Posted on: December 01, 2021

Success is not permanent so is a failure. If you’re one of those who are willing to join the real estate industry but don’t know where to begin, this episode is for you! Chris is joined with Ryan as they discuss the challenges in doing wholesaling full time. Ryan gave us a glimpse of his backstory about getting into the business and living on an RV. He also shared his journey from getting slow deals at first to signing nine contracts a month. As well as, spilled some secrets on how to implement a strategy fast.

Listen as Chris and Ryan tackle the dos and don’ts, the ins and outs, for you to build good connections and jump-start your wholesaling career!

Key Takeaways

  • Getting started with the Wholesaling Business by learning from others
  • How to implement a strategy fast
  • Just do it! Imitate and innovate
  • Figuring out the direction that you want to go
  • Ryan’s advice on meeting people and building connections


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