Posted on: November 16, 2021
WI 820 | Generating Deals Consistently


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a large bank account?

Today, with all the things that we have going on, sometimes it seems as though we don’t have enough money. We have the impression that we will never be able to get ahead. Well, the truth is that WE CAN. And it just depends on what exactly we are looking for. Because when we find what we’re looking for, that’s what our brains do. Our brain does whatever it takes to get whatever it wants.

This is unquestionably true for any business. And if you’re in the real estate industry and closing massive, 5-figure deals in wholesaling is what you want, then this podcast is for you.

In this episode, Brent will open the door to his secret strategy to generating $50k – $100k+ deals as quickly and consistently as possible!

Wholesaling Quicktip – Massive Expectations – The Secret to Generating $50k – $100k+ Deals Consistently

Episode Transcription

I have one goal, and that is to break your brain. Let me explain here. This is something that is fundamental in our business. Being a real estate entrepreneur, let me tell you one of these huge landmarks that I want everybody that is seeing this, hearing this, talking about this, whatever it is, I want you to get a massive deal as quickly and as often as possible. Let me define this. That is a $50,000 net to you, wired into your account deal as quickly and as often as possible.

This is like one of those difficult things because first we start out and we’re like, “$5,000, that’s a nice amount. $10,000, I’ve never had $10,000 in my account ever. $15,000, $20,000, $25,000? That seems unbelievable.” You could pay cash for a car. You could pay off all your debts. You could do all the amazing things. Having that big of a five-figures in your bank account is something that most Americans will never face. That’s facts. That’s stats. That’s the truth.

We have the ability to do it every single week, every 90 days and monthly. It depends on what we are looking for. That’s it. Because we find what we’re looking for. That’s what our brains do. Frequency illusion. When you go and you buy a car and you see that car everywhere or your wife’s pregnant or you’re pregnant and you see pregnant women everywhere. This is what it is. It’s the frequency illusion. It’s always been around because I want to go through this part right here.

Blockages and self-limiting beliefs shut down your brains from the awesome power to go and find the things that you want in life.

This is the illusion in which a word, a name or a thing that has come to one’s attention suddenly seems to appear with improbable frequency shortly afterwards. It’s the absolute truth but remember, in the word, name or thing. The thing, what we learned. Something that we learn all of a sudden starts opening up. We started learning about wholesaling and now we see wholesaling everywhere. We start learning about the BRRRR strategy and BRRRR strategy is everywhere. We started learning about sub to and sub-tos are everywhere. We started learning about creative financing, rental portfolios, development and fix and flip, all of a sudden, it’s all over the place. Massive deals work the same.

I’m going to give you instructions here. This isn’t all going to be cerebral. I’m going to give you absolute instruction on the two most important things. Remember, action plus results equals our education. Taking the action and getting the result is the education. Once we take the action to go after bigger, better deals, we get results. That’s our education. We learn it. Now all of a sudden, we start seeing it everywhere but it starts with this question.

Fundamentally, this question has revolutionized my life. It changed my life forever. I remember reading this and going through this. It was an old Tony Robbins. I think it was like Awakening The Giant Within or something like that or Unlimited Power, his book or whatever. He started switching it from, “I can’t do this. How can I afford it,” and all these other things to “How can I do this?” I can’t afford it. I can’t do this thing. I can’t do that thing, blockages, self-limited beliefs and shutting down your brain’s beautiful, awesome power to go and find the things that you want in life.

WI 820 | Generating Deals Consistently

Generating Deals Consistently: Action plus results equals education. Once you take the action to go after bigger deals, you get results.


This question, if you put this at the top of one of these and you answer the question, you take the time to think it through, how can I make a million dollars? How can I have the schedule that I always wanted? How can I get out of my 9:00 to 5:00 dead-end job? How can I? This question right here is going to blow you away because once you start answering all of these things, all of a sudden, that whole thing starts coming in. Frequency illusion starts kicking in. We start finding the answers once we get our brain to go after it. I am telling you, it all starts there.

If you have the expectations that you’re going to do big, massive deals and you’re going to make more per deal than you ever have before, it will happen. I am telling you. This is how it happens. This is technical. These are the two steps, technically speaking, that determines if you’re going to make an average amount on your deal or if this is going to be a big, massive opportunity that’s going to open up and break your brain. I’m telling you this. I know this to every single person, every man or woman that has ever done this business. Once you get something that earns you $50,000 of net profit to yourself, to your family’s bank account, it breaks your brain. It’s changing the perception of what you think is possible.

When you start to learn something, all of a sudden it starts opening you up to more knowledge.

When you think $10,000 is possible, $20,000, $50,000, $100,000. I’m looking at a deal, no joke and I asked Alejandro to text me. Once I hear from George, one of my TTP family members, he’s got a deal that could net me $400,000. I remember when I got the first check for $42,000 and my nerves went off. My brain was literally changing. I was shaking. I had goosebumps. I couldn’t believe it. Finally, after being in debt and hand to mouth and month to month and going through it, that $42,000 changed everything. That’s what I want for you. You have to get going. You have to put those mental antennas focused on massive deals. It starts here.

Number one, they have to give you the price. When the seller gives you the price, this is where you get these big, amazing deals because the beautiful part is you get them what they want, what they expect, what they’re hoping for and it’s a huge opportunity for you. This is why we push you to pull out the price of these property owners as fast as possible and as much as possible. Don’t throw numbers at them if you can help it. You’re going to know. You’re going to feel it. Your spidey senses are going to tingle. You’re going to get this intuition. Everything’s going to feel good. Your belly is going to be on fire. When somebody throws out a price at you and you’re like, “Are they serious? This can’t be real. For real? They want that price?” “To make sure, if I can get you this price in this time, are you ready to move forward and sign the agreement?” “Yes.”

I am telling you it’s one of the best days you’re ever going to feel. It makes you feel electric. It is absolutely incredible and it can happen. I’m telling you, it can definitely happen. Number two is you need to have a lot of buyers because you can have the best deal in the world but if you only have 1 or 2 or 3 buyers. They’re like nitpicking or they’re negotiating with you or they’re not letting you know what the most that they’re going to spend for this is, that’s going to throw off the amount that you make. You have to build a robust cash buyer database and you are going to get bigger and better deals because when people are negotiating, it’s the same way on the other side.

WI 820 | Generating Deals Consistently

Generating Deals Consistently: If you have the expectation that you’re going to do big, massive deals and you’re going to make more per deal than you ever have before, it will happen.


If the seller is negotiating with several buyers, your deal size is going to be much smaller. If you have a lot of buyers on the flip side, you’re the seller now. You’re the one that’s getting these deals to bid up. It’s incredible. It starts with them giving you the price and you have the buyers. That’s what we’re talking about. That is what we’re breaking down right here. These are the two things. You need to start putting your mental antennas focused on getting deals that are bigger than $50,000 and you will find them but you need these two things. They give you the price first and you have a lot of buyers. These are for big, massive deals.

If you’re interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP program. Go to I will personally mentor you. You get my cell phone. We text. We call. It’s crazy. It’s bananas but it’s the truth. I want you to be as successful as possible and I want to work with you and I love you. If you’re interested in that, check it out, scroll down and keep scrolling. The little scroll thing is tiny because there are so many testimonials. Nobody has more testimonials. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. Until next time. You’re the best, TTP.

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