Posted on: December 09, 2021

A successful partnership is one of the best ways to break into the real estate world. In addition, it is an excellent idea for those who may have some gaps in their real estate knowledge and are still navigating the whole experience. A good partnership can easily be the one thing new investors need to get started on the right foot. With that being said, partnerships revolve around an equilibrium, allowing both parties to divide and conquer responsibilities.

In this episode,  we are joined with guests Michael Acevedo and Ty, as they will ponder their insights on effective partnership structures, transparent communication, and generating leads to close first-rate deals. From searching opportunities to making it as signed agreements. They also make their way across how they made $92,000 in profits together in just a single month!

Want to know more? Tune in to today’s podcast.

Key Takeaways

  • From opportunities to an actual signed agreement
  • Their Dynamic: How do they build an efficient machine as partners?
  • How do they generate opportunities and find great leads?
  • Virtual Assistants and selecting the correct caller
  • The biggest deal that they closed so far


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