Posted on: October 12, 2021

As real estate investors, how do you approach people? Are you being timid and shy or are you showing enthusiasm in what you do? Getting rid of that fear of having to approach strangers is vital to building rapport with them. Having a meaningful connection with distressed property owners will help you find the best way to serve them and take care of their needs.

In today’s episode, Brent Daniels talks about the 3 important things a wholesaler must remember when talking to people. The real estate investor’s attitude to handling this problem is crucial to building relationships with property owners. He then tackles how most people treat strangers as their mirror images who they tend to copy what the other person is doing and never initiates. As real estate entrepreneurs, you are expected to approach this problem with a different attitude and the right mindset.

Key Takeaways

  • Your attitude as a real estate entrepreneur determines failure or success in what you do.
  • Knowing the right pace when talking to people and listening to them is a valuable skill in this industry
  • Getting over your fear of talking to strangers is a great starting point to achieving greater things in your business


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