Posted on: November 25, 2021

If you have been wondering how to find and close large amounts of real estate deals almost every single month, then this podcast is for you!

In this episode, Brent is joined by our guests Dominick Felix & Gonzalo Corzo to share their journey starting in 2017 in Jacksonville to now expanding in 12 different markets, closing a wholesale deal every single day of the year with $2.9 million in gross profits. They will also reveal their step-by-step process of acquiring 30 to 40 real estate wholesale deals every month. 

Listen closely as they exchange wholesaling tips and tricks in between.

Key Takeaways

  • Gonzalo’s experience working for wholesalers for free – for two years
  • How the two got connected and became business partners
  • What it’s like when they’re just starting out
  • How they built an incredible team and manage them remotely
  • How they approach each of the different deals they deal with
  • The unique system and process they utilize in wholesaling
  • How they scaled their business four years after it was built
  • Their secret to yielding 30 to 40 deals every single month


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