Posted on: October 11, 2021

Some investors may be situated in an area where it is not conducive for their real estate wholesaling business. What would be your best move if you are in the same situation? Do you just quit and give up on your dreams? Well, that’s not the case for Lauren Hardy who has been living in Orange County California, a place where the real estate industry is not that profitable. The system she has set up greatly helped her and her students earn well even being in an unconducive market. Her strategy, vision, and goals have proven that setting up a virtual wholesaling business defies boundaries.

In this episode, Lauren who is an expert in wholesaling houses virtually will be sharing valuable insights related to opportunities for virtual wholesaling. She will be talking about how to escape a competitive and saturated market and how to avoid problems that may arise when you set up your wholesaling business.

Key Takeaways

  • The things to consider starting a wholesaling model for your real estate business
  • Virtual investing opens up more opportunities for profit by utilizing different virtual investing techniques
  • Going virtual for your real estate business could be difficult by not knowing the territory and working with a local wholesaler is a good move
  • Getting mentorship or having a joint venture partner is important when you consider setting up virtually


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