Posted on: September 01, 2021

Because plenty of real estate markets are getting saturated, carving out your niche is the way to go.

Today’s guest is Philip Vincent, the owner of Mom’s House who has been in the business for 20 years. Mom’s House is a homebuyer network for seniors in transition. Because Mom’s House buys properties as-is, it’s a quick and stress-free process that provides families with funds to get mom or dad the care they require. This is also an industry that has zero marketing costs.

In this interview, Philip shares how he got into the senior living industry and talks about the satisfaction that he gets from connecting with sellers. In addition to that, he explains the reason why this market is not suitable for everyone.

Key Takeaways

  • Where the name “Mom’s House” came from
  • The power of trust
  • The stigma on real estate investors and how Phillip overcame that
  • 6 reasons why senior living properties are the best leads
  • The top 3 things Phillip learned in the business


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