Posted on: August 26, 2021

Cold calling potential prospects can be tough. You can get yelled at or cussed out, you might annoy someone, and you can get rejected multiple times. It can be very intimidating, but your income depends solely upon how many cold calling prospects you can convert into deals.

In this episode, Luke Rotvold—America’s greatest cold caller—will talk about how he got a $10-million portfolio of properties. He has done $7-million worth of deals, 75% of which he got from cold calling and the remaining 25% from messaging. He will also share his path to progress and how repetition helped him get over his own fear of cold calling. If you have a fear of cold calling, then this episode is for you!

Key Takeaways

  • The blueprint of a successful business
  • Luke’s motivation for cold calling
  • On his doubts and struggles during his first five months in the business
  • The 3 Ds that hold people back: doubt, destruction, and disappointment
  • Ways to build up your pipeline of opportunities
  • On branching out into different facets of real estate
  • On building your portfolio and your reputation
  • How to do lead follow-ups
  • About Luke’s lead generation tracking booklet


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