Posted on: September 17, 2021
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If you’re an agent (or you know someone who is), is the REI Revive program right for you? The answer is, of course, YES!

One of the most common misconceptions about real estate agents/brokers is that they can easily sell or purchase a house. The reality is that you need to be in the right mindset to understand the type of investor you’re talking with and to look out for their best interest so that you can gain their trust and successfully close deals.

Joining Chris Craddock on the show today is Kelly Sanabria, who has been a licensed real estate agent in the DC metro area for over 3 years. She will discuss how the REI Revive course helped her team fill in the gaps in their business, resulting in a $4,000 deal in just a month with a few more contracts in the pipeline. She will also talk about the importance of having an experienced mentor who can shorten the learning curve and help you start making a lot of deals.

A Surefire Way To Close More Deals Just Sitting In Your Database With Kelly Sanabria

I am so excited to be back here with our girl, Kelly Sanabria. She is amazing, incredible, one of my students here with REI Revive. Not only that, but we’re also in the same area, the DC area. This has been fun getting to know her and getting the big buzz with her over. It’s incredible. With that said, I want to dive right in because I often get a lot of questions about REI Revive. If you are already an agent or if you know an agent, is this for you? With Kelly, her husband runs their investment group. He happens to know an agent. The question is, is it still for him because he knows an agent? Not only does he know her, but he’s also married to her. Is this still a program that would work for them?

I think Kelly’s going to be able to say it best, but the interesting thing is the journey that they went on to where they are now. It’s enlightening to understand how we can get there faster because that’s the whole goal in listening to any education or instruction program is not, “Can we figure it out?” Given enough time, everybody can figure out anything. The question is, how do you shorten that learning curve and how do you figure it out faster? There’s a lot of money to be made. Let’s figure it out as fast as we can. With that said, Kelly, tell us about yourself. Give us some of the highlights about yourself.

Thank you. It’s awesome and an honor to be on the show. I can’t believe that I’m here. I would have never guessed I would have been here, but it’s been an awesome journey so far. A quick background, I’m a licensed agent in the DC Metro area, officially since 2013 but full-time for the past few years. My husband is not licensed. He handles some investment stuff. He was in the hospitality industry, pre-COVID and when COVID hit, we were like, “Let’s change our model and what we’re doing.” We decided to team up. Now, we are partnered with another agent couple that we know in the DMV area. We decided to open up a wholesaling branch as a part of the legs. It’s always good to have different sources of income.

We’ve been working at trying to make this whole wholesaling agent thing work. As Chris said, we could have figured it out. We were starting to, but gaps were missing. When I first heard Chris on the show, it was with Chris Arnold. He was going back and forth and they were doing some play. I typed up the roleplay. I talked to my ISAs. I was like, “This is the process and where we’re missing.” We started it. It started to get a little bit better on the front end, but then I would go to the appointments on the back end and like, the conversion rate was terrible because I didn’t know what to do when I got there. You can figure it out, but the program is 100%. I needed the coaching.

Mindset is the biggest thing.

Thank you for the kind words. It’s awesome. I know you said that you were working before you heard about this because logically, thinking about George Bush, “No child left behind.” You want to have that no-lead left behind mentality. It makes sense like, “You can’t do it. Kick it over to an agent,” but I’ve seen it time and time again. Many of my wholesaler friends have tried this and it doesn’t work for them and they take it out.

Do you mind sharing a little bit about your experience trying that? Anybody reading can tell you’re a sharp person. It’s not like, “Kelly’s a drudge. She doesn’t know what she’s doing.” She’s sharp. You can tell by reading, but there were gaps. Can you tell us why things were falling apart? Why wasn’t it working? We’ll get into what changed once you jumped in.

I feel like the biggest thing is the mindset. Knowing the mindset of the appointment that the seller you’re in front of. An agent will go on their normal listing presentation that they’ve presented a million times to a standard seller that wants to list for top dollar, but knowing the type of person you’re in front of, the mindset and how you need to talk to them. That’s been the biggest key. That was the biggest piece that was missing. We have an ISA team that calls and schedules appointments and does follow-ups and things for us. We refined what they were saying on the front end. One of the biggest changes on the conversion rate of even getting in the door was changing the word agents to evaluation expert.

That was a huge a-ha moment and we were started going on a lot more appointments. It was like, “This whole thing is working.” I would go to the appointments ready to do a regular listing presentation and feeling that maybe they didn’t realize who I was or that I wasn’t a credible agent. It was a whole thing. They were jumping into the program and knowing the seller’s mindset that they want a cash offer but don’t want to give their house away. Having that third option of getting the best of both worlds is key. Knowing who you’re in front of has been one of the biggest gaps that have been filled and knowing a lot of the different options you can provide them on. We can put it in the MLS, but we don’t need the whole world to come to see it. It does combine both pieces of your investor audience and get them the price that they want.

I love what you’re saying about the mindset because I think that’s the biggest issue. This is what I’ve found with most investors. I’ll tell you. I’ve got a good buddy of mine up in the North. He does many deals. I think he does over 40 a month, but still, he’s like, “I’m not a licensed agent. I want to trust that they know what they’re doing, so I give it to them, but then they don’t close. I don’t expect to have anything come back to me. Originally, I thought that I’d make a fortune and it’s rare that it comes back.” I started asking him questions and he was like, “I assumed they would figure it out because that’s what they were licensed to do.”

WI 778 | Close More deals

Close More deals: One of the biggest changes on the conversion rate of even getting in the door was changing the word “agents” to “evaluation expert.”


I was like, “That’s the whole thing. Unless people understand the psychology that these people called an investor, they don’t want an agent to show up. They want somebody to show up with an answer to their problem, but if they say agent, they’re like, ‘No, I’ll talk to my brother’s uncle. He’s an agent. I don’t need an agent. I need somebody to solve my problem.’” They think that the investors know I’m going to do it. That’s awesome. I know you said that you have a couple of referrals coming back. Can you tell us what it looks like for some of the stuff that’s happened?

I should be tracking it a little bit better probably, but I know we have one check coming in on the referral. We’re in the DC Metro area, but we also niched out on our investment side. We niched out into vacation rental areas. It’s too far for me to go take a listing. We do refer it out to other agents in those areas. Going through that process with them and knowing exactly what appointment they’re going on and coaching them through that process.

We have that one and we have another one that’s listed, probably going to be going under contract shortly. That should be a little over $2,000 that will be coming. We’ve got some stuff in the pipeline for listings on my side because I’m getting better at those conversations and closing the seller on the hybrid model once I go in and meet them in person.

The hybrid model is part of the scripting, and scripting is key to everything. If you don’t understand that words have meaning, then you miss out on so much. As Kelly said, if you use the word agent, nobody’s going to talk to you. If you use the word evaluation expert, then they’re going to have the meeting, you’re going to have an appointment and everybody who is a winner wants to have that at-bat. Nobody says, “It’s going to be hard. I won’t try it.” If they’re a winner, they want the at-bat. That’s one of the keys. If someone’s going to sell their house, you want to get the chance to talk to them about it. That’s an awesome key there.

It’s always good to have different sources of income.

You already have about $4,000 coming back. Let’s not even assume, but I know you said you have a listing agreement signed and some others that are probably going to go through as well. Let’s say there’s another couple thousand on each one of those, but let’s not even include that. With the $4,000, you’re looking at an extra $50,000 a year. That’s $50,000 in found money. That’s money that you already paid for it.

Think about for like an average ROI. An average return on investment is a 3X ROI. If you were to reinvest that $50,000 back into the business, you should get three times that for average. You would want to do better than that than average, but average means that you can reinvest that. You learned that it did not cost you any time or money at all. It should be able to make your business about $150,000 in revenue over the next years, which is incredible.

I’m excited. It makes me so happy. I remember the first time I chatted with Kelly and I was like, “She’s a nice person.” You love it when you’re talking to somebody nice and friendly that wants to learn, grow and be better. For me, that’s one of those things that I see across the board. People that have that attitude that wants to be better and want to grow. They don’t know everything. They’re willing to sit at somebody’s steed and say, “How can I get better?” That is what I do all the time with people that know their craft.

I want to say that’s something that hopefully everybody will take away from a lesson from Kelly. Be able to be humble enough to say, “What do I need to do,” then going to do it. Don’t make it a hobby to make it work. Do you have any other last thoughts on the program or things that people can take away from this?

WI 778 | Close More deals

Flip the Script: Getting People to Think Your Idea Is Their Idea

The program has been great. As we said, I’ve been in it and the weekly coaching calls have been huge. I have an a-ha every week. It’s an a-ha to something that my team and I know is a solution for this. We know there was a way that we could do this. We just don’t know-how. Having the coaching with you and your experience but then hearing other people’s intake because other people will ask questions and those questions will get answered by you. I’m like, “I had that question. I didn’t realize I had that question, but that was a problem that we couldn’t solve.” Now, three times later, I’ve watched the recording and I can solve it.

It’s been great. My knowledge base has grown so much, having you as a coach and some things that you’ve recommended. You recommended a book. I’m halfway through the Flip the Script and it’s like a paradigm shift. I was listening to it on the way to an appointment. It made that appointment completely different, even not practicing a lot, but I was able to use one of the things that he touched on and it did make a big difference.

Having that support system on other people when other markets knows that everybody’s going through it together. It’s been huge. I appreciate you serving as much as you do on those calls and giving as much information as you can to us and resources. They’ve been tremendously helpful for both our investment and our reasonable business. Thank you so much.

Thank you, Kelly. This has been fun and great. If anybody wants to reach out to Kelly. Kelly, do you want to share your info? If everybody wants to reach out. We’re in the DC area. Anything that anybody wants to send to Kelly. She’s great. Feel free.

Anytime. My first and last name, is my email. I’m pretty active on social media, @KellySanabriaRealtor is my Instagram tag or handle, whatever you call it.

I’ll tell you if this is something where you have dead leads, you have an investor company, even if you have a relationship with an agent, we want a supercharge that. We want to help you so that no lead is left behind so that you don’t leave piles of cash in your CRM and look back later and say, “All I had to do is make a small little adjustment.” That’s like tens of thousands of dollars that could be life-changing to your business. If that’s something you want to do, please visit and either myself or somebody from the team will jump on and take a look at your business and see if this is a good fit for you and we’ll go from there. Kelly, this has been awesome. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Everybody, go out and kill it.

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