Episode 85: How to Grow From Making Wholesaling Deals to Building a Business

Josh and Marlena Dates previously appeared on the podcast to discuss early successes in their Wholesaling business, but since then they’ve grabbed the rhino by the horn and gone to new levels. We’re going to figure out what they’ve done over the past year to grow, and then we’re going to dive deep into a big deal they’re working on right now.


What held them back before?

“I got into the Tribe because I wanted to learn how to turn Wholesaling into a business, and not just this job that we continued working… and it really is starting to feel like that now!” –Marlena Dates

For the first year or so of Wholesaling, Josh and Marlena had limiting beliefs and an “employee mentality.” They feel like they need to buckle down and work hard everyday for 30 years to get a pension.

Getting clarity on their Why – spending more time with their family and seeing the world – helped them shed the employee mentality and quit their day jobs to focus on growing the business.


The Deal

  • For this mailing, they sent out 1000 handwritten postcards to a tax delinquent list.
  • They were contacted by an individual with power of attorney who was trying to sell the property on the owner’s behalf (they also made another deal with this individual for one of his own properties, separately).
  • They inspected the property and then made a deal to put the property under contract for $40k, and they were able to close with a cash buyer for $55,900. The Dates and their partner will split an assignment fee just north of $15,000!



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