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WI 795 | Treating Strangers


As real estate investors, how do you approach people? Are you being timid and shy or are you showing enthusiasm in what you do? Getting rid of that fear of having to approach strangers is vital to building rapport with them. Having a meaningful connection with distressed property owners will help you find the best way to serve them and take care of their needs.

In today’s episode, Brent Daniels talks about the 3 important things a wholesaler must remember when talking to people. The real estate investor’s attitude to handling this problem is crucial to building relationships with property owners. He then tackles how most people treat strangers as their mirror images who they tend to copy what the other person is doing and never initiates. As real estate entrepreneurs, you are expected to approach this problem with a different attitude and the right mindset.

Wholesaling Quicktip – 3 Things Every Wholesaler Needs to Remember when Talking to People

Episode Transcription

What is your normal reaction to strangers? It’s an interesting question. There are two sides. Are you timid, fearful or protective? Do you go to the complete another side where you consider everybody a friend until they treat you otherwise? It’s interesting because to be a successful real estate entrepreneur, we have to melt the defenses of strangers every single day. We need to have them bring down all of their stiff arms and force fields so that we can have a quality conversation and see if the service that we provide cash as an offer is valuable to this property owner.

That is the number one thing that we have to figure out because we can’t spend time working with people that will never do business with us but you know how it is. Most people treat strangers like their mirror images. If you see somebody coming at you with their head down, you put your head down. If you see somebody smiling, you start smiling. The secret sauce to all of this is your ability to melt those defenses and turn that stranger that fast into somebody who will have a good conversation with you. Somebody that will speak and talk to you.

Your attitude will determine the difference between success and failure.

This isn’t just heady stuff. I’m going to show you what you need to focus on so that you can be unstoppable with building those relationships with property owners. I’m going to show you the three important things. It all starts with our attitude towards this and our ability not to be timid, fearful, shy, to go out there and understand that the incredible value we provide solves these property owners’ huge stress and anxiety.

The attitude you have going out into the world as a real estate entrepreneur is going to change everything. It is what controls it. Our attitude directs our minds and our minds direct to us. More than anything, our attitude is what’s going to determine the difference between success and failure. The attitude of going out there in service of these distressed property owners. Not people who want retail, have beautiful, pristine properties, don’t have motivation or problems that we can solve but with the real estate market ever-present since the beginning of time, 6% to 10% of people have had distress with their properties whether situational, financial or emotional.

WI 795 | Treating Strangers

Treating Strangers: When people are in distress, they’re not going to help themselves. You have to step up and bring energy into their lives.


It is up to us to have the attitude of serving that person. We cannot be timid. We have to get rid of all of those fears of strangers because they will mirror our attitudes. The reason why I was so successful on the phones or people that you see on YouTube is because of the attitude that they have going into that conversation. It’s that energizing enthusiasm that you bring to it.

As you’re making your calls, remember, we have to talk to you making the calls to 200 people to get 1 deal. One hundred and ninety-nine people do not need your service. They work with somebody else or do something else. That one person is the person we have to melt their defenses, work with them and understand their stress, anxiety and goal with this property. It comes down to these three that you have to focus on so you can bring that energy and melt those force fields.

Your tone of voice is your energy. This is you going out there and being different than everybody else. Everybody else is quietly going about their business. They don’t want to get into other people’s lives. They want to stay away and be respectful. I understand that. When people are in distress and they’re not going to help themselves, we have to step up and bring that energy into their lives. When you’re making your calls and talking to new people, it is about the tone of voice that you were using. If you have energy in your voice and approach, you are going to win.

Pacing is not just about the rate at which you speak. It’s the rate at which you listen as well.

You don’t have to have any experience in real estate. You can have a low IQ. You can be going out there and talking to enough people with enough enthusiasm. With a servant’s heart, you’re going to win. The next thing is the pacing. Watch your pace. If somebody speaks slowly, speak slowly. If somebody speaks fast, speak fast. You don’t have to blow them away or overtalk them. Pace also means listening. That’s the pace. It’s a give and take. The best people in this business are the best listeners without a doubt.

It’s not just you saying words and asking questions. It’s you listening to what they are saying, slowing down and being comfortable with absorbing what they are saying to you as opposed to coming up with the next thing that you have to say because you want to make sure that you get this deal. Slow it down. Let it buffer and sit in there a little bit. Listen to what is going on there. Find the underlying motivation that they have. Pacing is not just about the rate at which you speak. It’s the rate at which you listen as well.

The last one is the words that you use. That’s why we put together all those scripts so you can figure out all the words and feel confident. Most of the time, we shell ourselves up. We don’t have the right energizing enthusiasm and attitude because we’re worried we’re going to say the wrong things or that we don’t know what to say at all. Learn the right things. That’s the easy part. Day 1 through 90 of your real estate journey is understanding the right questions to ask. The rest of it comes down to this.

WI 795 | Treating Strangers

Treating Strangers: Seventy-five percent of the income you make will be due to your ability to communicate. The more people that you talk to, the luckier you are.


You mastered these three things, multi, multi multimillionaire. Seventy-five percent of the income you make will be due to your ability to communicate. The more people that you talk to, the luckier you are. That’s a slogan. That’s where we’re at here. Tone, pace, the words you use, have that energizing enthusiasm and don’t fall into xenophobia. Xenophobia is the fear of strangers. It’s an old Greek term. It’s politicized.

Don’t let it attack you and sit in there. If you break through that, your real estate career will be successful. All those goals that you want, you will achieve if you get over your fear of talking to strangers. Not only that but you bring that enthusiasm. The fear that they have of speaking with you will melt as well. If you were interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP program. Go to Scroll down. Check out the hundreds of testimonials and what the program is about. If it feels good in your guts then sign up for a call. I look forward to working with you.

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