Posted on: November 11, 2021
WI 817 | Luxury Flips


Imagine making big changes in your life in just a span of 36 weeks. Such a short period of time, right? Imagine what your life would be like.

Casey Ames is in the show today with Brent, and we’re going to learn so much from him. He’ll talk about how he made $400k worth of deals starting from scratch. We will discover the tactics that helped him find his niche as an investor in luxury flips and gain invaluable insights into what it takes to be successful. In this business, you don’t have to recreate the wheel but it helps if you know how to listen and duplicate.

Whether you’re starting in wholesaling or just trying to figure out what niche interests you, be sure to listen with an open mind because there’s always room for improvement.

From Nothing To Crushing It In Luxury Flips With Casey Ames

Episode Transcription

This conversation is going to blow your mind because I am telling you that you discover wholesaling, and it is the foundation. All wholesaling is finding and sourcing discounted properties. Once you have that skill and ability in your business, you are unstoppable. There are so many different things that you can build off of that foundation of finding discounted properties. You can flip properties, build your rental portfolio, be a hard money or private money lender, and be a developer. 

That’s what leads me to this incredible guest that I have on this show. I have been waiting and watching this guy over the years, and he is truly on a rocket ship going from making cold calls to developing multimillion-dollar castles in Boise, Idaho. It is my pleasure to introduce the owner of Taylor Jene Homes, Casey Ames, to the show. How are you?

I’m good. It’s always a pleasure.

This has been an incredible journey. I’m watching you over the years completely go into a different stratosphere when it comes to being a real estate entrepreneur. You’re taking big risks, getting big rewards, not only building an incredible house building company but also wholesaling and building your wealth. Talk to me about what’s going on in your life. 

When you get to a certain level, which you have gotten to that level and have been at some time, you don’t know what the ripple effect is. You and I knew each other some years ago, had friendly interaction, but not a crazy amount of interaction. Everything that you said resonated, and I took it seriously. For me, it wasn’t a focus of, “I’m trying to get rich.” It’s never been about that for me. I don’t care enough about it.

For me, it was, “It’s time to propel us.” I wasn’t as good then as I am now at designing my business to suit my life. There is still a seed in there that was, “This isn’t about the money. I want to be able to go boating and pay for it. I don’t want to be serving tables on a Sunday while my football team is playing.” We listened to everything that you said. I started wholesaling in the Phoenix market. I was living in Boise, Idaho.

My mom was on fire, and you know my mom. She was also listening and implementing everything you were saying. Fast forward, I’m serving tables, and my mom was like, “You would be good at this.” I’m like, “You always got some idea. Give me a break. I’m doing the best I can.” God was prevalent in my life. It still is to this day, but at that point is when he started to seep in, and I knew there was something shining on it.

I started reading Bob Burg’s Go-Giver and Edwene Gaine’s Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. I noticed that not only was I receiving a monetary gain off the tithing, but my heart was also changing to where I was no longer paying attention to the money. I was rewarded by the fact that somebody got stoked because I was hooking them up, whether it was a mother, woman, or children that were abandoned. What opened up for me is I realized that within tithing, it was not just a monetary thing. God was opening up time in my life. I put a post up saying, “Ask, believe, and commit.”

If you’re having problems in your life, ask God for it, believe that it’s possible, and commit to doing whatever you said you would do in that prayer.

If you’re having problems in your life, ask God for it, believe that it’s possible, and then commit to doing whatever you said you would do in that prayer. I had said, “Give me an opportunity, and I’m going ham.” He gave me the opportunity. You are about to release TTP. Thank God you did. You have probably made thousands of students’ lives enriched. Good on you for doing that.

Before TTP, we were crushing the Phoenix market. We went to Belize, basking in our glory. It was the first time we had been getting paid in life, and our family was together. You released TTP while we were in Belize, came back, and the Phoenix market was forever changed. You had been doing it for a while. When the market did that, I was cold calling into Phoenix. I said, “Mom, come up here. I will take care of everyone and make sure it happens. Let’s do it.”

I was making a lot of calls, and my mom was too. We went to Boise with your template. My heart was aligned. I was from a Go-Giver mentality, and all I was trying to focus on my number one line in that Go-Giver book is, “How do you create value? You give more than you expect and compensation.” You’ll hear me say that in this thing. It’s the main principle that I live by. We did that with our deals. I get a deal at X percentage. Let’s say it’s 50%. When I could have sold it for $70,000, I’m selling it for $60,000, getting my buyer pool stoked that I got deals. I had been calling in the Phoenix market, and they didn’t know what was going on. I came in hot. Let’s just say that.

Nobody was calling in Boise. Boise was poised. It’s blown up. It’s a beautiful city and has a lot of opportunities. The economy is building and bubbling up and getting more and more opportunities for people to work and live. People are moving there because they can do things virtually. They can move around. They love Boise. They love that it doesn’t feel it’s a big city. It feels charming.

You remember before I flew up and we were here in town, and I was like, “You want to grab lunch?” I came to the office, and you and I were getting in a little debate about trajectory and how you would push out your system, essentially. I was like, “Boise is not the shotgun mentality. You’ve got to sniper-focus because the population is not there, and it’s growing.” The point of the story is that we showed up and decided that we were going to make a stand, and we made that stand.

We opened Gem State Cash Offer, which is still the number one wholesale company in Idaho by a long shot. We have consistently done over $100 million annually for the last many years, and then we opened some other companies. Before I start going into the other companies and organically run through this, I’ll say this.

No matter what you’re doing, and if you are looking to build luxury homes, do big flips, build big apartments, subdivisions, or whatever you’re doing, you don’t have to forget the wholesaling because the game changes. Whether it changes from 5 figures to 7 or 8-figures, wholesaling is still a real thing. I do 7-figure deals all the time where I might buy a subdivision that was 100% approved and then talk to my COO, and he’s like, “I’m not feeling it,” and then I’ll wholesale that subdivision off. I’m promising you that the profits are large.

I have a rule. 40 for $40,000 gets you $1.6 million, or 4 for $400,000 gets you $1.6 million. What do you want to do, and what creates more time? 4 for $400,000. We navigated that way. We still do about $100 million annually, but for wholesaling, I follow Jason Lewis. He and I talk a lot. We’re very similar in the fact that mine was 75%-85% networking.

Jason Lewis is another TTP alumni. He was number four. Most of your deals are coming from referrals?

From networks, yes. You embody a team that goes out and finds deals. We still talk to people. It’s just not on the phone as much. The idea behind that was that I had a whole bunch of callers, multiple acquisition managers, and I dispo VA’s all over. I wasn’t getting the efficiency I wanted, and there were some control issues. We ended up digressing off of that and went to this model, which is mostly networking. I have thousands of bird dogs everywhere, and they’re constantly bringing me birds.

WI 817 | Luxury Flips

Luxury Flips: Wholesaling is finding and sourcing discounted properties. And once you have that skill, once you have that ability in your business, you are unstoppable.


How do you find those people? Are these network events? Did they join a Facebook group, or are you doing a meetup, letting people come into your office, and you’re training them up on how to find deals and how to do it? 

I always have trainees and apprentices. For the record, I’m an old-school dude, so I’m still of the school of the apprentice. Apprentices used to be 3 to 5 years. You’re going to follow Tom Krol and set them for 3 to 5 years. You’re not going to get that much. You might get the outer atmosphere, but you’re not going to get in there and see how the lava works. I have those people who always work and watch me, and they might be driving around in my car with me while I’m cruising. A lot of it for me is the way we look at things. It’s perception.

What does that mean?

Teardowns are a good example. Brent goes out, looking at this property, and they want $450,000 for it. He says, “If I put $60,000 into it, I’m at $510,000. Real estate commissions, I’m at $560,000. We could sell this thing for $610,000. That’s $50,000.” You’re questioning it. You’re asking your COO, “Do you want to move on this? Is it worth the time or a contractor fee?” I look at that same property with three lenses. I look at it, “Do I want to wholesale it? Does my team need to work on a project? Do I want to tear this thing down and build a $2.5 million house on it? The lot is big, and it’s in a good area.”

That’s what I mean by that. I teach my guys to look at things from different levels because a lot of times, you have a 600 square foot house, and a dude got 2 acres. He isn’t trying to move, but he’ll sell it for what he thinks the house is worth. If you are in the business that I’m in, which is building big luxury homes, I can put a 6,500 square foot house on that and make an incredible amount of money and feed a whole bunch of people and give it to a whole bunch of charities and do all sorts of stuff. We look at things a little differently.

You look at things differently because you have the ability to look at things differently. You have a track record, team, funds, and financial capabilities. When you’re starting, you didn’t have that, so you progressed there.

It goes back to your original question, which is, “How do you do that?” There is a body of work there and multiple companies that operate on a high level. Everyone on the team knows what they’re doing, the culture is great, and everything’s good. The community recognizes that. There is a lot of that. When you’re saying dude bros, and they’re going out and finding me deals, it’s because Casey Ames of Taylor Jene Homes closes properties.

If it makes sense, he’s going to close it. Five days, cash, done deal. We don’t even need a mess with anything. Call Cassie at Pioneer, and we’ll take care of it. I don’t even need to hear about it. Let’s do it if the deal makes sense. They know that. I don’t want to lead people down the path where you can go Wild West and start shooting stuff up. You’ve got to earn your stripes.

Does that start with your wholesaling deal, then you start flipping? Give me tactical. I get the mindset, but the tactical where you go from wholesaling properties to your first flip, and then you do a good product, then you do a couple more, and you’re starting to build almost a resume that says, “I can do this,” and then you start raising money? 

How do you create value? You need to give more than you expect in compensation.

I started raising money around the first flip. I thought I had the wholesale thing figured out as far as what the business looked like. I moved too quickly. For anyone who’s in multiple businesses, you can kill both businesses by moving too fast. It will happen. If you think you’re better than it. Sorry about it. You’re going to learn. I almost did that. God was good and gave me a little insight. I came in and fixed the wholesale company before it died. It almost happened. I started flipping, and I’m aggressive, so we went from 1 to 4 right away. We were doing 4, and 1 of them was a new build. I started doing new construction right off the rip.

Was that scary?


Was it a vacant lot, or did you tear down a house and have to build a brand new house?

I had lost everything. I had nothing. My wife and I were not together. She was my girlfriend at the time. I had kids, and I wasn’t doing too well. I lost two brothers in my twenties, and I didn’t take it very well. That’s why my parents moved out to Arizona. God is good. He stewarded them there. They met you, and the story gets threaded. That’s what happened. Fear? Not really. I was hungry, and anything in my way was getting removed. That’s how it was.

Not in a negative gangster mentality type thing, but at the end of the day, we were here to do a job, and we’re going to get our job done. We need to review our job and find out what we could have done better. That was the methodology through the whole thing. We went from that from 5 and eventually got up to 20 houses at a time, bang around and still doing 100 wholesales. I hated it. It’s too much action, and there had to be a smarter and better way.

I wasn’t wise and evolved enough at the time to do what I could do now, and even though I have now, I still wouldn’t do it. It doesn’t make sense to me. I wanted to remain humble and be real raw with it. To me, it’s pocket change. $40,000 is a massive amount of money. You can do a lot of good with that, but it’s peanuts to an elephant to what I’m trying to accomplish.

I’m like, “If we’re going to be burning $40,000 profits at 20 at a time and we’re going to do $70,000 a year, how many years does that take to me to get what I want to do to get my family what they want to do to then go do ministry and do all the things that we want to do?” I’m 70 years old by the time I get to retire, and it’s not happening. What happened was everyone started doing the same flips. They all look the same. I was praying and meditating. The thing is to do something different. I didn’t know what that was at the time, but we started mixing up the tile ideas and stuff.

This is where the creative force started to come into me a little bit. I had it with speaking and business arrangement, but never with design. We started running that real quick, and our houses were selling over everyone else’s way over asking five times. Sometimes, they would go ten offers. It’s crazy. Other people’s that were good-looking flips would be sitting there and like, “There’s something to this.”

COVID happens, and I have 22 houses. I’m in Mexico with my family. I’m not stressed, but I’m like, “Is this the moment? Did I not pay attention? Everyone was telling me to pay attention.”

Is this the moment when the market shifts and you get stuck holding the 22?

This is what I was talking about the ripple. Sometimes, you don’t even know what people grab onto. I heard you very clear when you got sideswiped. You were running it. Things were good. I heard that, and it resonated with me. I pride myself on being smart and learning the markets, not just mine. I’m watching San Diego, Phoenix, Denver, and all these other places.

WI 817 | Luxury Flips

Luxury Flips: It’s okay to do multiple things. Learn the business, fail at the business, study the business, delegate the business, set it up like a business and then move on.


We were in Mexico, lamping it up, and I’m like, “Did I get caught? Did I do too much? Was I not paying attention?” I had also always said that when the correction does come, I want to have enough cash to buy as many rentals as I want. In some ways, we were there, but I had all my money in properties. It wasn’t the moment.

We got back home from Mexico. Thank God we made it back because they were like, “You’re not going to be able to fly for a little while.” I was like, “If we’re going to go out. Might as well go out and style.” I got back, and we had two choices. It was either sit on our hands and worry or go. We went, and I realized then that I was in the wrong game. That’s when we started doing luxury homes.

You pushed it up because even in a down market, what happens with luxury homes? 

They will sell it as long as your product is good and as long as you’ve got equity in the deal to be able to position yourself.

You’re protecting yourself from a big shift by going into luxury.

I do think so. I would still say to the reader, “Pay attention to what you’re doing.” We can run through a deal in a second, but I have a lot of talks with money, mentors, and all sorts of people. My trajectory is relatively safe. I could be sideswiped. We have some other big projects going on like big subdivisions, apartment buildings, and all these things. As far as the luxury brand is concerned, it’s relatively equity safe. We could go down 40% to 50% and still be okay.

For everybody reading, check out Brent Daniels YouTube Channel. We’re going to put up some of the pictures of some of these projects. This is going to blow your mind. These luxury homes are castles. It’s a big one.

I have fun with them because you’ve been doing this for a while. Money starts to lose its interest. It’s not about not making more money. I’m more interested in building good businesses. I talk to the same people you talk to. When we’re talking about business, they’re superior and light years ahead of me. I’m trying and grinding, and they’re casual like, “All you’ve got to do is this.” I’m like, “Why didn’t I think of that?” That is more appealing to me than the money.

When you’re burning, turning, going, and doing this for years, you have to find what you want to do. That’s what I was getting at, which is I want to design my business to suit my life. I love to design things. It is the Achilles’ heel to a CEO unless you hire designers. For me, I do all the design at this point. I’m pulled in because I got to pick out tile, floors, accent wall, and this and that. I am pulled into the business that way, but I’m okay with it for now.

Be careful because if you’re someone who’s sat in a multiple business, you can kill both businesses by moving too fast.

The creativity doesn’t burn out. You could be creative the rest of your life. That’s why I stay away from it and do flips. I was too into it. I like sleeping at night, not going to bed with my head going all over the place, thinking about tile, paints, doorknobs, doorstops, fans, and fixtures. There are so many things that go into that. I was like, “We’re just going to wholesale.”

What’s strange about it is I do all these things, but I have students also, and I smash it into them. It’s the singularity of focus. It’s okay to do multiple things, but learn the business, fail, study, delegate, set up, and then move on. That’s the, “Don’t kill both businesses with your thing.” You had said earlier in the conversation, “You’re flipping, and then you started raising money.” This is a good point to talk about that, which is you will inevitably outgrow yourself if you are focused.

If that doesn’t make sense, picture 4 lines. While you’re on 2, your head’s on 4. You should be thinking about money on 4, not money on 2. You got Ryan on this show, and the dude is outrageous. His head is on 4, and his money is on the way to 4. There was a time when he wasn’t so focused on the money and focused on all these deals, and he’s good. He’s an architect, crafty, engineer, analytical, and so good at making deals, but his money wasn’t right. It’s not that his net profit wasn’t right, but his private money or his loans were not right. I’m like, “This is going to catch up to you.”

The good thing about Ryan is he listens to everything. He fixed his money, and his money is all right. Now, he’s building massive multifamilies, commercial buildings and doing all stuff. He’s killing it. Your money needs to be at the forefront of everything. While you’re wholesaling to people, you should be finding out who those lenders are and what those percentages are. You should be putting yourself in front like, “I got all the deals. I’m sending all the deals, and I get to pick the good ones. I got good ones. Would you want to loan money to me? I have a crew that can do a flip right here.”

Whatever the case is, you should be planting the seeds throughout the wholesale process. That’s how we did it with private money. It was Gem State that got the credibility for Taylor Jene Homes, then Taylor Jene Homes now has the credibility for Gem State. They both need the development because I find land deals, have a crew, and now build apartment buildings.

Once the wind is behind your back like it is for you, people will come to you to give you money, like when you make a splash by putting out an unbelievable product and making it something special. The beautiful thing that you did is you got really creative with your flips. It was beautiful. It didn’t feel the same. Everybody was in this cookie-cutter, “Do the cabinets white, quartz countertops, and the flooring that looks wood, but it’s tile.” They do it over and over, and it makes it easy for their crew.

You were like, “I’m going to go in with all these different features, appliances, fixtures, look, and feel. I’m going to make this house something special. It’s going to stand out from all the other houses that are on the street.” There’s always going to be a market for that. Not only that, but when you make that splash, you get attention. When you get attention, the money follows that attention.

What’s funny is I’m part of these big groups, Jason Medley’s Collective Genius and Matt Andrews’s Family Mastermind, all these phenomenal human beings. When I show up, they’re always like, “This dude does the most beautiful houses.” It’s funny because, on a monetary level, we make a lot of money off the luxury houses, but we do a lot more.

WI 817 | Luxury Flips

Luxury Flips: People will begin to see what you’re doing especially when you make a splash by putting out a really unbelievable product and making it something special.


Nobody is paying attention to that because they like to see some cool stuff like, “I don’t care what it is. I want to see some cool stuff.” It would be the same as if you were like, “I got this $40,000 assignment. We did this single-family house,” or you’re like, “I wholesaled this bed and breakfast. Check out how I broke it down.” I’m like, “Bed and breakfast?” I want to look at it and check out how you did that deal.

That was just the evolution of it. I will say this about the flipping thing because this is an educational piece. If you are going to come a little harder with your design, understand that you have to compensate in some way. That’s usually going to look like work for somebody on the team. For us, we purchase our material all over the country. I go by in volume, or I have semis bring me tile with 40 different selections of tile.

We come to Phoenix and get ranges, and we go all over and get our material. We’re buying at a volume capacity, and because I’m buying it at volume, it might not be that I’m doing flips or builds cheaper, but I’m putting out a better product for the same price. That’s where I’m at. If we save money and get it cheaper, cool. My main goal is to make sure the house is so dialed in that the hands go up, pins come out, and you shake it all about.

It’s interesting because you find some deals, wholesale them, make some money, and then you go, “With this money, I would like to take this property down to do a flip. With this flip, I’m going to get creative and do something outstanding.” It’s not going to cost a tremendous amount more, but it’s going to be something that has a heart and soul to it. It doesn’t feel sterile or cookie-cutter thing that everybody else is doing. It has some life and energy to it, and that’s coming from you to that house. People see and recognize that, and all of a sudden, you start raising capital to the point where now you’re doing development. 

This is not rocket science. It depends on what you want to do and what kind of business you want to grow. Do you want to stay like me, do wholesaling, not worry about taking down these properties, raising funds, and picking out all these things? That’s one option. That’s the beautiful thing. Do you want to just flip houses and keep it there? Do you want to develop? Do you want to build your portfolio? Do you want to wholesale, take that money, buy rentals, and never do a flip in your life? That’s an option as well.

I love that you’re showing this path here. Look at any skyscraper, big hospital, and shopping center. It all started with some guy or gal that found an opportunity, made some money, started doing some incredible work, and then took it to the next level like you’re doing. That’s how these businesses start and how this whole country has grown. It’s phenomenal. Raising money is just raising money, then you get these real estate investment trusts that do these billion-dollar projects. That’s where it starts.

You can go so many different ways with that. We used to build our apartment buildings and sell them to the market. Now, there’s so much hedge fund money that they need to spend. You don’t even need to go to the market. You sell your fully leased brand-new construction apartment building to a hedge fund. You don’t even have to work. The work is done. You sell it to them, and it’s easy. We have a mutual friend, and I’ll say this about the flipping, development, subdivisions, wholesaling, and you just doing wholesaling. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, but you should always ask yourself, “Is it getting you closer to your goal?” That’s it.

Let’s do a little template on how you can get some big wholesales real quick. I am in the business to make money. Don’t get it twisted. I also measure time more than anything. That is the metric that I measure everything. Maybe it would be that I had felt like I lost some time or gave some time away earlier in my life or whatever the case is, but my family is precious. I’ve got three kids, a wife, and an immense amount of people that I feed. I need to think and decompress. Even on the airplane coming here, I’m like, “I’m by myself.” That’s no shame to anyone in my group, but sometimes you don’t have room for yourself.

You have to design your business to suit your life.

At one point in time, I had gotten two 200-unit brand new construction contracts where the zoning was already done. If anyone’s familiar with zoning, they can’t deny you. You still have to come with a good team and stuff, but they have to give it to you. It is what it is. You have to put out a good product and conform to what they want.

The government needs housing. They have zoned it for housing. Now, they need somebody that’s going to execute.

If you can be that guy and prove that you’re going to be that guy, then you get it all day. We are those people. I got two 200 units, so I’m asking one of our friends. I’m like, “Should I do this?” This is semi-personal, but pay attention to what you’re doing. Your risk tolerance is your risk tolerance. You’re going to be willing to go through what you’re going to be willing to go through. We have a giant subdivision that, as far as money is concerned, once you beat the game, you play a different game. I’m not as interested in being as busy as I used to be.

Once the subdivision is finished, for all intents and purposes, we can go play a new game. I’m asking this person. I’m like, “Should I do this 200 unit? It’s a layup.” The way that I do my apartments is I spend 1 or 2 hours on them. We have hundreds of apartments being built now. I don’t spend much time. I get a hold of the architect, developer, and the city. I put them all together. I make sure the money is playing nice. I send them on their way, and they do everything. I make sure we pay on time, and then my apartment buildings are done.

I was asking him. I’m like, “Do you think I should do this?” He said, “Is it getting you closer to your goal, or is it a distraction?” I honestly had to answer that it’s a distraction because my only purpose is finishing the subdivision. Everyone gets fed if I finish this subdivision. It’s 35 units and 122 acres subdivision, but I bought it a couple of years ago when the market was low. We’re doing the whole thing, horizontal, vertical, the whole nine yards. They’re all view lots. To give you an idea of profit without saying the profit, these houses were supposed to sell for $6 million. They’re all selling for $1.2 million or $1.3 million. It’s 35 houses and 122 acres.

How many have you built?

We’re in the middle of getting it approved now. We got denied the first time. We’re in a little bit of a thing, but we’ll get it pushed through. That’s the other thing. Be purposeful, ask, believe, and commit. It’s going to happen. We’re not worried about it. We’ll get it across. I honestly think God is a trip, and I tell him all the time, I’m like, “You’re a weirdo. You’re going to put me through all this stuff.” The reality is he’s massaging this thing, and the appreciation went up and up. I’m not saying what’s going to happen, but we’re going to finish this thing.

I ask him, and he says, “I don’t know, but you do whatever’s going to get you closer to your goal.” I had to think about it. My only purpose is to finish the subdivision, and this is a distraction. I don’t care if I’m making $20 million, $15 million, or whatever it was. It was close to $15 million for that apartment building. I’m like, “I’ll wholesale it.” We wholesaled it and made $200,000. Right after I got that one, I got another one that was zoned R-40 in Meridian and got it under contract. That was one of Ryan’s deals. We wholesaled it and made another $200,000. This was in the same month, so it’s $400,000 just off those 2. We had a ton of other deals.

My point to the whole thing is if you’re playing in the big leagues, you’re going to get big deals. We’re getting $1.5 million to $2 million land deals that are 1 or 2 houses on it all the time. I look at my rotation and ask Zeb if it makes sense. Zeb runs my companies. I don’t make that many decisions anymore. I’ve got to let him run the company. I’ll ask him, and I’ll be like, “Do you want to do it?” He says, “We wholesale it.” We get it for $2 million and sell it for $2.4 million, $2.3 million, $2.2 million, whatever we’re going to sell it for, and we move on. If we want to keep it, then we keep it.

WI 817 | Luxury Flips

Luxury Flips: When you make that splash, you get attention. And when you get attention, people and the money will follow that attention.


My suggestion is that if you’re going to build a wholesale company first and then grow off that wholesale company, never forget that the wholesale company is the heart of that company, whether it’s development or flipping because you can always wholesale any of those companies at any time. Another thing is not building apartments. You can get it entitled, get the paperwork ready, get the drafts done, and you can do everything. Wholesale it. You can get 5X on your money by wholesale. You never even have to build a building at all. You just got to know how to work the system to get the building approved.

It’s important to also look at how much you can sell the paper and contract for and assign it for the wholesale deal, versus if you take this all and it takes the next couple months to get this done, what’s your net? If you look at it and you go, “If I can make $400,000 on those two apartments and make a couple million over here, is it worth it to get these couple of million, or is it worth it to take this $400,000 now and free up my mind and my plate to do something else? That’s more in line with what my goal is?” 

I’ll choose my peace of mind. The other thing is what you are good at. If you’re not good at building apartments, don’t build apartments. That’s why you don’t see me building my apartment. I’m good at building houses, but you don’t see me building my apartments. My developer builds my apartments, and I pay him well to build my apartments. It’s not my space. My time is not utilized well there.

How do people get a hold of you? 

You can message me, Casey Ames, at You can leave a message there. PM me, get my phone number. I’m willing to talk, chat, help wherever I can.

The important part of this conversation is if you have never done a deal before, but you have that pilot light inside your belly, it’s lit, but you’ve gotten into other responsibilities, have gotten into other industries, have a job, part of the Military, you’re doing this type of thing, and you have that dream of being a real estate developer, investor, owning a lot of properties, or just having that financial freedom. It starts with doing your first deal and getting it under your belt, crossing that bridge from faith that you can do it to it being a fact, then building off of that and keep having that faith that you can do bigger, incredible, and creative things. You are an example of that. 

Thank you. People like you let us be that. I work harder than anyone. Getting to a stage in my life where I’m not working as hard, but I worked hard to get it set up to where I don’t have to work as hard. The Bible says, “Dig your own holes.” I went out and did that. I didn’t ever recreate the wheel. I did what smarter men or men who had done it before had done.

I listened well. I was a good student, and I said, “Okay.” I would ask about it, and at the same time, they were proven. I followed men like you, Tom, Mike, and Jason. There’s a whole bunch of them that, for a long time, I did that. Once the training wheels pop off, then you can cruise and do your own thing. In the beginning, listen, be a good student, learn, and apply. You’ve got to get rid of that analysis paralysis.

One of the beautiful things that you’re an example of is you didn’t overthink it. You took the instruction and made action. I remember having conversations with you in my old office in 2017. We’re talking about cold calling, the leads that you’re doing, how it has been, and how to stay consistent, all these things. We were having these conversations.

I remember it because I saw the progression of you, your family, and your parents going incredible once you opened it up in Boise. I celebrate you. I am so excited to see what you do. I’m your biggest cheerleader, truly. You are doing some phenomenal things, and your family is fantastic. I love you, guys. I’m excited to see what the next couple of years looks like. It started with wholesaling. Congratulations.

It’s a pleasure, Chris.

Thank you for being on here. Reach out to Casey. If you want to check out his work, Taylor Jene Homes. It’s a huge inspiration, especially if you’ve got that creative mind and you’re looking for something that’s an incredible product. You’ve got to check that out. If you’re interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP program, coaching, and family. Go to If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. I look forward to working with you personally. That’s it.

Thank you.

Thank you, Casey. I encourage everybody to go out there and talk to people.


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