Posted on: November 05, 2021

Let’s face it. Most people are not cut out for wholesaling. Successful real estate investing is about hard work, persistence, and having the right knowledge at hand.

…and keeping it simple!

Today on the Wholesaling Inc. podcast, Brent Bowers and Josh Sloan sit down to discuss how Josh went from a traditional real estate broker to generating $150k in 6 months with land flipping. Learn how he did it and hear about his tips and tricks to success within the wholesaling space.

Josh also shares everything from having no idea how to start in a new market, how he had seen a huge opportunity in land, and his unique real estate story that will turn your passion for wholesaling into a profitable business!

Key Takeaways

  • Josh’s transfer from Southern California to Idaho
  • It only took one Wholesaling Inc. podcast to instantly get him into real estate
  • Seeing the potential in land despite the thin margins
  • Sites he signed up to that insanely blew up his inbox due to high demands
  • How he closed 6 deals in 6 months
  • His most recent deal earning $88,000 profit – paid in cash
  • Effective direct mailing with guaranteed ROI
  • His secret in generating six figures in revenue within just a few short months of starting.
  • Josh’s advice on keeping things simple to succeed in the real estate space


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