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WI 847 | Wholesaling Success


Do you want to know how to make $150,000 worth of wholesaling deals in just a year?

Getting into real estate offers a great deal of variety. Compared to other careers with similar earnings, acquiring real estate opportunities doesn’t necessarily need a degree. With just a bit of determination and extra perseverance, you too can drag your way to the top!

In this episode, get inspired by real estate mogul Valentin as he goes over his journey towards fortune. He also shares his experience and how he went from bussing tables to getting over-the-top deals! Dive in as Valentin unlocks the secret ingredient for his accomplishments.

Anyone Can Do It – From Bussing Tables To Massive Success Wholesaling Houses

Episode Transcription

This episode does not need a long introduction because the story of this amazing wholesaler and this amazing man with who I’m about to have a conversation is going to blow your mind. If you ever had doubts that you can do this business, if you ever had struggles getting going, building up the momentum, and being able to overcome obstacles, let this show inspire you. Let this be something that sparks the fire that gets you to take action. It is my pleasure to introduce Valentin Trujillo. How are you?

I’m good.

I’m excited to have you on here. We’re neighbors. You live here in Phoenix. You are part of the TTP family. You show up almost every Friday for my company meetings. I’ve got to see your business explode. I’m sitting with a stack of checks ranging from $47,000, $13,000, $49,000, $28,000, $300 to $13,500. You have had an incredible year, $150,000 worth of wholesale deals. How did you get into real estate? Tell us your backstory.

Thanks for letting me be here. I love your phrase, “If I can do it, so you can do it too.” That motivated me a lot. I’m from Mexico, three hours from Mexico City. I’ve been here for 23 years. In 2011 or 2012, a friend of mine invited me to do those loan modifications when the market crashed. He introduced me to real estate.

At that time, I was working in a restaurant called El Pollo Loco. He invited me to do loan modifications or to be in the real estate business but I didn’t know anything about it. I said, “Let’s do it.” When you work for somebody else, your mind is different. I have to wait for six months and think about it. I was talking to my friends in my job that I’m going to quit because I’m going to do loan modifications. I’m going to do real estate. They were laughing at me because I was five years in there already, working with them. They said, “How are you going to go? You’ve been here for five years, now you say you’re going to go and do houses, loan modifications and all that stuff?”

When you make small money or a little bit of money, you live in this little box, you pay your rent, car and insurance, you think you don’t need anything else because you are living with this small money. In this business, you don’t get paid if you don’t sell anything. You have to sell something to get paid. My mind was like, “Do I have to do this? Do I have to stay on my job?” I decided to quit my job. I went all in and focused on real estate, in that case, loan modifications. That’s how I started in the business.

Why not stay in a job that’s paying you? Why not live paying your bills and living a decent life? Why did you want more? Why did you want to make more money? Why did you want to get out of that small box?

Before that, I used to live in Sedona, Arizona. I was working in a restaurant there as well. There was a guy working there and he said, “Whoever wants to be rich, come to my house. Someone from Phoenix is going to come to talk about this MLM, multilevel marketing.” In this meeting, I heard about The CASHFLOW Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki. That’s why I changed my mind.

They have a whiteboard in there. They start talking about CASHFLOW Quadrant. They said, “If you want to do a business, employee, self-employed, business owners and investors, you have to do something different. If you don’t have any money or experience in business, you have to join us. That way we can teach you. You can learn from us and you’re going to be a business owner or an investor. Why? What’s the difference? The employees and self-employed work for money. The investors and business owners, their money works for them.”

I said, “This is my opportunity.” When I was working in restaurants, I see these people come and have lunch with their team. I was busing tables and putting water or tea for them. I asked what they were doing because I wanted to do it. I wanted to have the lifestyle that they have. They eat in the restaurant and have lunch. They are laughing like they don’t have problems.

They have energy and excitement.

You can see them and I wanted to be them. When this guy told me about CASHFLOW Quadrant, that’s when my mind changed. I decided to move to Phoenix because Sedona is a little city. You see the same people every day. I say, “If I want to do this business, I have to go to Phoenix.” I decided to move to Phoenix in 2005. That’s when I started to work in this restaurant, then I quit. That was my last job. I don’t do MLM anymore but thanks to MLM, my life changed. They were talking about 2 to 5 years and you can retire from your job, making a lot of money, maybe living on a beach and having money. Everybody wants money. Everybody likes money but not everybody wants to do something different to make money.

You’re growing up three hours south of Mexico City. It’s a small town. Did you have family that were business owners? Did you have family that had any kind of wealth that you were looking at and you were like, “That’s inspiration?” There are a lot of bussers in restaurants everywhere who see people at restaurants having that energy with their team and they think nothing of it. There’s something different about you that you’re like, “What is that? I can be like that.” That’s something important in your brain. Where do you think that comes from? Where do you think you got that confidence that, “I can be like that?”

WI 847 | Wholesaling Success

Wholesaling Success: Everybody wants money. But not everybody wants to do something different to make this kind of money.


In my family, there are no business people. My dad used to do a little business but he gave up. He didn’t continue growing the business. The difference between people from the USA and people from Mexico, people from Mexico came here to do business or work hard to save some money. They go back to Mexico and put a business there. When I came here, I was twelve years old. I came here to have a better life. When I saw these people in the restaurant, I said, “I need to do what they are doing because I want their life.”

You’re doing loan modifications for five years. You decided you’re going to be a real estate investor or a wholesaler. What did you decide when it comes to going after real estate opportunities?

In 2015, 2016, I started working with Jesse Delgadillo from Powerhouse. Those guys are amazing people. They are my friends. I started working with them, wholesaling.

You found a company to join. Were you an acquisition manager?

I was a co-wholesaler.

What does co-wholesaler mean?

A co-wholesaler is when you are selling houses for other wholesalers.

You have buyers and they have the deals. You get a little piece of the action for bringing those buyers to the deal. How did you get those buyers?

We were always working with Spanish-speaking people. It’s easy to work with them on Facebook.

How do they know about you? Are you on social media? Are you talking about it in gatherings, church, family events and community events? How do people know to go to you for real estate deals?

We do social media. We used to put those bandit signs on the corners of the street. We receive a lot of calls from there.

What did you write on them?

“Cheap house for sale. Call me.”

If you want to do business and succeed, you have to do something different.

Did you put it in Spanish or English?

I put it in Spanish, “Casa en venta” or “Condominio en venta.” People will call you for sure.

Let me get this straight. You’re doing loan modifications. You’re putting out bandit signs to get buyers so you can help your friends that have deals sell their deals to people that you are building relationships with. When did you go out on your own?

Years ago, I found my wife. She’s the girl of my dreams. She changed my life. I was doing other businesses. I was going here to here. When I decided to get married, that’s when my life changed. I come to work for myself.

You met the love of your life and you’re like, ” Let’s build something together.”

She didn’t let me invest money in other businesses. She said, “You are investing here and there. You are losing a lot of money. You have to focus.”

It’s amazing how a great partner helps you do that.

Your partner can break or build you. She started building me. That’s when I started doing this 100%, no more MLMs, no more other businesses, just houses.

What did you do? How did you find opportunities? This is when you’re not co-wholesaling. You’re going out and talking to property owners yourself. I want to make sure we hit this point real quick because it’s vital. You talked about doing bandit signs and talking to people in the community, but you’ve also done a great job on social media.

People know what you do. You’re loud. You do it more and you’ve got confidence. People understand that if they want to find a good discounted property, they come to you. It’s so powerful that you have been brave enough and have the courage enough to turn that camera around and let everybody know what you’re up to. It has helped you explode your business with your buyers and even some deals with your sellers. What did you do in the beginning? You’re like, “I’m going to set out on my own.” How did you start finding deals?

That’s when I started listening to your videos on YouTube. I heard all these videos in there. I found you and start listening to your videos. I started cold calling on my own. You are talking about dialers and all that stuff. I don’t even use a dialer. I just copy and paste and I’ve been finding good deals. It’s easy.

What list do you call? Do you drive around and find properties that are in rough shape? Are you pulling lists from PropStream? Who are you calling?

I’m doing both. I am driving for dollars and downloading lists from BatchLeads. My success is from driving for dollars.

WI 847 | Wholesaling Success

Wholesaling Success: If you want to get started, listen to videos on YouTube, then you will learn how to do cold calling and generate leads.


Eighty percent of brand new real estate investors get their first deals from driving for dollars. This has been your bread and butter because there are some deals that we’ve worked on together and you’ve gotten them from driving for dollars.

I love driving for dollars.

It’s simple. Everybody wants to overcomplicate this. Everybody wants to overanalyze and get stuck in paralysis by analysis. There are guys like you going out there who find properties that need renovation, get their address, get the phone number of the owners and call them. You don’t even think. You’re calling them right away. You’re not waiting to call them. You’re not taking your time and thinking about it and trying to comp them. You’re talking to those property owners right away to see if they want to sell.

I love these properties. The more destroyed the property, the more I love the property.

I’ve seen some of the deals that you have flipped or the ones that you have wholesaled. Some of them need a lot of love. People go in there and fix it up. That property that was been sitting vacant on the street for the last 5 or 10 years, all of a sudden, looks amazing and is selling for triple of what you sold it for because the neighborhoods are coming up. There’s a lack of inventory. People need places to live and you’re finding these opportunities.

Can I talk to you a little bit about this property? It’s been vacant for ten years.

Is this a deal that you’ve done? Are we doing a deal break down? Let’s do it.

This property had been vacant for 10, 12 years. This owner, I was cold calling him and one day he answered.

Is this driving for dollars?

Yes. He said, “I’m on vacation. Please call me in a week.” After a week, I called him back and he said, “I want to sell but maybe I’m going to list it. I have an agent friend. Maybe he’s going to list it for me.” I said, “How about if I buy it for cash and you save the 6% that you’re going to pay him?” He said, “Let me think about it. I’ll let you know”

The money is in the follow-up. After that, I call him again and again. He called me once. He said, “Valentin, I receive a letter from the city.” I said, “Come to the office, bring the letter and I’ll let you know what’s going on.” When he brought the letter, he had code violations. The city wants him to cut the grass because the grass was too high and he has broken windows. He has a fence in the back that’s almost in the ground. They want him to take the fence as well. I told him, “Don’t worry about it. I’m going to take care of everything. Send me the contract.” That’s it. That’s all you have to do.

That’s the perfect approach though. If you take out all the roadblocks and solve the problems for these property owners, they will work with you. They’ll love you. They’ll send you Christmas cards. They’ll refer other people to you. Our job is to make it as smooth as possible for the 6% to 10% of the real estate market that’s in distress at all times. That is our job, 1) To find them, 2) To have a quality conversation with them, and 3) To solve their problems. That’s the 1, 2, 3-step process for finding amazing deals. There’s a great Dolf de Roos quote in the book, Real Estate Riches, “The deal of a lifetime comes around about once a week.” It does and you’re doing it. You’re doing incredible deals all the time. To get back to your deal breakdown, it was vacant. Was it in rough condition?

It was in rough condition.

Employees work for the business owners, and business owners let money work for them.

It needed a full gut job, electric, plumbing and roofing. You’ve got that. How much did he want for it? Did he own it free and clear?

It was free and clear. He wants $72,000 at that time. When he came with a letter, he wants $77,000 or $75,000. I told him, “Last time, we were talking about $72,000. I’m going to fix everything for you. You don’t have to care about anything. You don’t have to worry about anything. Send me the contract for $72,000 and I’ll take care of everything.” He said, “Let’s do it.” That’s how I get this property. After that, I had to clean the property and the yard and bore the windows.

Did you do everything? Were you mowing the lawn?

Not me. I send my people. I send this guy to clean the yard and bore the windows. I pay for everything. That’s how I got this property. After 3 or 4 weeks, we closed the property. For this property, we have to go by probate. His parents died 10, 12 years ago. That’s why the property was vacant because when his parents died, they never go back to the property.

It has to go through probate to get the ownership and then you were able to close it. Did you buy it or did you wholesale it right away? Was it a double escrow or a double close, which one?

It was a double close.

Valentin closes on the same exact day, and maybe an hour after that, his cash buyer closes as well. He takes ownership. It’s not what would be considered a true wholesale or assignment. It is an actual flip. You flipped it. It’s an hour flip so it’s a quick flip, but you owned it and sold it. That’s what a double close is. There’s also something called a double escrow. These are going to be important in the times coming up. It’s going to be more and more important to understand what a double close or double escrow is. You got it for $72,000. What did you sell it for? What did you make?

I sell it for $112,000. I cash out my check for $47,000 on this property.

It had to be more than that. You could have sold it for $119,000 or something. $47,000 from $72,000, if I’m doing my math right, it’s about $119,000. The problem is you have too many of these checks to remember all of them perfectly. This is incredible, Valentin. You moved here at twelve years old, no English, no money. You started working right away. You got into restaurant work, got into a loan modification, got into multilevel marketing, got into real estate, doing co-wholesales, and then building your own real estate business.

I’ve had the pleasure of having you in my office every single week. Your wife makes incredible treats for us on special occasions. It’s phenomenal. We consider you part of the family here. I’m so excited that you brought your stack of checks that you’ve deposited. We’re looking at this. We’re looking at what we did. This is important to share with people because some people say, “Wholesaling, more people are learning about it. Is it a good time to get in? Can you do real estate investing in this hot of a market?”

People have all of these limiting beliefs without testing them out and going out there. If you go out there, you’re proactive and help out the owners of properties that are in distress, you will always win. Since the beginning of time, people have been doing this and it will go on forever. That’s what’s so exciting about this business. Once you learn the skill of sourcing discounted properties, you can do all of it. You can flip. You can build your rental portfolio. You can be a developer. You can own commercial properties. You can own big apartments. You can be the bank on deals.

You can do so much. You can start with nothing, no experience or maybe a little bit of experience, a little bit of money or no money. You can start with it. This is the way out. This is the path. If you have a brain that says, “I don’t want to live an average life. I don’t want to just do a 9:00 to 5:00. I don’t want to be stuck in a small box. I want to do something to have control of my life,” this is the business. You’re proof of it.

There are opportunities for everyone. In a couple of properties, I’ve been competing with other investors. I love when that happens because my competition is offering them low offers. I know I’m going to get the house for sure. I can offer them a little bit more because my buyers are paying more. I just want to wholesale. I don’t want to fix and flip.

WI 847 | Wholesaling Success

Wholesaling Success: There are so many opportunities for everyone. You just have to look for those opportunities.


It’s different when you have to buy a house to fix and flip than when you’re going to buy a house through wholesaling. There are opportunities for everyone. You just have to look for those opportunities. I’ve been competing with other investors. I look at the properties. I made $20,000 from this other property. That happened twice to me.

I would cold-call them, “This is Valentine. I am calling about this property you’re on.” He said, “Come tomorrow. Another investor is going to come at 9:00 AM so come at 9:30 AM,” half an hour after they leave. I said, “I’ll be there.” I get a couple of properties like that where another investor shows up before me. I show up after them and people think about it. They see their offer, see my offer, and they decide to sell it to me.

Give some advice to somebody that’s just starting, who just found out what wholesaling is and has that spirit of being a real estate investor. What advice would you give them?

First, change your mind and you have to learn.

What do you mean by changing your mind?

If you have a job instead of thinking about the job, think about hourly, weekly.

Don’t trade time for money.

Go and read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, CASHFLOW Quadrant. You’re going to see where you’re at and where you want to be. If you are not where you want to be, change what you are doing. That’s it.

How do people get ahold of you? How do people reach out to you? Is it your Instagram? Give people a way to reach out to you and say congratulations. Maybe they want to buy a deal here in Phoenix or squad up with you. How do they do that?

My Instagram is @AZHomeCashBuyer and my Facebook is Valentin Trujillo.

Thank you. What an inspiration. This is bananas. It is incredible what you’ve been able to do. You’re growing your business and the future looks bright. What are your goals for the next five years? What do you see? Is it building a big portfolio? Is it flipping more properties? Is it wholesaling and keeping a lot of cash? What do you see for the next five years? It’s important for people to realize where you’re from and where you’re going.

My goal is to have a big portfolio. If I do 100 doors to start, that would be great.

Do you want apartments or single-family?

If you are not where you want to be, just change what you are doing.

I want single-families, condominiums and apartments like fourplex or sixplex. It doesn’t matter. I want to build a big portfolio for my family, my future and my retirement.

Valentin, thank you for being on here. You are an absolute inspiration.

Thank you for inviting me.

I love seeing you every week. You are part of the family here.

That is it. What an incredible story. If you are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing like Valentin here, it is the TTP family and the TTP Coaching Program. Go to Check out what it’s all about. Check out all the testimonials. You’re going to have to scroll for a long time because there are a lot of success stories and checks posted there. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. I look forward to working with you personally. We close out this show as I do with every show encouraging you to go out there and talk to people. Until next time, I love you, guys. See you.

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