Posted on: October 06, 2021
WI 791 | Online Auctioning


Different marketing strategies like direct mailing, pay-per-click and SEO surely help boost up sales. It has been used in the market for years and has helped countless real estate investors close deals. But those strategies use up time, money, effort, and there is a lot of competition in the market. As a realtor, you may have asked yourself and thought about other alternatives which may help you achieve goals and improve your performance.

In today’s episode, Chris Arnold with his guests Paul Lizell and Trey Franklin will talk about how to run your wholesaling business without talking to sellers. They proved that having a different mindset and setting their own rules in achieving their goals in the real estate industry is greatly possible.

Paul has done deals in 44 out of 50 states without even leaving his office. He closes 60 to 80 deals doing his strategy. Trey has been using the same strategy for his business and he is happy that it really fits what he has been wanting to do. This episode is full of exciting insights that will fuel you to step up your game.

Episode 791: The No-Competition Way to Run Your Wholesaling Business Without Ever Talking to Sellers!

I’m going to start this show off with a question. What would it look like if you could run your business whether you wholesale, fix and flip, buy and hold, whatever your strategy is, do deals and never have to talk to a seller again? How in the world would it feel to be able to do real estate transactions like you’re doing without having to talk to sellers? That’s what I got in store for you. We’re going to answer that question. My mindset is always about coming in and trying to help you find the new blue ocean, the marketing strategies in which there are very few people sitting at the poker table.

I’ve been doing real estate for years. I’ve been around the block and I can remember days in which we did direct mail and no one was doing direct mail. You could do different marketing strategies like pay-per-click, things like that or even SEO back in the day, there were some competitions. The problem with marketing is everyone starts to hear about it and begins to do it.

You either stay with that strategy, try to figure out how to work through the competition and play at an overcrowded poker table or you take my mindset and the mindset of the two guys that I’m talking to in this episode. You go, “Either I can fight it out in this red ocean over here with all of these other fish or I’m going to swim away from the pack. I’m going to go find something over here in left field that no one’s taken a look at.” That’s true with radio, television and with what we’re going to talk about.

First of all, I want to go ahead and welcome Paul Lizell and Trey Franklin to the show. How are you guys doing?

We’re good. How are you doing? Thanks for having us, Chris.

I’m excited to have you on. What we are talking is about what Paul Lizell cracked the code on and that is buying properties via auction. Not old-school when people used to go down to the court steps but to be able to do this online from the comfort of your office. Paul, at this point, how many states have you done deals in that are auction-based?

About 44 to 50 states.

On average, how many deals per year are you doing auction yourself?

On average, 60 to 80 per year.

Find a marketing channel that works for you, your situation, and your personality.

We’re not talking about a marketing channel that’s only going to produce a deal here and there. Paul got his business and this is the strongest arm of what he’s doing. Paul is a seasoned guy. Paul, how long have you been in the game?

Since 2001.

We want to talk about auction. The greatest value is to talk to a student and someone like you that are reading that knew nothing about auction and break down their experience with the actual channel. Let you know, see if it’s a fit for you and something that you want to do. That’s why we have Trey Franklin on. We are going to break down Trey Franklin and his experience of utilizing the auction process for the last couple of years. Here’s a cool fact. It’s about 80% of his business. That’s a big deal. This is his main channel. Trey, let’s start with a quick snapshot. Where are you from? How long have you been in the game? For anyone that doesn’t know Trey Franklin, who is Trey?

I’m based here in San Antonio, Texas. I’ve been doing real estate investing for years. I started fix and flipping. I did some creative things as well. I’ve been doing the auction model for years. For me, it’s been great. It fits what I’m looking to do moving forward.

You hear me tell you this. It’s so important. It’s like dating and marriage. That’s how marketing channels work. You have to find the right fit for you. It’s because someone as a particular person is a great fit as a spouse for this person, it doesn’t mean that that person’s going to be a fit for a person that has an entirely different personality.

If you hate what you’re doing, if you’re cold calling and every day you wake up and the first thought when you roll out of bed is, “I got to pick up the phone and call someone,” then stop doing it. If you love doing it and TTP is working for you then continue to do it because it’s a fit for you. It’s not that marketing channels are right or wrong. They all work. There’s not a channel out there that I haven’t seen somebody come in and build an entire business off of it.

I don’t care if it’s bandit signs. I’ve seen people do it but the point being is they’ve done it that way because they found something that fits them. We’re going to talk about that with Trey as well. Trey, before you were doing auctioning, rattle off some of the things that you were trying to do that wasn’t a good fit for you.

I’ve hired a VA for cold calling. I’ve done the text blasting, direct mail and local PPC. To your point that you got to find what works for you, your situation and personality. For me, I never had a sales background. I never worked in a sales organization or anything like that. The biggest thing was the day-to-day grind of cold calling or texting, the follow-up game and all of that. Sometimes I wouldn’t have time for it.

A lot of things slip through the cracks. When that’s happening, you’re throwing away money at that point. Back to the auction, I didn’t have to probably get into it but you can turn it on and off to fit your lifestyle. I feel like I tried a little bit of everything. I had some luck here and there, 1 or 2 deals but the amount of time and money that went into it doesn’t fit me.

You couldn’t find the right fit. You have a deal here and there but it’s not fitting. It’s like you’re buying a suit, trying on jackets and you’re like, “I got a fitness jacket.” As I’m looking at myself and moving around, I’m like, “It doesn’t feel right.” That’s how marketing comes across as well. We’re going to get into why Trey chooses auction and what he loves most about it.

A lot of you reading are like, “What in the world is this auction thing? I hadn’t even heard of it.” Paul, give us a quick snapshot of the auction process that we’re talking about. What does it mean to buy from the auction for someone that is new to real estate might not even understand wholesaling? Break it down at an elementary level. What is this process?

We’re online auctions. A lot of people think of auctions as they go into the courthouse steps or on-site to where a property is on live auction locally but this isn’t that. This is on,, Hubzu, Hudson & Marshall, HUD Home Store, RealtyBid, Auction Network. There are a bunch of different platforms out there.

What you’re doing is you’re bidding live on the auction of different properties. You should break it up by areas say Northeast Southeast southwest, Northwest different days a week for each of these different options. More or less, you’re bidding online. You’re doing your own research on these properties. You’re using Zillow, Redfin, RealtyTrac, Trulia or whatever different source you’re comfortable with to come up with numbers on them.

If there’s an agent that’s on this particular deal because a lot of these are listed, some are some aren’t, you can contact them and get some pretty great information from them. That’s auctions in a nutshell. You could do it from your bedroom, home office, even from the beach. I pull up deals on the beach.

Can you do it from Tulum, Mexico?

You sure can. Maybe get it beach in Tulum.

That’s where business is at. It’s about freedom of location. It might not be an important freedom but to some of you, you’re like, “There are particular places around the world that I want to live.” I live in a place in Tulum where people had lived in Bali, Panama and Costa Rica. If you’re that type of person, this is the thing that’s going to fit that lifestyle. We call them the digital nomads.

We need to start calling people real estate nomads. That’s not a thing but it needs to become because that’s where the digital world has gone. For you real estate nomads out there, you can do this from anywhere in the world. Let’s hop back over to you, Trey. Let’s go through these five things. This first one is important because some of you reading are going to resonate with that. That’s the fact that one of the main reasons that Trey chose this is because of his personality. Trey, what type of personality do you have? Why did this fit your personality?

I’m more of an introvert than anything. Back to the other marketing channels, you’re having to reach out, cold call, talk to strangers and things like that. For this, you’re mainly dealing with banks. It’s mostly a numbers game. You’re analyzing properties. If the numbers work and you’ve been on the property, the bank accepts it then you go through the closing process. For me, it fits.

You’re dealing with the emotion of selling.

WI 791 | Online Auctioning

Online Auctioning: Online auctions aren’t like going into the courthouse steps or a live property. What you’re doing is you’re bidding live on the auction of different properties anywhere in the world.


There’s no emotion involved. It’s all numbers.

There’s such a big spotlight put on extroverted personalities. The reality is there’s a lot of people reading that have introverted personalities. What I would tell you is there is a big advantage to that personality. The majority of people that work for me are introverted. Not extroverted, believe it or not.

There’s a strategic advantage of that. There’s a great book called The Introvert Advantage. That might be something for you to pick up because sometimes the extroverts overshadow the introverted personality but the reality is there are things out there that were built for you. This is perfect for Trey. He can get rid of the emotion, deal with the facts, deal with the bottom line and that’s a great fit for his brain and the way that he’s wired. Did you have something you want to add to that, Trey?

I’m also very analytical. You’re essentially crunching numbers. It’s a model that fits what I enjoy doing.

In online auctions, you’re mainly dealing with banks. There’s no emotion involved; it’s all numbers.

Trey got that analytical mindset. A lot of our students had that, Chris. The numbers will tell you if it’s a deal or not. It’s as simple as that.

Your program is drawing in a lot more analytical introverted people.

We’ve got a couple of engineers. They get analysis paralysis. A lot of people that are engineers and have this number, see the numbers but they can’t always act on it. They’re a helping hand that is like, “Here are the numbers. Do these make sense?” We look at it. “It makes sense. Run with this deal.” Sometimes they need that extra little nudge. Once they get comfortable with it, they can run with it and they’re good to go forever like Trey. Trey knew the numbers well and believed himself. We confirmed on the first couple of deals for him. He did four deals his first month. He was hitting out of a park right from the jump.

WI 791 | Online Auctioning

Online Auctioning: Go where the least amount of competition is. That’s your best opportunity for getting the highest margins and easiest deals. Hit it where they ain’t.


Trey, let’s go to number two. You don’t deal with sellers and that’s a real value to you. Why do you enjoy that fact, particularly with your personality? I get the cold calling. That’s not fun. You’re not an extroverted personality but why do you see value in not having to deal with sellers?

It takes the emotional aspect out of the deal. The ones I’ve done locally were a mother dying or a son going to jail. They needed money for lawyers. We ended up figuring out how to do that. For me, I couldn’t imagine doing that every day and hearing those stories from a business perspective. For me, the real estate thing is a business. I’m not comfortable dealing with those types of situations. I’d prefer not to. That’s a huge benefit to me not dealing with those emotional components to property.

You remove the human element. I don’t care if you’re running a business and you love people or not. The most challenging part of running a team, business, doing sales or anything is dealing with humans. Humans, we by nature, are emotional beings. You can never predict what a human being is going to do. That’s the world that we live in. It’s sometimes nice to be able to set up a little bit of a system in which you remove the human element out of it.

For some of you reading, this is like music to your ears. You’re like, “You got to be kidding me. This is something I’ve been looking for.” That’s why I’m excited to share it with you because some of your personalities out there have not come across something like this. Let’s go to number three. We’re talking about no competition. I see this similar to radio as well. There’s not only no competition the fact that people aren’t doing auctions but the seller leads that are being produced, you’re not having competition. You’re not going up against 5 or 6 other wholesalers off the deal.

Most of these houses that I’ve won and purchased are pretty rural places, small town, probably less than 15,000, 20,000 people. Once you get a little bit seasoned in the auctions, you can tell most of the times that you’re bidding against the actual auction companies who are trying to drive up the price a bit. You can tell what they’re doing. You put your number and stop there. Don’t make any emotional decisions to keep bidding up. A lot of times I’ve lost the auction to the auctioneer. They come back the next day and say, “You’re the highest bidder and you won the property.” A lot of times, you’re not bidding against anyone else. That’s also a nice aspect of it as well.

Paul, you want to talk a little bit about that? That’s a big deal not to feel like you’re going to head-to-head with a ton of people. One of the downfalls of that is it’s going to come in and squeeze your profit margin. Is this true that you see with all of your students that they don’t have a lot of competition via your auction program that you teach?

It’s across the board. We teach a baseball philosophy. Hit it where they ain’t. Hit a screaming line drive to the left-field but the left-field was right there to catch it. Think about it this way. You’re doing direct mail and there are ten direct mails to go to this particular person. You’re fighting against ten other people for this deal compared to us in auctions where we’re going into markets generally where we’re bidding against nobody else other than a house as Trey said.

With online auctioning, you can do it part-time, full-time, as much or as little as you want.

Let’s go where they aren’t. You want to go where the least amount of competition is. That’s your best opportunity for the highest margins and easiest deals, to be honest with you. Sometimes you will take a little longer to sell the property because it’s in a rural area and there are fewer buyers but there are still buyers. There are active investors in these markets.

I want you to pick that up. Whether you do auction, it doesn’t matter. Maybe it’s not a fit for you but I love this concept and idea of hit it where they ain’t. That’s what we’re trying to tell you philosophically with your marketing strategy. I’m going above auction for a sec and tell you get out of the competition that’s out there and on things that are saturated.

This is going to lead, Trey, to the fourth benefit that you enjoy. If there’s no competition then you have bigger margins on these deals. You’re getting deeper discounts. You want to try to buy a house for around $0.70 on $1 somewhere in there. What are you on average picking deals up at the auction because you don’t have competition?

For the most part, they’re below 50% of ARV. I’ve purchased a house in North Carolina that I picked up for $29,000 and the ARV was in $140,000. The first I sold it to I talked to them after and they put $30,000 into it. They made a pretty good chunk of change in the backend. They’re not all like that. I’ve had some with tighter margins but you can find some good stuff in there. If you’re bringing some of these other local investors into it, they’re willing to pay a little bit more or they want all of them that I’ve sold to. If you ever get anything again in this area, please let me know because I’m selling them in good deals.

There are only a few ways to make more money. You can do more deals, make more per deal or have people return and buy from you again and again. Jay Abraham will tell you that that’s the only three ways to grow revenue. Why try to continue to do more and more deals when you can make more money per deal? I’d rather do 10 deals and make $20,000 per deal than to do 20 deals and make $10,000. Let’s go to the last thing. Trey, you have a full-time job. A lot of people reading this, you might be hearing them go, “Trey is a full-time investor. I’m over here working 9:00 to 5:00.” Talk to us about that, Trey.

I’m in the construction industry. I’m managing crews and on job sites pretty much all day. If you want to call it a marketing strategy, you can turn it on and off and make it work to where you’re spending a couple hours a week doing this. Whether you want to do it part-time or full-time, you can do this as much or as little as you want, which is nice.

Let’s contrast this to direct mail. If you’re working a 9:00 to 5:00 and you do direct mail, you’re getting calls while you’re at the office, in the evenings and weekends. You can’t compartmentalize it. The thing that I like about this program, Paul is the fact that Trey can come in and compartmentalize his life. He can have his work time, which is his career. He can have his family time and then this. I don’t even want to call it a side hustle because you’re doing a good amount of transactions but you are able to create a balance and keep those things separate.

A lot of people feel like when they use a marketing channel, rather than it being like waffles, it feels like spaghetti. If you’re listening to Trey, his life is like a waffle. It’s very compartmentalized. If you do something like direct mail, your life feels like spaghetti. Everything is intertwined and you can’t separate it. You’re bouncing all day between everything you’re responsible for. I don’t know about you but I’m a compartmentalize guy. When I’m on, I’m on and when I’m off, I’m off. I’m not going to set up anything in my business that removes me from having a life that feels like a waffle.

Think about direct mail. I shut off my direct mail in 2013. It’s been years since I’ve done it but you were at the beck and call of the sellers. The sellers always want to meet in the evenings and on weekends. For me, that’s family time. I don’t want to meet in the evenings and on weekends if I don’t have to. Then you go out there. You’re driving 30 minutes in rush hour traffic and they cancel the last second because something came up. This happens repeatedly many times. It would annoy the heck out of me. You’re wasting your time and energy.

Plus on top of it, if you want to be a serious player, you’re spending anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 some serious money per month in marketing. You can’t go on vacation and not answer phone calls because you’re losing potential deals and income there. With this, shut it off. Turn it off. That’s why we have so many people that are full-time and part-time running their own businesses or working for a company and do this part-time as supplemental income.

It fits a personality if you’re introverted. If you’re extroverted, it might be a great fit for you. I’m not saying it’s introverted only but it works well with that personality. You don’t have to deal with sellers. You’re not dealing with competition. You’re getting bigger margins, deeper discounts and compartmentalizing it. That’s what Trey is saying. He’s like, “This is why I love this particular marketing channel.” Let’s go to some KPIs. I’m a numbers guy so I’m like, “It smells and looks good but give me some actual data and numbers.” How many hours a week are you spending on your auction program, Trey?

I’m spending about 3 to 4 hours a week. I usually will spend about two of those hours, Monday night, analyzing the properties. Tuesdays are when the auctions are in. That’s when you’re on the computer bidding. Another 1 hour to 2 hours there on Tuesdays.

WI 791 | Online Auctioning

Online Auctioning: With direct mail, the sellers always want to meet with you, evenings, weekends, family time. Then you go into rush hour traffic and they cancel. You’re wasting so much of your time and energy.


How many deals a month is this leading to for you while you’re working a 9:00 to 5:00?

When inventory is normal enough, I did four my first month. Now, I’m probably one a month.

If you’re working 9:00 to 5:00, that’s honestly the sweet spot. Can you imagine doing about a deal per month bringing in $10,00 on the average deal here in the US? It depends on your market. In Cali and New York, I hear bumping your chest already knowing how big your deals are. The national average is somewhere around $10,000.

Trey’s making over 6 figures per year off something that he’s put in less than 5 hours a week. He has to do the deal. There’s that aspect but we’re talking specifically about the time he’s putting into the channel itself to produce the deal. Let’s talk about the return. I’m such a dollar-per-dollar return. If you’re new to real estate, you’re like, “What in the world does that mean?” A KPI is a Key Performance Indicator. That’s a fancy way of saying, “What are the key metrics? How do we measure this thing?”

When I talk about radio, I always say, “I can tell you that you’re going to get about a 1 to 3 return. That means for every $1 you spend, you’re going to get $3 back. If you spend $10,000 on radio, you’re going to get $30,000 back.” That’s the best way to measure the performance of your actual marketing channel. If you can maintain a $3 to $4 return, that’s a great channel.

If you’re getting more than that, great. If somebody’s coming to you and telling you they’re getting more than that then also know that I question that. $3 to $4 is about average. If you’re a text blasting, I get it. There’s no cost to that. You’re probably making a pretty high return but here’s my question to you, Paul. When I asked you the dollar per dollar return, you didn’t give me a number. You gave me a phrase. There’s not a dollar per return. It’s a what return?

Infinite return.

Why is it an infinite return?

It’s because you spend nothing. You have no dollars out. Your true dollars are the time and energy you put into researching these properties and the deals. That’s it. You’re not paying a penny for marketing. You’ve got zero marketing costs on this, which is awesome. That’s my favorite of it.

I remember when I got into real estate, I didn’t have any money. I was straight out of grad school, completely broke and eating ramen noodles. I had three roommates. I didn’t have any money for marketing. All I could do is spend time. Years ago, as I started as an agent, I started getting up early in the morning calling Expired’s through FSBO. That’s how I did it.

I don’t want to call that cold calling. It was a little bit more warm calling because those people needed to sell their property. I know what that’s like. In the beginning, I go back and I remember I don’t have money. At 25 years old, not married, you got all the time in the world. If you’re one of those people like, “I don’t have a lot of cash. I need to get some deals closed. I can transition over to the marketing piece and start to spend money,” this might be that stepping stone for you.

In online auctioning, you can bid and sell property while on the beach.

That’s a great thing about cold calling or text blasting as well. A lot of people are drawn to those systems simply because they don’t cost a lot of money. What Paul’s telling you is an infinite return because it costs you your time. Paul, my brain automatically goes to, “I don’t want to spend time either. I’m sure there’s an option here to outsource this to some type of VA,” for those that think at that level.

We do that. We give them a list of the properties that are coming up. We have it down to the one VA. They spend about ten hours a week doing research for us because one, she’s got dialed in and understands we need to do. She doesn’t need to spend a lot of time. Two, inventory is temporarily down. I’ll need to increase her hours because there’ll be more properties to analyze. That’s one great way to do it. You don’t even have to worry about your time and energy. You could spend $200 a month having somebody analyze deals for you.

It’s like cold calling. If you don’t want to do the dialing yourself, I know great people that have hired people to do cold calling for them. That’s a great thing about business. You never have to be stuck doing anything if you learn to leverage an outsource by utilizing other people. Paul, I want to close with a couple of questions for you directly. What is your favorite thing about the process of buying from the auction?

Personally, it’s I can do it right here from my home office. I can sit here, bid, do my analyzing, make the phone call to talk to the agent or do it from the beach. My favorite part is bidding on a beach and then selling a property on a beach, which I’ve done in years past. Get property and win it at auction. I got other ones I’m selling and making phone calls or getting a return phone call from somebody while I’m sitting on a beach. I closed the deal and then go dive in the ocean. My favorite part is I could do it from anywhere. You could do real estate almost from anywhere but this makes it truly from anywhere.

I want you to know how real that is. I’m going to do a little side tangent. I live in Tulum and because of COVID, you got to remember how many people no longer have to go to an office. I’m a part of this thing called Coworking Tulum. This company has come in and it’s a digital nomad. They’ve done this cool thing that you pay to be a member and every day, Monday through Friday, they negotiate a beach club that you can go sit at the beach and work.

It’s got great Wi-Fi. They’re there to help you as an entrepreneur. You show up with all of your entrepreneurial friends. You all work from the beach and go swim in the ocean. I’m telling you that this exists. I’m a part of this group. How cool is that to wake up every day and go work from a beach club on the beach? That is where things are headed. I see it because I live in Tulum. It’s becoming the norm. You name it. These people are doing every type of industry that you can imagine.

Some of them are 9:00 to 5:00 people. They don’t have to be in the office anymore. Why in the world would they stay in whatever state they were in when they could come down here? I want to close with this important question. We have this COVID piece. We’ve come out of some of it. We don’t know where it’s going but it is affecting real estate is my point.

You have this whole idea of renters, them having rights and being protected, which is understandable but then you have banks and landlords that are pushing back. There’s this rustling going on when it comes to it. What is your forecast of what’s going to happen? How auctioning plays into this when it comes to foreclosures?

Since we know the moratoriums were struck down by the Supreme Court again and they can’t move forward with it anymore on both foreclosures, which only affected a HUD, FHA and VA government-backed mortgages, Fannie and Freddie and also evictions, it’s going to open up all that inventory that’s been locked up for years.

We had ZOM on a coaching call and we asked them what their forecast was. They said second quarter of 2022, you’ll start seeing it in March 2022, we’re going to start to see some sizeable increase in inventory. She said, “You’ll see some coming in soon but the bulk of it is going to come around then. It’ll probably come in a pretty big wave because there’s going to be much built up.” told me the same thing. They are expecting a huge amount. They’re the biggest player out there. I’m a licensed agent in Pennsylvania. I don’t live in PA anymore. I moved to Florida because of the lifestyle but I get constant emails from Chase Bank and Wells Fargo looking to add me as an REO agent because they’re expecting a lot of inventory to come out and they don’t have enough agents to give it to.

That tells you where things are heading. That’s why it’s a great time to get in it to prepare, understand, learn and be ready when that wave of foreclosures comes out. Prices on those are going to be dropping probably fairly quickly as inventory increases. There’s going to be some great opportunity coming up. There could be some great buy and hold opportunities, going to be good fix and flip and great virtual wholesaling opportunities out there.

Remember, it’s about the right time, right action. That’s an important principle. You can have the right action and it can be the wrong time or it can be the right time and the wrong action. What I hear Paul saying is you might about see the right action and right time. You might be reading this and love all these qualities. He’s coming in, honestly, with the cherry on top going not only are these the benefits of the auction but it’s about to be a wave and a potential flood. You might want to get ahead of that and be a part of it.

Paul, you teach this. I don’t know anyone else around the country that does it. I was attracted to you two for a couple of reasons. Number one, you and I have known each other for years. You’re an absolute standup guy. I don’t want to bring anyone on the show that I don’t trust at all. You’re one of those guys that have such an incredible reputation.

WI 791 | Online Auctioning

Online Auctioning: In online auctions, there’s no dollar per return; it’s an infinite return. You spend nothing. Your true dollars are the time and energy you put into researching these properties and deals. That’s it.


Number two, you’ve cracked the code on this. You’ve been doing real estate since 2001. You’re a veteran doing 60 to 80 deals off of this. This isn’t experimental. This is a proven system. If somebody is reading, they’re interested, want to have a phone call and see if this is a fit for them, where do they go to find out more about this program?

They’re going to go to and they’re going to get a discount. For Wholesaling Inc, it says $7,000 but it is $5,500. What they’re going to get with that is learning the auction process. We also teach them how to buy on MLS for sale by owners, how to buy from wholesalers, potentially market with and joint venture with wholesalers, which we do as well.

We also want to do more. This business has a 95% fail rate. There are people that have great programs to teach people how to wholesale, which is awesome. In wholesale, they make a ton of money, blow this money and get this huge tax bill they owe to the IRS. They don’t have the money to pay for it. They’re constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul.

We’re going to try to teach people how to set up the entities correctly. We’re bringing in experts for that strategic tax management, insurance companies. You’re buying these all over the country so you don’t want to have 50 different insurance companies you’re dealing with. We teach you one. It’s called Arcana Insurance. They’re tremendous. You can buy all over the country with them. We’re trying to bring experts in at least once, if not twice a month, to teach them all different aspects of real estate and hopefully, make them successful because we don’t like that 95% fail rate.

That’s why I like Paul. He could have stopped showing you how to do the auction but he doesn’t. He truly deeply cares about his students. You know at Wholesaling Inc, we’re student first culture. Thank you again. I’m saying it for the students by coming in and offering such a great discount. $1,500 is no joke. That’s for being a part of Wholesaling Inc and the tribe as well.

Paul, thank you so much for coming on. Trey, I’m super proud of you. Way to do what you’re doing, live your best life and compartmentalize. I feel like you’ve got your stuff together moving in the right direction. Hats off to you on how you’ve structured everything so far. I’m excited to follow you and see what happens in your journey over the next couple of years. To the rest of you, as always, thank you so much for reading. We will catch you next time when we add more value. Talk to you later.

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