Episode 82: Mindset Shifts That Every Wholesaler Needs to Have

Mike McLeish has been in the tribe for about six months and he’s recently closed some great deals. We’re going to look at the lessons and mistakes that helped Mike find success so that you can get going and start closing Wholesaling deals soon.


Closing the First Deal: Mindset Shifts

Mike had to make a few major mental shifts before he could close his first big deal.

  • You have to be a deal finder, not a deal creator. You’re never going to convince someone to sell their home at a discount – you have to find the people who are willing to do that.
  • Always have the seller convincing you, as opposed to you convincing the seller. If you chase the dog, it will run away.
  • The seller should always make the offer, and you should reject the first offer.
  • When you’re not afraid to lose a deal is when you get a deal.
  • For the most part, it doesn’t matter where you live: you can make Wholesaling work if you follow the right process.



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