Posted on: November 09, 2021
WI 815 | Real Estate Wholesaler


If you’re a hardworking self-starter looking for a better way to make a living or you aspire to be an entrepreneurial success story, achieving success as a real estate wholesaler will offer you the potential to stand apart from your peers.

Only a few people will ever make it as a real estate wholesaler. Are you one of them?

In this quick episode, Brent will teach you what it really takes to go from being a wannabe real estate investor to a big-time wholesaler, making passive income month after month.

Do You Have What it Takes to Make It as a Real Estate Wholesaler?

Episode Transcription

Butterflies lay 400 eggs. Obviously, we know that those eggs turn into caterpillars. When I heard this story, this was interesting for our business and this analogy is going to sink in. Of those 400, these little eggs turn into caterpillars and these caterpillars, in the back of their tiny little minds, are thinking, “I need to grow, eat, change, fly and be like those butterflies. That is what I’m here to do. I’m different. I am going to be built and turn from myself into this little caterpillar that is going around. I’m going to eat, take in, and absorb. I’m going to find a nice safe place, cocoon up, and that is where I’m going to change into this beautiful butterfly.”

Out of those 400 eggs, only 8 survive, or 2%. If you were to look at and see as this caterpillar turns in and starts to cocoon up here, they absolutely change everything about themselves. They literally turn into goo, like ooze that is inside here, start changing and building. 500 cells turn into 50,000 cells in its cocoon and it is going through this process, growing and changing.

WI 815 | Real Estate Wholesaler

Real Estate Wholesaler: You have to talk to a thousand property owners yourself. You have to ask a thousand people if they would consider an offer on their property, because it’s building the skills, it’s building the strength. It’s building that ability to communicate effectively with property owners.


It is taking in all of the nutrients that it had and changing into this beautiful butterfly. If you were to walk in and see this cocoon, start shaking, moving, and doing whatever else, you were looking at it and you fear that thing open, you were like, “This butterfly needs some help. I’m going to help this butterfly out and open up the cocoon. This butterfly would pop out and then instantly fall dead.”

They are not strong enough. Butterflies literally have to beat their wings to gain strength. They have to get the skill and understand that this is something new and everything has changed. They have to grow and build these skills to be able to effectively be strong enough to fly. I feel like that is so close to what it feels like to be an entrepreneur, not only just an entrepreneur but a real estate entrepreneur.

I think what happens here is once we are in that cocoon, have taken in and been eating all this information, all is coming in, we are changing ourselves and becoming something else. We are no longer an employee, now becoming an entrepreneur and doing all these things. As we were beating it and going through the struggle, we were like, “I don’t want to struggle. I want this to be easier.”

I think in our case, what happens is that opening of the cocoon before you have built the skills, got the strength, take off and be an incredible entrepreneur, what we do is we hire VAs to make calls for us. That is the cracking open. I don’t want to struggle as much, go through all the rejection, go all through all these things, but the issue is we don’t get the ability to effectively communicate with property owners.

Butterflies have to understand that this is something new, that everything has changed, that they have to grow and they have to build these skills to be able to effectively be strong enough to fly.

That is why everybody that starts this business, I say you have to talk to 1,000 property owners yourself. I do not care how successful you have been in whatever field or whatever you have done in your life, you have to ask 1,000 people if they would consider an offer on their property because it is building the skills, the strength, and the ability to communicate effectively with property owners, but people want to get out of that struggle. You got to love that struggle.

That first thousand conversations are going to teach you so much about yourself. It is going to teach you so much about the way that you communicate, the words, pacing, and tone that you use, the way that you actively listen to somebody, ask questions, and respond to those questions or objections. That is so important. That is the strength, skill, and you beating your wings inside the cocoon so that you can be an effective and unbelievable entrepreneur. Two percent of those butterflies make it to be a successful butterfly, and it is the same. How many people start this business and become multi-millionaires? I don’t know but I bet the odds are pretty close.

If you want to have a better chance at that, it is building the skills of effectively communicating with the property owners. That is over here. If you are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP program. Go to, scroll down, check out the hundreds of testimonials and what the program is about. If it feels good in your guts, sign up for a call. I look forward to working with you personally.


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