Posted on: October 20, 2021
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What do you think about a budget that is under $1,000 for advertising on three stations? That’s not bad at all, right?

In today’s podcast, Chris Arnold had a chance to learn from two of the most incredible people in the industry who are experts in doing land deals and radio advertisements for wholesaling. First up is Brent Bowers. He’s literally the king when it comes down to doing deals and showing people his expertise on property investments as well as long-term payoffs that come along with them. He is going to talk about radio ads and all the things it has done for him, his students, and his company.

Over at Rei Radio, there’s no better advocate than Grace Mills who has successfully set up radio stations in 48 out of 50 states and will share how powerful it can be to combine land and radio. This strategy is a little bit of a force multiplier and you’ll be surprised by the volume of realtors calling you for possible deals.

Connecting The Dots – Using Radio To Attract An Avalanche Of Land Deals With Grace Mills


Episode Transcription

Something you might not realize that one of the interesting aspects of being a part of the show and being a coach is we, as coaches, take the other programs that the other coaches are teaching so that we can learn as well. As you are reading, you’re wondering, “How does that work?” When we find someone with a great course and bring them on us as coaches come in, we go, “I want to learn how to do virtual wholesaling. I want to be better at cold calling, so I’m going to work with Brent. I want to do land with Brent Bowers.”

This is going to be an interesting talk because, with me, I have Brent Bowers, who is the King of Land. He is running around the US, showing people how to do land deals and, on top of that, how to get paid on those deals over a long period. I also have Grace Mills. You all know her. She is the heart and soul of REI Radio. Her background is she came in and she was my Director of Marketing.

She took radio to a level that I never took it. As we launched radio to show different people around the country, she has come in and done most of the fulfillment and helped a lot of the students get set up. I know Brent Bowers will brag on Grace about her great job helping students. Grace, at this point, out of 50 states, how many have you helped people set up a radio in?

It is about 48 out of 50 states at this point.

That’s a lot. That means we only got two to go. Grace can tell you the cost per market when it comes to radio. I can’t believe how many radio stations she has memorized. A radio station will be like KKDM, you can name a city, and she can rattle them off. Her brain is filled with everything about radio around the country. I’m excited to have Brent Bowers, an awesome coach at Wholesaling Inc. I know and hear from a lot of the students how much you love him and what a great job he has done. He is coming in and pouring his heart and soul. He is in this for the success of the students. That’s why I know his program has done so great. Grace Mills and Brent Bowers, what’s up? Welcome to the show.

Chris and Grace, thanks so much for having me on another episode with REI Radio. I can’t brag enough about REI Radio and what you have done with this, Chris. Also, Grace is the secret weapon. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be on multiple radio stations and have a marketing channel that works for me. It doesn’t take hardly any of my time anymore and it’s almost set it and forget it. I’m ready to talk about some radio and all the things it has done for me, my students, and my company.

If you are reading, here’s what you are going to get. We’re going to talk about what has happened as students who have come in, taken REI set up a radio, and then gone over to Brent Bowers to learn how to do land because we learn things as we go. All of a sudden, we talked to a student and Brent Bowers was like, “That’s interesting.” They’re using radio, have gone in, tweaked a little bit of the ad, and applied it to finding land. All of a sudden, we were learning stuff from you by watching you. That’s an interesting combination for the fact that radio and land work hand in hand when it comes to these two programs. Let’s start to break this down a little bit. Brent, you have been advertising on radio for how long now?

We were at the twelve-month mark.

How many total stations are you utilizing to advertise for land?

I’m on three.

WI 801 | Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising: Cold calling works for getting land deals, but it takes a lot of work.


What is your cost for the area that you are in for three stations combined?

I’m paying under $1,000. It’s $998 a month.

How do you feel about having something like radio and a budget that is under $1,000 for three stations? That’s pretty inexpensive.

I feel great about it. I do not listen to the radio, but I also don’t sell houses or land at a discount. I’m not my avatar but what I love about it is I’ve got realtors calling me all the time. It was like, “We heard your ad on the radio.” It lets me know that the radio station is being true to their word and playing my ads. It gives me celebrity status and not just leads but also a multitude of other things. It has given people the confidence to do business with me because they might have received a postcard from me and heard me on the radio as well.

You get a force multiplier. I have had people as REI Radio students come back and tell me 1 of 2 things. It is either, “I got your postcard or something else from you and then heard you on the radio, so I knew to call you immediately,” or the one I have been hearing and, Grace, I know you have as well, “I got X amount of postcards in the mail. I never called anyone on those postcards. I called you because I heard you on the radio, which made me know that you were going to be more of the expert than those sending me postcards.”

They didn’t even call anyone on the actual postcard. We heard this up. Grace, I have a question. You have helped set people up in 48 out of 50 states. That is a lot of data that we now have because we have been doing this for some time. What would you say that the average budget is for students across the US if we want to do a median range?

On average, our students are spending about $1,000 to $1,500 a month. That’s about average per student.

How many stations is that if it is $1,000 to $1,500? Is that for 1, 2, or 3 stations?

In some markets, it is about 1 to 2. If you are great at negotiating like Brent, you could squeeze three.

I don’t want to take any credit for that. I’m the worst negotiator out there. That was you helping me with that, Grace. I don’t know if you remember that we got on KCCY and you told me, “This is where you need to be.” They originally told me no and laughed at me. The woman came to my office, the building that I own, and laughed at me in there. I felt so uncomfortable and you told me, “That is normal. They will come back.” Sure enough, I’m on three of her stations two months later.

Radio ads give you celebrity status and give people the confidence to do business with you.

That would be the secret sauce if we were talking about what the secret sauce is on radio and what we are showing. We were showing you how to buy radio like you buy real estate at a deeply discounted price. Grace, we have some students that are buying as low as $0.25 on the dollar for radio?

Some students are even buying it lower.

What’s the lowest you have seen? I’m curious. I have never asked you that question.

It’s right about $0.25 on the dollar. We may have somebody else out there that is quietly securing it even lower, but it is about there.

Before we talk about land and how your students are utilizing it, I want to get your feelings around this. One of the things you said when we were talking was the fact that you haven’t had to think about radio. It truly has been set it and forget it. Talk about that and your world. You’re Brent Bowers. You’re doing land, now the land coach, you got a lot going on, and you’re married with kids. How has this been valuable for you to have a marketing channel that has been such low maintenance?

That’s what I am. It’s a low-maintenance lifestyle-type thing. That’s why we do land and why I teach people how to automate their letters because I want this to be a lifestyle design. I know that cold calling works well for getting land deals, but that takes a lot of work. It takes the management of cold callers and loading that dialer up. It is the same thing with mail. There is a lot of work on the front end. Let me give you the reason why I love radio so much. It is not the only marketing channel I do. It is my favorite because we recorded the scripts. The scripts and radio stations don’t change and we can speed them up, slow them down, and bury that, but the radio station does it for us.

Once it was built, they started coming. Field of Dreams is one of my favorite movies. You build it and they’re going to come. I haven’t had to spend but maybe five minutes over the months on land except for looking at KPIs. That is the most amount of time that I spend on the radio. The virtual assistant that I have in the Philippines does the KPI report. I look at the numbers, how much we spend and how much we earn. It has been a wonderful KPI and the return on investment.

We always talk about instant credibility and celebrity status. I always enjoy a good story that comes back via student. I want you to tell a story about the room you were sitting in with a bunch of older gentlemen and that this guy started eyeing you. You thought he was mad at you and you were like, “Why is this guy sizing me up?” This is not the first time I have heard a story like this from our students, but I thought this was great. Why don’t you tell it to the audience?

I had only been on radio for months and I wasn’t quite used to that celebrity status-type situation. I hadn’t received multiple calls from realtors and other real estate professionals like, “We heard your radio ad. That’s cool.” My acquisition manager, Jen, and I got invited to this conference room in a building in Colorado Springs. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I knew that they were a bunch of good old boy developers. They had built Colorado Springs. The youngest guy in the room beside me was about 61 years old. These guys were super wealthy and they had us there to pick our brains and see what the young guys are doing.

There was one guy who sat at the end of the table. It is usually the boss, the leader, or the head of the household, and this guy was eyeballing me. He hadn’t said a word in the 45 minutes we had been sitting there. At this point, I’m getting a little uncomfortable. I’m like, “I must have gotten a deal of his. What is he looking at me for?” There were all these limiting negative beliefs. He finally points his finger at me. He has got this big ring on and he was like, “I know where I know your voice now. It’s radio.” All the weight came off of my shoulders. I was like, “This guy thinks I’m awesome.”

WI 801 | Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising: You’d want to be on the outskirts of where the growth is happening because sellers are willing to do deals.


In REI Radio, our students advertise five times per day, Monday through Friday, so that is 100 times per month. What is so amazing is that even though he has never seen your face, he has heard your voice so much that he could pick it out in a room in which he had no idea that you were going to be there.

He smiled after that. It was instant celebrity status. I’m sure Jen looked over at me and was like, “You are cool.” I was the coolest guy in the room after that.

That is the power of mass media. That’s why we talk about utilizing radio and TV. That is what it does in the psychology of the person listening. Grace, I have a question. You have helped us set up so many students across the country, 48 out of 50 states. What are the 1 to 2 things that you find that they keep coming back and saying they value the most? We have been doing this for months. We got a lot of data. What rises to the service for students when they go, “Do you know what I appreciate about this marketing channel the most?” What is that?

Brent hit on it as well. A lot of students are happy with the low maintenance because it gives them a lot more free time. They know that the lead is going to be such a higher quality that they don’t have to spend as much time shifting through something like direct mail leads or cold calling. It’s not as much work. They have free time, their minds are a little bit more relaxed, and it is the celebrity that stuns them. Usually, once they get running on a station, the first thing they will do is come back and say, “I heard myself on the radio for the first time. I didn’t know what to think. I even have my tenants calling me to say they heard me on the radio the other day.” It’s low maintenance because it’s a higher quality lead than what they’re used to and the celebrity that they’re seeing in the local area.

The story that Brent has shared is not the first time I have heard that story. I have had people tell me the same thing, whether it was a Starbucks or something like that, where someone comes up and goes, “How do I know you?” It’s like that guy sitting in that room and trying to connect the dots in his brain. They finally realize, “I recognize your voice from the radio.” This is not the first time this story has played out this way. It is super valuable. Brent, let’s transition to land. This is getting to the meat of what we want to talk about. What I love is the creativity with the investment world.

It’s the idea that, “I’m going to take this marketing channel and use it to go after this asset.” All of a sudden, we see people starting to combine things that we never even thought to combine with ourselves. You have students that signed up for REI Radio. We were showing them fundamentally how to find single-family properties. They sign up for your course and come in and go, “I got an idea. I want to go in, change the ad a little bit, and go after land.” When they have come in and changed the ad, what did they fundamentally do to change the ad to go after land?

It was on a welcome call with one of my brand-new students. I found out that he was already doing REI Radio but wanted to shift to the land. He is a wholesaler that has done some house deals with radio. He was like, “I have no idea how to do land. That is why I joined the course.” He wanted to build this passive income. That intrigued me. This was one of my first students that had already been involved with REI Radio. I was like, “I’m going to send you the script of exactly what I did to include radio into my REI Radio script that Chris and Grace provided.”

There weren’t a lot of changes. It was just adding three words. It was the same word, land, and we even buy land. He added it. This is my favorite student. He didn’t even ask me questions. I sent him the script and he took action immediately. I’m pretty sure the next day, he called a radio station and rerecorded it.

He called me about a week and a half later and said, “Brent, I already got a deal locked up from adding land to my radio and a land deal.” It was a land deal. He said, “I’m going to wholesale this deal.” He called me the following week and told me he made a $30,000 assignment fee and a net profit of $30,000. This was within three weeks of joining The Land Sharks Program. He was already at REI Radio, so it was just a little small tweak. When I find out guys are already doing some type of marketing channel, we don’t want to turn it off. We want to improve and tweak it.

I hope you caught that about what Brent is doing if you are doing cold calling or radio. Brent, your bread and butter is direct mail, but you will take on an actual student whatever marketing channel that might be their bread and butter and then help them figure out how to apply that to land. It is not like they have to like shut down what they’re doing. You’re coming in and helping customize a bit. Is that right?

When you find a good marketing channel, don’t turn it off. Instead, improve and tweak it.

Exactly. They have already built that marketing channel and went through the hard things of getting it off the ground. There is nothing harder than getting a new marketing channel. I want to tweak and improve it. Why do we look at key performance indicators or KPIs? I want to know what is working, what I can improve on, or what I can accelerate and get rid of what’s not working. If the radio is already implemented or they’re already cold calling, let’s change some little things in the script.

This is not about cold calling, but I used to have cold callers. I no longer have them anymore because I changed my business a little bit to be more of a passive side of things and I wanted to take more time for coaching. Whenever they said, “The property is not for sale,” the cold caller in Costa Rica would say, “Do you ever have any other houses or land available?” We’ve got 150 parcels of land from that one question on one phone call. It’s little minor tweaks. Maybe you buy mobile home parks. Add it to your script. You can always add things to it. You just got to stay under that 60-second mark.

If you are reading, whatever asset that you are going after, even if it’s not land or mobile home parks, I talk to commercial people. Apply it to multifamily and self-storage. The reality is radio has such a broad reach. This is an interesting piece. Why is radio working well for land? Grace knows the answer to this because this is about the reach or stretch of radio and the fact that it hits not just the main city, but you are also getting into the ears of people in rural areas that own land. Grace, break this down a little bit for why we were seeing this happen when we’re combining land and radio. Why is it such a win for people to get deals this way?

Radio allows you to reach way more people than you would on any other marketing channel. You can hit your main metro and still hit those surrounding or outskirt areas like rural. The celebrity that you’re building allows anyone that’s listening from any particular place and maybe it’s even stretching over those state lines. Everyone that’s hearing you talk is going to go, “That’s the guy I need to go to. That’s the lady I need to speak to.”

The celebrity that you’re building tells them that you’re legitimate and you’re going to be able to solve their problems. Radio opens up different types of properties. I have a lot of students that come back and say, “I have never dealt with mobile home parks before, but I got this guy on the radio that called in and I’m going to give it a go.” It’s because they know it’s such a higher quality. There’s some motivation there that they’re willing to give it a go and expand their knowledge of properties.

We’re here as coaches to help you connect the dots. One of the most important things we do at the show is to provide you with many different investment opportunities. We’re not coming in and saying, “This is the only way to do this.” At times you hear us like, “Brent loves cold calling, but maybe some of the other coaches don’t resonate with that as much. Someone loves to do land, but the single-family felt saturated.” We always want to lay out this buffet for you.

If you are reading, this might hit you. You might be in a city with a high level of competition. You feel like everything you’re doing is causing you to go up against a lot of other investors, and things are saturated. Let me tell you what I think a blue ocean is. In a blue ocean, there is no competition. The red ocean is the overall analogy that there’s a feeding frenzy and there’s blood everywhere. You want to be in a blue ocean where there’s no other fish.

Number one, if you go after land, that’s a blue ocean because most people, for the majority, are trained to go after single-family properties, but no one is looking at land. If you go radio and combine that with land, in my opinion, that’s an even more blue ocean. We know that most people are advertising traditionally, like text blasting, direct mail, or cold calling.

If you’re like, “I’m trying to figure out something that is going to get me out of this saturation that I feel like I’m in,” I’m connecting the dots for you. Maybe that thing for you is the fact of combining land and radio because I can assure you that that’s going to put you way out in a blue ocean. Brent, what do you think about that? You and I haven’t talked about that, but that’s one of the biggest values. There’s no competition doing those two things together.

I agree with the Blue Ocean Strategy. The waters are not muddied and red. I agree with what Grace said. It is hitting rural. What does rural mean? Rural land is on the outskirts. I call it the teeter-totter method. I want to be on the outskirts of the growth because those sellers are still willing to do some deals. They are not watching the skyscrapers go up. They might be out-of-state or behind on their taxes, but they are listening to the radio. It’s my perfect ideal avatar or superpower.

WI 801 | Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising: With radio, you have a motivated conversation from the start.


I love the mail strategy. I do direct mail and we send direct letters. We call them LOL, land Offer Letters. We give them an exact offer that we will make. We were not taking a ton of phone calls on these offer letters. They sign them and send them back. We know we have a deal there. What’s cool about the radio is I’m not interrupting someone’s day other than the fact that I might be interrupting their music. I’m on a talk radio station. I’m not even interrupting their music on that particular station.

When I do a text blast, a phone call, or a door knock, I’m interrupting someone, and it could be at a bad time. I started my real estate career door-knocking people that are behind on their mortgage. When we get someone calling in from the radio, it’s a whole different conversation than someone I’m text blasting, interrupting their day, or knocking on their door and interrupting dinner when they’re behind on their mortgage and they think I’m the bank. I love the radio leads.

It’s not a spam-based approach. The reality is we can categorize all marketing into two buckets. We’re not saying don’t try a spam-based approach. Text blasting and cold calling work without question. Everything that we do has its pros and cons. It’s either you are spending dollars to create inbound calls via marketing. When you’re doing that, you’re building your brand and professionalism. People value that and see you as a professional when you’re seen on radio, TV, or a billboard.

If you don’t have a lot of money and all you have is time, most people start around with that approach of doing text blasting or ringless voicemail. I do divide those two in half. I’m like you, Brent. I have put all of my time and attention more into the bucket of creating incoming quality calls by spending money on outbound marketing. Grace, what are your thoughts on this? You are the Director of Marketing. What did you observe about radio versus all of the other marketing channels that we have been tinkering with? We have done just about everything. What have you observed from your position as a Director of Marketing?

What I love about radio is what Brent hinted towards in that inbound marketing range, whereas they’re contacting you versus you almost thinking, “I’m going to interrupt or disrupt their day in some other way with an outbound marketing source.” It’s nice to have a marketing source that’s running to you. They call you when they are ready. It’s a motivated conversation from the very start. You’re not trying to have to prove or pitch yourself in that initial conversation because they reached out to you. They heard you on the radio.

Therefore, there was some reason that they felt like they trusted the sound of your voice and seriously needed to move a particular property. With our other marketing sources, it was at least something you knew that when the phone rang, “I’m going to have a conversation that is going to go somewhere.” They’re not going to call you from the radio and then want to toy too much. They may feel you out to make sure it’s legitimate and then they walk away, “I want to talk to you about the details of my particular property.” That’s the biggest one that I noticed.

Grace, I remember this was around 2018. We were sending 100,000 pieces of direct mail a month. I remember everyone on the team going, “Please stop.” We were hammering everyone with hey calls. There were times, as prospecting assistance, we would have people in tears. When you get three people back-to-back that cuss you out, that’s hard to shake. You need somebody to talk you off the ledge. We never experienced that with radio whatsoever.

Brent, I want to wrap up with the deal that you have done. Let’s do a quick deal breakdown to give the readers an idea of what it looks like to get a call off the radio and do a land deal. More importantly, I love your program because rather than slaughtering the cow, you are teaching people how to milk it. If we milk a cow, we will be able to live off that cow a lot longer than if we kill it and eat it. Why don’t you break down the deal that you did?

The whole goal is to get a lot of cows that we can milk and get other people or a team to help us milk them. I want to bring one more point up that we didn’t talk about. You had mentioned force multiplier, Chris. One thing that we get a lot of traction on is we have our website on those radio ads. We’re getting a ton of website leads as well. That is one thing that has been hard for my team and me to track. We think it might be a web lead, but it originated from radio.

We’re finding that out when we do the deal. It’s like, “How did you originally hear from us?” Most people are not exactly sure, but they’re like, “I heard you on the radio, we went to your website, and then we got an email.” It’s almost like a little path. People don’t direct here at one time and call. They might go, check out our Facebook, and hear the message again on the radio. Not everyone is ready to sell now, but a lot can change in six months.

Don’t let limiting beliefs stop you.

I have a question for you and I’m sure it’s bouncing through Grace’s mind. Is there any reason why you don’t use a unique URL on the actual ads themselves so when it hits your website, you automatically know that it came from radio?

No. I never thought about it.

This is a good lesson for anyone learning. For every piece of marketing, we don’t have one main number. We have unique phone numbers, so the CRM automatically knows what lead source it came from, whether it be direct mail, radio, or pay-per-click. We also do a unique URL. In that case, when the lead comes in, the CRM automatically knows when that lead hit the website that it came via radio.

We have a vanity number and we have got to get that unique URL. I got something out of this episode.

This is real-time learning together. We solved your problem and the audience is like, “Maybe I need to go do that.” I remember when I wasn’t doing that. Someone told me, and the light bulbs went off. I was like, “I could automate this. I don’t have to ask anyone again where they heard us. The phone number and the URL will tell me.” Let’s break this down quickly, Brent.

I want to talk about one of our deals on the radio. It’s, by far, not our best deal but let me tell you what’s so great about it. We helped so many people during this process. We had a mother call in. She had a piece of land and a mobile home on it that her son was living in. She needed some funds pretty quickly. This was a beautiful area. If anything ever happened, you could always bulldoze that mobile home and put an Airbnb or short-term rental. We based it on the value of the land only and not the mobile home, well, septic, or electric that ran through the mountains that this place has.

Long story short, we were paying $40,000 for this parcel of land that’s worth $90,000. The land alone is worth $90,000. The son wanted to stay and didn’t want to leave. We talked to the son. He was able to come up with $5,000 down and we were going to hold the mortgage for this guy. He got his $5,000 to the title company. I’m buying it for $40,000 and I only have to come up with $35,000 cash. Most people might be thinking, “I don’t have $35,000 cash.” I could have wholesaled this land deal or sold my contract to another buyer that wanted to do this. Don’t let those limiting beliefs stop you. In this case, I had the $35,000 cash.

The title company is taking care of it. He’s purchasing it from us for $5,000 down. It’s a total of $90,000 purchase price, so we’re holding a mortgage for him for $85,000 for fifteen years. I will go up to 30 years even. I want to make sure I can milk that cow for a long time. We were getting 6% interest, so this guy is going to pay us a payment of $717 a month for the next fifteen years. In those fifteen years, we were going to collect a total amount of $129,000 on a $35,000 investment.

The title company is taking care of the deed of trust and the promissory note. Those are words that are protecting me. I’m not even going to own this land. I’m the bank and I’m holding the mortgage. If he doesn’t pay, I foreclose, take the property back, and resell it to somebody else. I’m going to make somewhere around $89,000 profit over the next fifteen years. I added $717 a month to my passive income.

He’s not going to call me when the toilet breaks or when the roof is leaking because I’m the bank. Do people call their banks whenever they have problems? This is a deal that we were finishing up. We have already wired the money. It’s happening. The son is happy because he gets to stay in the house, the mother is extremely happy because she’s getting the cash and making way, and my team is happy because we’re going to have an additional $700 coming in each month.

WI 801 | Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising: The goal is to get a lot of cows we can milk and then get a team helping us milk them.


Here’s the thing that I want you to know. I have been doing this for years, so I have watched a lot of investors come and go. For some of you reading, you are stuck on a transaction treadmill. You are only as good as the last deal that you did. I can tell you the game that you are playing every month on a transaction treadmill. You have X amount of expenses and each month, you’ve got to do more revenue than you have in expenses. If you do, then you win the game for the month. If you don’t, you lose the game for the month and you lose money.

I want you to understand that residual income or passive income is the holy grail model for real estate. There is nothing wrong with doing transactions, but the problem is if 100% of your income is transactional, you are only as good as your last deal. If you look at how Brent is showing you how to do land, he will get paid for fifteen years. You can do a deal and get paid once or do a deal and get paid again and again over a 15 to 30-year period. What Brent is talking about long-term is the superior model. If not, you will always be doing deal to deal and never get out of the rat race of real estate. There’s a rat race of working 9:00 to 5:00 but also the rat race of being stuck on a transaction treadmill and doing transaction after transaction.

The question is, “When does that game ever end?” It doesn’t unless you start creating passive income. Brent, I do want to brag on you a little bit and let people that are interested in learning about land. The one thing I can tell you being at the show is that I cannot believe the number of students that come in and say how incredible it is to work with you, Brent, “This guy cares. He will go above and beyond. He’s in it for the right reasons.” You know this as well as us. There are two parts to a coaching program. There is the program and the content, and there is the coach that delivers it.

I got to be honest with you. I have seen some good content out there, but some great coaches are not backing that up. Brent, you are so admired by your students. I want to applaud you publicly for that. That is what Brent is known for. He deeply cares. If somebody is reading and they are like, “This land thing might be the thing I might be interested in taking a look at,” we always challenge you to do your due diligence and find what’s a good fit for you. How would they find out more about your program if they want to do land?

First off, thank you so much for saying that, Chris. That’s truly an honor and wonderful feedback. To find out more, head on over to

If radio is an interest to you as well and you’re like, “I would love to learn more about that,” we would love to answer any questions that you have and see if that’s a good fit for you. The big thing was we wanted to connect the dots in your head that you might not have connected. It was one that I honestly hadn’t previously connected to until Brent came along with Land Sharks. It was like, “How did we miss that?” We weren’t combining land with radio. You did a great job of exposing a little bit of a force multiplier there as well.

If you’re interested in radio as well, we would love to help you out in any way. You can go to Brent, thanks so much for coming on, the stories, breaking down the deal, and adding some value all throughout. Grace, as always, thank you so much for being the heart and soul of REI Radio. I know at this point how many students you have helped set this up around the country. You and I are working together on this, so I appreciate all your hard work as well. Thanks for joining us. To the rest of you, we will talk to you soon when we add more value.

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Chris Arnold is a 15 year Real Estate veteran who has closed over 2500 single family real estate transactions in the DFW metroplex. Chris is the founder of multiple companies that are managed by a US virtual team, which allows Chris to run his organizations while living in Tulum, Mexico full time. His passion for leaders has led to the creation of Multipliers brotherhood which serves the top 5% of real estate entrepreneurs out of the US. Most recently Chris has launched his REI Radio coaching program. This program is designed to teach real estate investors the marketing stream that everyone knows about but NO ONE is doing!

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