Episode 769: How to Keep More of the Money You Make (Legally) in Your Wholesaling Business

WI 769 | Business Accounting


If you want to run a successful wholesaling business, you need to understand accounting. However, that could get very technical. Fortunately, our guest today is an expert in that field. David Richter is the Founder of Simple CFO Solutions, and his company’s goal is to transform the real estate investing industry by changing the way real estate investors view their finances. It empowers business owners to keep more profit in order to live life on their terms by adhering to the “profit first” philosophy.

In this episode, David Richter will weigh in on the common mistakes that real estate entrepreneurs make when it comes to the accounting aspect of their business, and then he will give us insight into how Simple CFO Solutions manages those issues. He will also explain why “profit first” is one of the best strategies when running a real estate business.

How To Keep More Of The Money You Make (Legally) In Your Wholesaling Business Featuring David Richter

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