Posted on: September 22, 2021
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There are numerous real estate marketing channels, but what distinguishes TV advertisements from other traditional methods? TV ads can help you reach your target audience, which means more quality leads. Also, it is influential because it gives you credibility. Many prospects trust it more than other media.

Although television can be an excellent business marketing channel, it can be pretty costly. In this episode, joining Chris Arnold is Tony Javier and Nelson Horton. Nelson will discuss his experience using TV as a medium and how he was able to close two deals with a $15,000 profit—while spending only $3,000 per month on TV ads. He will also talk about how Tony helped him set up his marketing ads and about their joint venture partnership.

If you are considering using television as a marketing medium but hesitating because it seems too expensive for you, listen to this episode.

Using Mass Media To Quantum Leap Your Credibility And Close A Mountain Of Deals With Tony Javier And Nelson Horton

Episode Transcription

We’re excited to have you with us, hanging out and having a good time. Here’s where we got for you. This is going to be interesting. We’re going to be talking about TV and specifically a student of Tony Javier that’s been in the game since 2020 and transitioned right into TV but here’s the catch. He’s gotten creative on coming in and doing a JV relationship for newer investors that might not have all the capital to afford a television. He’s tying that in with a little bit more of a done-for-you system and coming in side-by-side.

On top of that, he’s providing coaching around the business. If you’ve been hearing about TV, you’re about to hear a new spin that Tony’s put on this thing. I think this is cool because if you’re reading and you’re new, I know the thought that’s in your mind. It’s like, “I would love to do TV, but I don’t feel like I’m in a place where I can afford it. I’m nervous about taking a risk on marketing spend.”

What we’re going to walk through is how Tony has come in to create a secondary program for people that are new. We have Nelson Horton here, who has been the guinea pig on this thing. We’re going to talk about how it’s worked for him so far. I’m excited about this show, Tony Javier, Nelson Horton, what’s up? Welcome to the show. How are you guys?

I’m honored to be on the show. I’m very excited and pumped.

For those reading, they know you’re newer to the game, but give us a quick background. How’d you stepped into real estate? How long you’ve been in the game? Give us a snapshot of your business journey so far.

My name is Nelson. I’m from Nashville, Tennessee. I graduated from college in Louisiana. I’ve been in real estate since 2020. I’ve been cold calling, door knocking, sending mail pieces, and I’ve done everything. I needed something easier to do so I could remember making phone calls. I’m in Nashville and it’s a very competitive market now. I can remember picking up the phone, and every time I would pick up the phone, I call and tell them, “This is Nelson.” As soon as I opened my mouth, they were telling me, “You’re the fourth person to call me. You need to just hang up the phone.”

Cold calling works and we know that. I heard you say it. It’s like, “Is that potentially an easier way?” It’s not that cold calling does not effective, but can I go around, close deals, and maybe do this in a way that makes my life a little easier. That was the main thing that attracted you to TV was you were preferring to have more inbound calls coming in rather than having to do this stuff. We were laughing while everyone was talking, smiling, dialing and I was like, “I don’t ever remember smiling. I was dialing and it wasn’t fun.” I don’t know who came up with that phrase.

You hear about this TV thing. You’ve been in the game since 2020 and before TV, you had closed one transaction, which is great. A lot of people don’t close a deal within their first year. You are fresh as a real estate entrepreneur. My first question is, what made you give the confidence to pick up the phone and call Tony about TV? A lot of people would go, “I’m not there yet.” What was going through your mind that made you pick up the phone and call?

I’m very young. It’s like I’m a Guinea pig with it but honestly, when I picked up the phone, I was thinking like, “What’s the worst I could lose?” I’ve been told no countless times. I saw that and then my girlfriend and I were talking. We were saying like, “There has to be an easier way for us to generate leads without me having to bother people and ask them this and follow up at times.” I went ahead and got on the website, Real Estate Masters TV, set up a call with Tony and the rest is history.

The amount of low ad spend you can get in some markets is crazy.

I know being younger as well, there is a little bit of like, “You swing for the fences. You go for it.” I remember being in real estate at 25. Worst case scenario, I have to maybe some ramen noodles for a couple of weeks, but it’s like, “Who cares? It’s not like I have a family to feed.” You’re able to go for it a little bit more.

You hop into Tony’s program and let’s go directly into the numbers. Let’s start with that because everybody likes to know, “Give me the proof that’s in the pudding.” What’s been accomplished from a KPI metric standpoint? You’ve been advertising. What is your monthly ad spend on TV?

We’re spending roughly around $3,000 a month.

Tony Javier, that’s great. I know for some other people we’ve interviewed, it’s been between $5,000 to $10,000, so $3,000. That’s what I would call budget around like the radio type budget. It’s a pretty good deal. Tony, why is it $3,000? Is that the market that he’s in? How did he get that low?

It’s crazy the amount or the low ad spend you can get in some markets. We get inexpensive commercials because we’ve tested expensive commercial spots and inexpensive commercial spots. Luckily our demographic are watching spots that aren’t that expensive. We get a lot of commercials for low ad spend. You’d be surprised at how many markets we can get in around $5,000 a month.

Now we do have a minimum of $5,000 a month. We did change that but there are some markets that you can’t spend $5,000. We’ll plug in a $3,000 to $4,000 a month budget and it gets the phone ringing and people are crushing. I’ve got one guy that we got in way early. We allowed them to do a $2,000 a month ad spend and he’s doing 20X on his money.

If you’re reading now and we’ve been talking about TV, he’s saying, “A minimum $5,000,” but it’s possible to get in for $2,000 to $3,000 if it’s a smaller type market. That’s good. Going back over to you, Nelson, let’s talk about the numbers. What’s been accomplished? How many deals have you closed out on the books and money in the account within the first 60 days?

We’ve closed two deals for roughly $15,000.

WIP 781 | Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing: When your numbers are off, you have to try to negotiate more.

Few deals closed with the combination of a total of $15,000 so far. You’ve already paid your ad spend back and you’re getting a multiple already within 60 days. Tony and I harp on this when it comes to TV. It’s the fact that it’s not like, “I don’t want to pick on cold calling.” A lot of times, it’s 3 to 6 months before you see the return.

What I love about this marketing approach is the fact that you’re getting calls in immediately within the 1st or 2nd week. You’re executing deals, getting that payback and that cash register is ringing early. You’ve made an investment and already recouped that investment in 60 days. As a young, newer real estate investor, that’s got to be a good feeling. I’m sure you’re sleeping well at night.

On top of that, you got two more deals in the pipeline as well. I’m thinking, at some point, we’ll have to do a future check-in to see what your ROI comes out to but it looks like it’s going to be strong. I asked you a question earlier. If some friends of yours call you, we always do that like you’re the guinea pig, maybe in your peer group and they’re like, “How’s this whole TV thing going? What do you like about it?” There were three things that you said that you’ve been communicating back that you’re getting the most value of. The first one was the quality of the lead. Talk to us about that. What are you saying about the quality of the lead coming in through TV?

These are highly qualified leads. They’re calling me, stating like, “I need to sell this house immediately. I need an estimate on my property.” Honestly, it’s great. I love the quality of leads that we’re getting. They are highly motivated. I don’t know what else to say. If you’re sitting down reading this blog and you’re looking for highly qualified leads to reach out to you. It’s amazing. The first week of us started like I’ve had at least eight phone calls in the first week. I was like, “This is serious.” I remember sitting down and reading this blog before joining the program, thinking that, “How can I generate leads now that I’ve joined and getting leads coming in instantly.”

That excites Tony and me because we’re watching your success through something that’s been worked on hard by Tony to crack the code on. Let’s go to number two. You said credibility, but this was interesting. I haven’t heard someone pick this up before. When we say instant credibility, you hear us talk about celebrity status and so forth, but you said you’d noticed something else.

That’s the fact that sellers are skipping over other marketing pieces that are coming to them, like direct mail. Not even calling the postcards in the mailbox, they’re calling you off a TV because, in their mind, they see you as superior over someone that sent a postcard. Talk a little bit more about that because that’s pretty cool.

I’m going to say 70% of our calls, they call us first. They’ll tell us, “Have you reached out to any other buyers?” I asked them some time to get some data on it and they would tell me, “I have a few postcards here, but I called you all first because you all are on TV. It shows me that you all are serious about what you do. That you can close the deal and then you can get to the finish line.” I was honored like, “This is amazing.” I don’t know what else to say. They did call us first. It’s cool and great.

How is that make you feel to know that you’ve been in the business for not too long and your credibility has already surpassed people that have been in for 5 to 10 years sending direct mail? That’s got to feel pretty good. That’s what I was saying, “You don’t have to build credibility step by step. You can quantum leap that by utilizing mass media because that’s what it does.”

Mass media makes you instantly credible. Think about how sometimes a movie star or professional athlete gets in that spotlight and their lives are changed in a week. Everyone in the country knows about them and knows their names. It’s like a lightning flash that can happen. I love that’s happening for you as well.

Tony, I have a question. You might have to guesstimate this or maybe you tracked it. Any idea to quantify all the calls that come in off TV to you and your students. What percentage of those never call anyone else but the actual student to advertise on TV? Nelson was saying that he’s feeling about 70%, but I’m curious if you have any data on that.

Verify information to have highly-qualified leads.

No, I don’t. I’ll have to start asking my clients. With our calls that come in, typically, we are the only ones they call. Do we verify that all the time? People will say, We got your direct mail piece. We called you only you as opposed to the stack that’s in our pile. We get in front of those leads first before anybody else and we get those deals done before anybody else has even called.

I’ll have to ask my team. I’d like to know the statistics around the country and I’ll start asking my clients. I would imagine it’s got to be at least probably 50% because if you think about it when people Google somebody, they’re going to call 3 to 5. If they go on the internet for anything, they’re going to see a bunch of people. If they’re getting a ton of postcards with cold calling. If they’re getting cold-called, they’re probably on 100 people’s lists that are getting called, but TV it’s like, you’re probably going to be the only one, if not, maybe 1, 2 or 3 in the market that is doing TV.

The chances of them seeing their commercial around the same time and calling all the people on TV if there is anybody else on TV is probably pretty slim. Usually, they hear the message, they call and they say, “I was thinking about selling. I saw your commercial. I decided to call you to see what your offer is.” They don’t call anybody else. I know it’s pretty high, but I don’t have that exact number.

You and I are in this mass media boat together. You’re the TV guy and I’m the radio guy. This is why it’s been the perfect marriage. I know on the radio, our students will tell us all the time that they feel like the majority of the time they get a call and they go out on a radio appointment. It’s them. This is why, if you look at all the marketing channels when I talk to students or even for us, if we compare all of the channels that we have, we always have a higher average profit per deal on the radio. The reason that is because we didn’t have to negotiate down our price because we were the only ones that were out there. I think that that’s a huge quality when it comes to television for sure.

This is the twist in the show. For some of you reading, you might still be a little bit on the fence of, “Am I ready to make this move? Can I afford this? If I want to take the risk, I want to mitigate that.” This show specifically is for you because what Tony has done is he’s about to come in and mitigate all of your risks. You did something interesting, Tony, with Nelson. Nelson, I’ll ask you one quick question. You said the third thing for you was, “How easy the setup was.” This was Tony did everything for the most part.

Yes, for the most part. The only thing I’m doing is performing on the leads. We’re talking and sitting down there on a call, but everything goes right.

You’re converting and he’s the one that set up the traffic coming in. He’s making sure that the balls are being pitched at you and then you’re responsible for that. He’s got that machine up and going. Tony, I’m curious, how did you structure this? How did this idea come to you about this concept now that you will JV a TV relationship with someone that’s a newbie to help them get into the TV game sooner so that they can ramp up, scale their business and have a marketing channel that they love? Rather than like Nelson was talking about, ”I’m not digging this whole cold calling thing.” Talk to us about your new strategy here.

Nelson was the first client we decided to do this with, and we wouldn’t do this with anybody. I saw the hungered Nelson. I could tell he’s a good kid, hustling out there. He told me all this stuff that he’s doing with cold calling and texting.

You can tell he’s a hustler. It takes me back like, “I never run out.” Nelson, you’ve got that hustle on you. We can feel it.

WIP 781 | Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing: It’s rewarding seeing someone come in brand new, not have to spend a lot of their own money and cut the learning curve way down.

I don’t remember you saying door knocking, but that’s a whole another level as a new investor. That’s painful. When he and I first talked, he said, “I want to get my first deal closed. That way, I can take that money and get into the program.” We had a couple of conversations over. I don’t know if it was 2 or 3 weeks, text and that type of thing.

Finally, he’s like, “Let’s close it. I got the money in the account. Let’s go.” As we’re talking, I can’t remember that conversation or maybe the next one we had. I say, “Nelson, our typical investor already has phone numbers, websites set up, tons of closings that are coming in on the books that they can just spend the ad and spend every single month.”

I said, “Why don’t I set the website up for you? I’ll get the phone number and I’ll shoot the commercial. I will do 100% of the setup for you.” The only thing I had to do with Nelson was set him up on the CRM and my team set him up on the CRM so that he could efficiently do the deals and track them and all that good stuff. I was willing to do that with Nelson because I knew he was young and hungry. When I was 21 years old, I got into the business a couple of years younger than Nelson like to have someone to come in and invest time and money with me, that would have been so valuable.

It’s not only are we teaming up on this but I love working with Nelson, working on the numbers and helping him not make mistakes that I know that I probably made in the beginning by me talking him through it with my twenty years of experience saying, “Your numbers are a little bit off. You need to negotiate this a little bit more. They told you this price, but I bet you can get it for this.” Being able to add that value to Nelson. It’s rewarding seeing someone come in brand new, not have to spend a lot of their own money and cut the learning curve way down.

Nelson’s working a full-time job right now, so he’s doing this on the side and he didn’t tell you also that he is in Nashville but he’s doing this virtually in another market. For him to be brand new, getting into this business with pretty much no buyer’s list, not a lot of experience like he’s doing super well for how short of time he’s been in the business. It’s been a great relationship and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Nelson, how’s that been for you to not only pick up somebody to help you set up your TV but now to have a mentor that you can bounce additional questions off that might not have anything to do about TV. How’s that felt for you?

This is going to sound weird, but it’s like I’ve manifested. I told myself, “I need to find a mentor so I can work with that.” I can do these deals with and it’s amazing that the opportunity is here and I appreciate Tony opening the program up to me and working with me. Yes, everything is virtual. I have a business that I run. Me and some friends do that here in Nashville. That’s why I was like, “Cold calling just isn’t it.”

We understand what you’re saying, you have more on your plate, you’ve got to be protective of your bandwidth and be wise about how you spend that time. You said that a lot of people that end up going the TV route or the radio route have to be a lot more cautious of their time. It could be, they own another business or they’re a parent with kids. The different things that they’re like, “I can’t sit down and spend hours doing this. I have to play this real estate game differently. I can’t play it like everyone else where they’re going to spend a bunch of time. I got to play this game a lot smarter.”

For those that think that way or particularly are in a circumstance like yours, that’s why like radio and television. It’s like the light bulb goes off. This was like, “This fits me and my world. It meets my needs where I’m at.” I love it. Tony, is there anything else you want to touch on this JV piece as we start to wrap up? I think it’s a cool concept that you’ve rolled out to help some people get in the game on TV a bit earlier.

Find a mentor to help you.

Pretty much all of our clients except for Nelson and a couple of others are doing this on their own. If someone’s set up already and they’re doing deals, it’s like a no-brainer for them to do TV. I presented this to some more experienced clients that are like, “The returns I’m going to get, I would rather do it on my own, which is great.”

For someone who doesn’t necessarily have a lot of money and wants someone to guide them a little bit more through the process and get going, I’m not going to accept everybody into this relationship. This is the first time I’ve talked about it publicly. I’ve thrown this past probably a handful of people and we’ve got 2 or 3 other markets that we’re doing right now.

People ask me what I would have done years ago getting into the business, what I would do differently? I say there are two things. 1) Is I wish I would have found TV. I would do TV as a new investor, knowing what I know now. 2) It’s to find a mentor, a coach or someone that is where I want to be to help guide me through all the struggles in my business and to eliminate a lot of the challenges that I would have had in the beginning. For Nelson and the JV partners I’m partnering up with, I’m providing both of those things for them. I’m ecstatic with how the program’s going. We work with over 100 investors around the US.

I’ll say it again, you’re over 100 people now that you’ve helped set up on TV. That’s amazing and it’s a great milestone, Tony. I’m super excited for you.

I appreciate you because you brought that to me. I know you’re crushing it with radio and your students are doing well.

People are doing both. That’s the other thing I love too. We have people who’re like, “I’m doing TV and radio. I’m going all mass media on this thing.” It’s a lethal combination if you decide to do both. Again, as we always say, “Find the one that fits you best.” If TV is calling your name, go after TV. That’s your thing. Those that are reading have two options at this point with you. They can do it the traditional way that you’re doing it. Pay to have a Done With You System, or now they have the option to JV. I would tell you if you’re reading now as you talk with Tony, you got a couple of things to process through.

I know Tony, if you are on the side of Nelson, you better resemble what Nelson showed you now. Tony is not going to take you unless you’re a hustler, serious and you want to go this because he’s not going to waste his time. Once he takes you under his wing, he’s going to give you 100% of everything he’s got. That’s what I do know about Tony. As everyone’s reading, Tony, if they want to schedule a call to be able to talk with your team, ask some questions and see if this is a fit for them? Where do they go?

Go to our website Do what Nelson did. Go on there, fill out your information and apply for the program. Schedule a call with me and I’d love to talk to you about TV and see how we can help you.

Nelson, we’re proud of you for getting in the game at the age that you’re at and for having the courage to pick up that phone and call Tony. There’s no question in my mind that you’re about to take off and start to surpass a lot of people. I’m excited to watch your journey and where you end up here in the next several years. You got what we call it and it’s going to take you a long way down this entrepreneurial road for you. I’m excited for you and to everyone else, thank you so much for joining us and we will catch you soon when we add more value. We’ll talk to you guys later. Thanks so much.

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