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WI 755 | Consistency In Real Estate


When it comes to real estate—or any business venture—consistency is essential. It can be tempting to cease everything if you’ve had little to no progress in a long time. However, to achieve quality results, you really need to keep pushing.

Todd Toback is a wholesaler who used to sell Viagra for a living. When he first got into real estate, he encountered a few setbacks because he lacked consistency. Fortunately, he took a step back and got into the mindset needed to be successful. He was able to find success with the right mix of aspiration, inspiration, and motivation.

If you have problems with consistency, then this episode is for you.

How to (Finally) Gain Consistency as a Real Estate Wholesaler With Todd Toback

Todd, welcome.

Thank you. I’m happy to be here. I love coming to the show.

We have been on fire about motivation and consistency. The way that I formatted it is getting into that perfect mix between aspiration, inspiration, motivation, and in the middle there, finding that success. We are also talking about consistency, perseverance, persistence, and about how that builds into, “If you want to get what you want, you’ve got to be persistent but to keep what you have, you’ve got to be consistent.” I know that you did an unbelievable speech in Asheville, North Carolina talking about some of the mental turbulence that we feel in this business. I thought it would be perfect to come on here and get your perspective on how to stay motivated and how to keep that consistency.

I would like to start with a story because of that persistence, I have never heard it put that way before. That is phenomenal because when I was at my corporate job, I was selling Viagra for a living. I remember there was a situation in which I had gotten a friend hired at my company and they brought him in at a $15,000 or $20,000 higher base salary than me. I went to my boss and said, “What the heck? What happened here?” He put his arm around me and he was like, “You don’t understand how the corporate world works.” It’s like, “Suck it up, pay your dues and play the game.”

Wherever you are right now, you’re there because you’re tolerating that.

That was that moment where it stirred something inside me. That was that fire. Whenever you are looking for that initial push because for me, I was in my car. I was embarrassed, humiliated, and feeling sorry for myself but at that point, angrier and disgusted. If you are struggling to take action, you need to find that moment. Wherever you are now, you are there because you are tolerating that. There’s going to be some kind of event, a feeling or a moment where you say, “I’ve got to make a change. I’ve got to shift. I can’t do what I have always done or I’m going to get what I have always gotten.”

Some people start there and they get that first check. What I don’t tell a lot of people is when I was angry and on fire, I did get that first check and I was persistent but what happened was for the next couple of years, I stayed at my job. I didn’t have the money rolling in because I didn’t lack the second part and that was consistency. Many of us get started in this business because we are hungry and excited. If we see Mr. TTP on YouTube, who can’t help but take action? When all of a sudden, you get that first check and lose that fire, you’ve got to build something special.

WI 755 | Consistency In Real Estate

Consistency In Real Estate: You have to love the habit and routine. Where most people drop the ball is the boring part.


That’s why I have this poster. It is called The Big Mo, for The Big Momentum. I’ve got this concept from Darren Hardy and also Jeff Olson from The Slight Edge. The part of this is you have to love the habit and routine of generating leads, talking to sellers, converting them to close, and getting them to the closing table for as large of a profit as you can handle. Where most people drop the ball is the boring part. It’s the not sexy part where you are looking and you are like, “I’m making 60 or 70 calls every single day. I’m not seeing the results. I’m not sure if this is worth it.”

My favorite analogy, if you take a look at that middle part, that’s where it says, “The Big.” It’s the red pump. I tell everyone when we were working in an office, “Hit that pump,” and when you hit the pump, nothing is coming out. Most people quit when they are pumping and pumping and they don’t see any water but that’s not the case. Most people quit when they see a little bit of water coming out. They are like, “I’m pumping. This little water is coming out.” If they would wait that extra 60 or 90 days, those flood gates are going to come and that water is going to be pouring out.

Instead of having to go like this, you’ve got to go, “Whoosh, whoosh.” You get over that hill but then it just takes that simple and consistent arm motion, which is going to give you a business, if you are going to translate in this, that’s going to turn off a tremendous amount of cash month after month. When you do that, you get to do the things that you want to do.

When you were at the job, was there a part of you that had that aspiration to be a business owner or was it, “If I can hit my financial goals here, I will do it but if I can’t, I’m going to have to be an entrepreneur. I’m going to have to be self-employed and go out there on my own. I’m going to have to do these deals?” Why not ride that corporate ladder? Why not keep going and pushing it there? Was there something about your aspirations that you didn’t want to do that and you wanted to do it more for yourself?

Once you get the ball over the hill, you just have to touch it every day.

I think this is what stirred it in because he said to me, “Can I give you what you need?” I was living in Santa Barbara in California. What does that mean? Basically it’s, “Are you going to be able to be satisfied with the money that you are going to get paid?” He asked me that. Derek, my mentor at Pfizer taught me pretty much everything about sales. Derek, thank you for this sales training. I’m sorry I quit.

Going back to that, it was that moment of dissatisfaction where I said, “I’m living in Santa Barbara. I’m not going to be able to afford a house. I’m not going to be able to go to the beach and surf or swim every time I want and I want to be there for my kids.” Even though I didn’t have any yet, but because my dad was an entrepreneur, I saw that. In the summers, he was with us every single day and all the other kids were commuting to New York City. I saw the way that my dad built businesses where he put a lot of work in the beginning and get it going.

Once that he got it going, he said, “Once you get the ball over the hill, you’ve got to touch it every day.” My dad was a street preacher. That was his passion. Once he got the business going and over the hill, he worked but not crazy. It was an hour or two a day. He went to the office and went over the leads with everybody. It was a telemarketing operation, so he’s like, “Let’s convert those leads. What’s hot and what’s not and we are going to make as much money as possible.” He had a blast. I watched that and I saw the power of consistency.

Some people think this is not that sexy of a topic but let me give you another example. I love to grow tomatoes. I plant them every March. I’m out there and set it up and that’s that persistence part where I’m there and I’ve got the drip system and the fertilizer. Every day I’m going out there and I’m like, “Where are the tomatoes? Are they growing?” Every year I do this but I still water them and do what I’m supposed to do. My wife is like, “You do this to yourself every single year. They are coming.” Long story short, I see a couple of tomatoes.

WI 755 | Consistency In Real Estate

Consistency In Real Estate: If you stick at it day after day and you do the right things day in and day out, you better watch because the deals are coming, the money is coming.


What do you think I’m thinking when I see a couple of tomatoes? At first, I’m like, “I’m not sure it’s worth all this work.” Even though I know what’s going to happen, that’s what I’m thinking but I have to remember what you are saying. Now, we have a massive tomato problem at my house. There are bins of tomatoes everywhere. I brought some in to the office and some guys made a Gazpacho. Every day, consistently, that drip system comes out and waters it automatically. We put it in the fertilizer and we prune it.

It was a lot of work to set it up but once you go in there and it’s being watered every single day before you know it, it’s uncontrollable. The same thing is going to happen in this business. When you are cold calling, texting or however you are generating leads, it feels like it’s a mountain. You are out there, maybe if you are driving for dollars and taking pictures and there’s nothing, then all of a sudden, 30 days down the line, you might have a few hot leads. If you stick at it day after day and you do the right things day in and day out, you better watch out because the deals are coming. The money is coming. If you want to quit your job or keep your job, buy a nice house, have nice things, or give to charity, it’s coming.

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