Episode 76: The Power of Referrals

William J. Rafter has been Wholesaling since the 70s and he’s done everything you can think of when it comes to real estate. Over the past 10 years, he’s focused on Wholesaling and he has a wealth of knowledge to share with you today.



  • Why referrals are so powerful for a Wholesaling business
  • How to secure referrals
  • How to remove liens for cents on the dollar and add equity to a hard-to-sell property


Free Marketing

Referrals are always great because they’re free marketing. If you can get people who will refer you deals, you’re expenses are 0 and it’s all profit.

Bill is a master at getting people, especially real estate agents, to refer him deal after deal after deal. He is in this position because he is helping these individuals do something they don’t know how to do, so he’s giving a lot of value back.


Cultivating Good Referral Relationships

Bill’s networking strategy harkens back to a pre-smartphone era, when the only way to keep in touch with your local realtors was to go to their office and say hello. To this day, he has a “farm” of real estate offices that he goes to, in person, to develop a trusting relationship.

These offices refer Bill their hard-to-sell properties, and he helps them get paid.

The key is to always make sure the real estate agent is paid their commission. If you do that, and maintain a good relationship, they will continue referring to you.






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