Posted on: October 05, 2021

3.5 million homeowners in the US could potentially lose their houses and an estimate of 700,000 evictions by the end of the year. The reason for this- Moratoriums. This is not considered a legal thing but the pandemic has resorted to landlords and property owners doing this. Sure enough, this could be a sticky situation where there is so much tension going on with the tenants and the property owners.

With all these things going on we might think, how do issues related to this get resolved? Or if you’re among those who had been given moratoriums, you might be wondering will it be possible for tenants to not get evicted? In this podcast, we will be hearing Brent Daniels talk about some facets of dealing with the conflicts and how real-estate agents could play an important role in the picture.

Key Takeaways

  • A virtually set up business is more efficient and scalable compared to a business that isn’t
  • Making more offers and closing more deals can be done virtually, it saves you time as a parent rather than doing the conventional way of real estate selling
  • Time freedom can be achievable in this industry if you set up for it


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