Posted on: December 07, 2021
WI 835 | Social Media


Social media has made an impact on the real estate market. Now you can effortlessly plug your products and connect with your clients without even paying a single penny! As a result, real estate agents embracing social media can successfully surface as leaders in their field. Indeed, the power of these platforms has been a game-changer in the real estate empire.

In this episode, our guest Devin Burr sends us tips on how you can build your brand on Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok. He also shares his experiences utilizing the BRRR method to produce massive leads. Lend your ears to Brent and Devin as they chew over the perks of using social media as your marketing tool.

Wholesaling Quicktip – How to Produce a MOUNTAIN of FREE LEADS through Social Media With Devin Burr

Episode Transcription

Let’s bring on Devin Burr.

Devin, come on here. Let’s talk about this. You started getting loud on TikTok.

Yes. It started with Instagram. You hit everything right on the head. You have to think that this thing is free. It doesn’t cost anything. It just takes your time, so put that time and energy into something that is a free platform to build a brand. That brand can then catapult you into opportunity after opportunity. You have to act constantly. It’s that easy.

Take action, and good things follow. The problem that a lot of people have is they’re chasing the dollar, and what happens when you chase the dollar? You’re always chasing it. It’s always in front of you. Don’t chase the dollar. Give value, and this thing gives you the opportunity. Give value to other people for free, then the dollar chases you. It’s really that simple.

How many people follow you on TikTok?

700,000, and this was since December 2020. It’s growing quickly.

How did you feel? What was your toe in the water? What was the first thing that you did to start posting and getting loud on social media? Was it Instagram? Was it stories?

It was Instagram. I was brand new to real estate in October of 2019. I started going to meetups, started going where the people were at, and putting stories on there. Then, once I got my first flip, I was walking the property. I was showing what we’re doing, like, “Here’s what we’re doing. We’re taking this wall down. This is going to be tile.” I was pointing out what I was doing and constantly asking people for deals, like, “I’m doing a deal here. I’m looking for more. Send me what you have.” I was getting loud about it. It’s free.

WI 835 | Social Media

Social Media: People don’t like someone being fake. No one wants to do business with those who are only pretending.


How do you ask for it? Are you saying, “I’m a buyer. Send me your opportunities.” What was your message? How do you get people to take action from posting to social media?

The main thing where you hit on is being yourself and being authentic. I can’t be you. You can’t be me. Everyone watching can’t be us. You have to be yourself. When it comes across on the screen, people feel that. They want to do business with people they like, and they don’t like people that are being fake or not being themselves, so be yourself and document what you’re doing, as Brent said, and then ask for a deal. Say, “Send me deals. I’d love to look at everything.” It’s really that simple.

Say, “I’m looking for opportunities. I love properties that need a lot of love or need a lot of renovation. I’d love to do a project in this area.” Get specific with it and see what comes your way. You’re just documenting what you’re doing. If they’re like, “I don’t have that many followers. I don’t really post a lot. I’m not really comfortable with that. I think putting myself out there in the public is scary.” What do you say to that?

I worked a corporate job at Quicken Loans. I was really big into fitness. I did body building competitions. My entire following on Instagram was about 2,000 people that were fitness followers. My entire Instagram was ab shots and looking jacked. It had nothing to do with real estate. Now, my Instagram has about 17,000 followers. That’s all organic from putting out content, and the majority of those followers are real estate entrepreneurs and people looking to grow businesses and do big things. Then, on TikTok, it was at zero at December of 2019. As I said, now, it’s at about 700,000. You can grow these things for free. There’s no cost. It just takes your time and energy, and you have to come across as genuine. Be yourself.

A lot of people are chasing the dollar. Do that and you will always chase it. Focus on giving value instead.

Then, do people send you deals?

That’s correct.

People send you opportunities. They’re like, “I locked up this deal. Do you want it? I need some help.” A lot of ours is, “Do you want to buy this? Will you help us dispo,” because a lot of times, they don’t have as robust of a cash buyer database that we do to sell these deals, so they come to us to get those done.

That’s pretty much how my business model works. People will send me deals and I’ll straight up tell them like, “If I like the deal, I’ll buy it at this price, but do you mind if I try to move it on?” That’s all they care about. They just want their price, so if I can move it on and make a little bit of money off of it, I’ll do so, but if I can’t, I’ve guaranteed that price. I’ll buy it at that price if I can’t move it.

Is this your primary way to get business? Are you doing other marketing? What are you doing? You’re doing a lot of BRRRRs, right?

That’s everything I’m doing now.

Tell everybody what you do and what your business is.

WI 835 | Social Media

Social Media: Always be authentic. You cannot always be like the people you are watching. You have to be yourself.


Basically, all of my marketing is free marketing. It’s Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. I don’t pay a penny for marketing. It’s very different than a lot of people out there that does text messaging, cold calling, and mailers. Nothing is paid for on my end. It is 100% free marketing. What I do is I’m very loud. I speak to my followers. I put out content all the time.

Once the deal is sent to me, I underwrite it. I see if the numbers pencil out for me in my actual method, which is the BRRRR method. If people don’t know what that is, it is buy, renovate, rent, refinance, and repeat. My last name is Burr, so the BRRRR method made sense. In 2020, it hit me. I was like, “My brand could be Mr. BRRRR, because I am Mr. Burr.” It made sense.

What I do is I get all of my deals from free marketing, and once I have it, I buy it with my LLC, and then renovate it with my LLC. I do the method a lot differently. I don’t rent and refinance. I buy it, renovate it, and sell it to my wife as the end buyer. Now, we control the entire transaction. If we need to get a little bit higher on the price on the exit, we’re dictating that. We can reach a little higher to get more of the cash back out, pay off the hard money, pay off private lenders, and rinse and repeat.

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