Posted on: August 19, 2021

Sustainable action is key during your first 90 days of wholesaling. College baseball player Nick Kamrada originally planned to work in the medical field, but when he discovered wholesaling, he realized that it could help him achieve his life goals. Eight months after he made the switch, he is now generating a passive income of $1,083 every day!

Nick joins Brent “Mr. TTP” Daniels in today’s show to talk about his wholesaling business. He then dives into a transaction in which he had to act as a mediator between two sisters for a property that he intended to invest in. Nick reveals how he persuaded them to reach an agreement and sell the property, earning him a net profit of $32,500.

So if you’re interested in achieving financial freedom via passive income, then don’t miss this!

Key Takeaways

  • The books/resources that set Nick down the path of real estate
  • How he got comfortable running evaluations on a new market
  • The 3 parts of wholesaling: lead generation, conversion into signed agreements, and exit strategy (or disposition)
  • On hoarder houses and streamlining your process instead of just trying to convince property owners to sell
  • Networking is Nick’s main channel for building his cash buyer database
  • Get loud and form relationships


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