Episode 804: The Evolution of REI Software and How It’s Changed the Way Wholesalers do Business

WI 804 | REI Software


The Data King, Jesse Burrell is with Lauren Hardy for today’s episode. They are going to talk about how real estate software has changed over time – since its inception all those years ago! Jesse got some great insights on what you need for your business now. He used his knowledge and expertise when coming up with this awesome product called BatchLeads.io which does a lot of great things for this industry today.

He is going to be shedding some light on how technological advancements can greatly help entrepreneurs with their goals. A few years back salespeople basically started with direct mail and door knocking until PPC marketing, cold calling or text messaging were a thing. Now, things changed with just a click of some buttons on software.

The Evolution Of REI Software And How It’s Changed The Way Wholesalers Do Business

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