, it was always the massive action that came out. It was the work that you put in and took in that massive action. At first, I studied and learned a lot. I had that little point where it’s massive action and I took it. We took it in and it’s been great. In terms of those people out there who feel that they’re unsure or maybe going through a tough time and feeling they need something along the lines of wholesaling stuff, know that it’s awesome. Success is out there. As long as you work for it, you go for those wins. Take massive action.

You’re going to make mistakes. Do you remember our first deal? I severely messed up and I was like, “We lost this. This guy is never going to want to do business with us.” I quoted him at a much higher price and we were able to get him. You’re going to make mistakes and that’s okay. What helped with that was, you pretty much said, “You’ve got to go back to him and be humble and say, ‘I made a mistake.’” He liked that. It’s being able to sit down, focus, find your path, and get after it every day. You’re going to stumble and fall. When you get back up, figure it out, and keep moving forward, that’s where the magic happened.

You’re going to stumble and fall. When you get back up, figure out how to move forward. That’s where the magic happens.

Here’s the thing I want everybody to know, massive imperfect action and level up. Your business will grow to the extent you grow. Your life will grow to the extent you grow. Keep listening to podcasts, listen to Audible. Get stuff in your brain that’s going to make you think bigger. Get around people that are going to make you think bigger. It’s the fact that Rob reaches out to me. I put this out there all the time because people were so generous with their time with me that I will talk to people. If people reach out to me on Instagram, @Craddock, I’ll respond and help them because people did that for me. You always pass it down.

When you guys get massively successful, don’t be too good for the next people. You do that for other people. That’s the way life works. That’s been one of the things. Many people think that they need to earn the right to be able to do that and it’s not true. You need to take action. Nobody belongs at the table when they get there. You move up to the table and somehow you figure out the stuff, then you end up belonging there. That’s the way life works.

I want people to take note of this awesome couple right here. They would have never believed that this is where they were going to be when we first spoke not that long time ago. Here they are crushing it and putting it away. The thing that we got to take away are 1) They’re learning, 2) They are taking action, 3) They are reaching out to people and getting in relationships with people who are going to help them be better. Those are the key takeaways. You guys are at the beginning of your journey but your journey exploded. Any last takeaways for anybody else that’s on their journey looking to see that explosive growth?

WI 857 | Real Estate Success

Real Estate Success: Your business has the right to build its organizational chart. Start putting people and systems in place to allow it to work harder than you do.


You’ve got to squat up. You have to go after the mentorships. Without your help, Chris, we would not be nearly as successful. We won’t have one deal under our belt and now we’re six deals deep and that’s in six weeks.

It’s been incredible. We are appreciative of that. Having you and being able to learn from you, and you working with us has been incredible. To all the people out there, fall forward and keep winning. Don’t ever let anything get in the way. You’re going to stumble and fall but keep moving forward because life is great. Keep it going.

Guys, take note, success leaves clues. Keep listening to podcasts. Get on Audible and listen to all the business books out there. Reach out to me on Instagram, @Craddock. If you want a reading list, I’ll give you ten books that every business leader needs to read. Get into a place where that’s going to happen and reach out to people that are going to make you think bigger. These are great stories. Success leaves clues. They are doing what we talked about. We want to compress those decades into days and get there faster. That’s the deal.

If REI Revive can be of service to you, go to and click Apply. We would love to look at your business and see if you’re bringing in enough leads that make sense. You don’t have to bring in even that many to monetize stuff that you bring in. If you’re bringing in leads, we’d love to look at it and see if there’s a way to monetize those dead leads to pay for your marketing expenses. We’d love to help you get there faster. We’d love to help you scale up.

Your business earns the right to build out its own org chart. You’ve got to work hard, then you can start putting people and systems in place to allow your business to work harder than you do. That’s the definition of wealth, when your money works harder than you work. That’s what we need to get to. If we can be of service, please reach out at You can reach out to me on Instagram @Craddock. Until then, go out, live uncommon and keep killing it. Thanks, guys.

Thank you.

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