Episode 79: Why Wholesaling is About Helping People (Not Real Estate)


Today’s guest, Gabe Monroy, tried Wholesaling a couple years ago, but it never took off.

However, after joining the Tribe in January 2017, he’s already closed multiple deals and shifted to Wholesaling full-time. We’re going to learn the secrets, tips, and tricks that helped Gabe close those deals and quit his day job, after just a few months with the tribe.



  • The value of being a Go-Giver
  • Why direct mail is such a powerful marketing tool
  • The importance of follow up.


Becoming a Rockstar Rhino

  • When Gabe first tried Wholesaling, direct mail was a big flop. He lost money and he gave up on it.
  • After joining the tribe, he followed our direction to send out a direct mail campaign. He mailed to 2700 people on the absentee equity list, received over 100 calls back, and used the script.
  • “The script that you guys provide is gold. It gave me the confidence to really be able to talk to the sellers, guage their motivation, and get my deals at the very best price I could get them.”
  • Gabe is a Go-Giver. He found one fairly cold lead and offered to help him list the property if he decided to sell through a realtor. Whether someone is selling a property through him directly, Gabe will help that person find the option that is best for them – and people want to work with people they can trust.
  • Gabe continued to follow up with that same cold lead every week or two, and two months later things changed. He was more motivated, and a different deal had fallen through.
  • Gabe put the property under contract for $50,000 and sold it to a cash buyer for $65,000, for a $15,000 assignment (and he has another contract closing with a $17,000 assignment in a couple weeks)!




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