Episode 770: 5 Minute Breakdown – Breaking Down a $24k Wholesaling Deal that Came from a Referral

WI 770 | Wholesaling Referral Deal

Brent “Mr. TTP” Daniels, gives us a quick breakdown of a deal that he got in Utah. He bought the house for $260,000 and sold it for $315,000, making over $24,000 in profit. Wholetailing is an investing technique where you buy discounted properties, but you put them under contract, fix it up, and then list it on the MLS market for sale.


Brent shares the emotional story behind the property and how he was able to close that deal in just 10 days. He also talks about the importance of being loud so that you can get more opportunities.

5 Minute Breakdown – Breaking Down A $24K Wholesaling Deal That Came From A Referral

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