Posted on: October 04, 2021

As parents, time is a rare commodity which is why setting up your business virtually has a lot of advantages, especially during this global pandemic. It helps you be as efficient as you can. Losing an income stream is something most parents can’t afford. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses were forced to shut down when the pandemic started last year but Lauren Hardy managed to continue with her daily business operations as usual and earn from home being with her kids.

In this episode, Lauren talks about why it is more beneficial to set up your real estate business virtually if you have kids and or planning to grow your family soon. Despite going through a rough time in her life, Lauren managed to have a good performing business without neglecting her parental responsibilities because of this strategy. She was prepared in her wholesaling business even before the pandemic started and she’s reaping all the good things out of it.

Key Takeaways

  • A virtually set up business is more efficient and scalable compared to a business that isn’t
  • Making more offers and closing more deals can be done virtually, it saves you time as a parent rather than doing the conventional way of real estate selling
  • Time freedom can be achievable in this industry if you set up for it


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