Episode 801: Connecting the Dots – Using Radio to Attract an Avalanche of Land Deals

WI 801 | Radio Advertising


What do you think about a budget that is under $1,000 for advertising on three stations? That’s not bad at all, right?

In today’s podcast, Chris Arnold had a chance to learn from two of the most incredible people in the industry who are experts in doing land deals and radio advertisements for wholesaling. First up is Brent Bowers. He’s literally the king when it comes down to doing deals and showing people his expertise on property investments as well as long-term payoffs that come along with them. He is going to talk about radio ads and all the things it has done for him, his students, and his company.

Over at Rei Radio, there’s no better advocate than Grace Mills who has successfully set up radio stations in 48 out of 50 states and will share how powerful it can be to combine land and radio. This strategy is a little bit of a force multiplier and you’ll be surprised by the volume of realtors calling you for possible deals.

Connecting The Dots – Using Radio To Attract An Avalanche Of Land Deals With Grace Mills


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