Posted on: December 15, 2021

Knowing which radio stations to choose is crucial to your marketing accomplishments. And it’s been a given that the REI Radio program has been of great use in helping students grow and scale their radio negotiations. And there is no doubt that the REI Radio team is always one step ahead in meeting your goals and needs.

Your voices have been heard, and now we’re taking REI Radio to the next level! Serving you new elements that could significantly help your radio advertising experience. In today’s podcast, Chris Arnold is back at it again with Grace Mills as they point out the four main reasons that could guide you in stepping up your radio negotiations to get the best market value possible. They also lay out everything you have to do to set up your radio. So you can apply it to whatever market you want.

Tune in for more tips, exciting news, and big revelations!

Key Takeaways

  • Introducing REI Radio 2.0 (What to expect in this new program)
  • The “done for you” system 
  • REI 2.0 is no longer market-specific but rather provides you with the ins and outs of radio negotiations.
  • Why does REI Radio 2.0 serve as a blueprint for your marketing needs
  • The new face and voice of REI Radio 2.0


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