Posted on: December 21, 2021

“There’s a fire inside your belly; there are stars in your eyes that cannot be dampened.”

In life, milestones are important, but running into these milestones while neglecting the rest can also be detrimental. It’s essential to manage your energy and business effectively to attain your optimum state. And to achieve that, there’s a process that you need to consider.

In this short episode, Brent Daniels will cover everything you’ll need to know about finding harmony with your work and way of living. He will also talk about debunking myths surrounding the work-life balance, as well as share tips in breaking down goals so you can catapult them into greater heights and pursue that so-called harmony.

Key Takeaways

  • There is no balance; there could only be harmony
  • Stop beating yourself by working hard
  • Hustle is a season, not a lifestyle
  • Write your goals and break them down into smaller portions
  • Get all the support you need from other people and vice-versa



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