Episode 851: The Exact JV Method this 25 Year Old Newbie Used to Close 50 Real Estate Transactions

WI 851 | JV Method


A real estate joint venture (JV) is a model approach between multiple parties that aids in developing real estate projects and brings valuable profit to the table. Moreover, this approach is the cheapest way to close deals and stay connected with people around your market. Today we are joined by Ryan Rice, a remarkable 25-year-old real estate tycoon.

Ryan will give us a glimpse of how he generated 50 deals in his first year running his business and used the said approach to find discounted properties. Later on, Ryan and Tony shared their experience of leveraging marketing on TV and how they soared their way uphill.

The Exact JV Method This 25 Year Old Newbie Used To Close 50 Real Estate Transactions

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