Posted on: August 12, 2021
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Anyone can wholesale real estate!

Take it from Dustin Ring. He comes from humble beginnings, lives in a rural area, and works a 9-5 IT job. His first 3 deals fell through, but he was able to close 11 deals in a month—one of which is an $80,000 turnkey house that he’s moving into!

In this episode, Dustin will share how he got into wholesaling real estate and the marketing channels he utilizes to get most of his deals. He will also give a quick breakdown of his $15,000 mega deal, offering advice for people who are just starting out or are afraid of getting into this business.

From Almost Quitting to Closing 11 Deals…IN ONE MONTH!

Imagine what you would do if the first time you go out and you have so much courage and faith in yourself, you talk to a distressed property owner, you get that property under contract, and for some reason, you can’t get it closed, you feel like the bottom has fallen out. You feel like, “What am I going to do?” You then get back on the horse and you do it again, and that deal falls out. You then get back on the horse again, and that deal falls out.

Three deals in a row that you were hoping would help change your financial future, which would help you go from believing that you can do it to you knowing that you can do it, and it all falls away. You go from having to cancel three deals and being at that place in your mind to closing eleven deals in a month. That is story of the gentlemen that I am interviewing and having a conversation with. He is from Jackson, Tennessee. It is my pleasure to bring on Dustin Ring onto the show.

Dustin, say hello to everybody.

What’s up, everybody? It’s my pleasure to be here.

It’s great to have you on here, Dustin. What an inspiration. You started out and it didn’t work, but you kept going. When you were starting out and you were getting these properties under contract, what was happening? Why didn’t these deals work out for you?

When I first started out, there was that hard balance and the question that everybody asks is like, “What do I find first? Deals or buyers?” If I find a deal and don’t have any buyers, how am I going to sell it? If I don’t have any buyers, then they’re going to think I’m wasting their time on the deals I’m bringing to them. It’s that balance. I think that’s where I was stuck. Where I live is a little bit more rural. I was finding deals at good prices, but I didn’t have anybody who wanted to close on them.

I didn’t have too much guidance on how to push them to the moon. I was posting them to the marketplace, but I hadn’t made the relationships with the people in those areas. Now, I have the relationships. If I got that deal now, I’d go tomorrow. It’s just that at that time, as I said, what everybody thinks is fear not having that buyer pool to close these deals. Let me say if the deal is good enough, it’s good enough to find the buyer. That is true in most situations.

You’re absolutely right, Dustin. If you’re in a rural market and everything is spread out, you don’t have a very strong, reliable cash buyer database, sometimes in actual deals and you don’t get the exposure that you need. We’ll have some coachable moments on this show. I’ll give some suggestions, but mostly we’re going to follow your path, your journey into wholesaling, and discover what it took to get past that.

What you’ve done in the meantime to be able to build up your cash buyer database to be able to sell the deals that you get now, that’s going to be exciting. Tell me about you. How do you get into wholesaling real estate? How did you find it? It’s such a niche and it excites me to find people like me who found this, are doing so well, enjoy it, and have that energy about it. How did you find wholesaling?

WI 752 | Closing Deals

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

What’s funny is I’m still living in this duplex. I told you I’m closing on my new house this month, which I found for $80,000 market value and it’s turnkey. Humble beginnings, I’m in this $400 a month rent apartment. Just because I’m closing eleven deals doesn’t mean I’m above that. I’m still not forgetting where I came from.

I was in IT for a while making $35,000 to $40,000 a year, and then I moved into this duplex. My landlord actually gave me a copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad. It sat on my shelf for 1.5 to 2 years, collecting dust until I finally cracked it open. One of my buddies had mentioned real estate and this book. I was like, “My landlord gave me that book. I’ll read it.” Here I am, a guy that’s already paycheck-to-paycheck.

When I say paycheck-to-paycheck, I was a negative bank account balance to negative bank account balance. Wednesday and Thursday before payday, I’m negative. I’m going, “Please, Lord. Don’t let me run out of gas. I think I got enough food in the fridge. I’ve already paid all my bills. I can’t wait for payday, so I can pay my overdraft fees and then have enough to live for the next month until you do it again.” That’s where I was in my life.

I read that book and I was like, “I can’t get 20% to save for a house. I can’t afford to pay attention. How am I going to do that?” I’m struggling to pay for insurance, car, phone, all this stuff I have to have. I ended up seeing somebody on a podcast. I ended up showing into a real estate meeting next and met a bunch of like-minded people, mostly investors.

They knew a bit about wholesaling when I asked, but essentially, it’s like, “You mean you’re a property finder?” I’m like, “I guess essentially that’s what you would call it. A glorified property finder.” I need the capital to be able to buy these properties for this passive income that I want to create for my life. Making $35,000, $40,000 a year, that’s great for some people, and if that was to be your life, I’m not knocking that but not me.

I was backed into a corner. I was like a spider at flight at this point. I hated where I lived and was broke. I’m the glorified copier salesman for the rest of my life. That’s your hero you can look up to. I couldn’t live with that. It has to be better than that. That’s how I got into wholesaling. As you said, my first three deals fell through when I started.

There had to be something, Dustin, that’s sparked your landlord to give you Rich Dad Poor Dad unless he’s trying to teach everybody how to not be his tenants anymore. It’s definitely not self-serving for him. There had to be some conversation, fire, and spark in your eye that he saw that he gave you that. You finally cracked it open and got into those. You are being around other investors in the real estate meetup groups or the REAs in your market there, squatting up, seeing what’s going on there, and seeing other people being successful. That’s absolutely critical. Once you see somebody else doing it, you’re like, “I can do this.”

The way you say it, I used to say this all the time too. I had a 0.7 GPA when I dropped out my senior year. That’s because I skipped most days and did whatever I wanted. I was not a smart guy. I never felt like I was. I felt like I had something in here that I was supposed to do something better than anybody else or I was meant for better things. I’m like, “I’m not meant to live in this duplex. I want to make a difference.” I always wanted to be a pro wrestler for a while, but I wanted to do something larger than life and wholesaling has given me that ability now.

For the first three deals, how are you finding these? I love going to what is the origin story of the first actions that people took? It tells you how you start down.

I started shouting into the moon. That first real estate meetup group, the guy said, “Everybody always asks me how I can get started, go home to your Facebook, type in ‘I buy houses fast for cash.’ You can close in 30 days. Just do it. I guarantee you 99% of people can’t even do that. It’s getting out of your comfort zone.”

It’s the things you do that nobody else wants to do that will help you find success.

I knew people knew I didn’t have any money. I was always negative and better on Facebook. People were like, “I’m so tired of this guy.” That’s the way I felt people perceived me. I went home and did it. I then got a huge response. Everybody started, “What do you doing? What’s up?” I kept doing it more every day. I then started posting to Facebook groups. I went to Fiverr and got a flyer made.

I started digging in more and more and looking at like, “How do I find more leads?” Facebook is where I started. I also worked for a printer company. I would print out these great-quality flyers. Before I had a deal machine or an app, I would go around driving and tape flyers to front doors. I would sweat my butt off in the hot summer down here in Tennessee, but it worked. I closed three deals off one flyer that I taped to a door. It was that boots on the ground at first because that’s the only way I knew.

For everyone that’s got that analysis paralysis or whatever you call it, the first house I got under contract, I went to that house. I brought myself a digital camera. I thought that’d be more professional instead of my phone, which is ten times better than that digital camera. I’m taking pictures of stuff. I wasn’t a construction worker. I don’t know how to do rehabs at that point. I don’t know what to look for. I’ve rented my whole life. I’ve never owned. It was that action of doing it.

Once I did it, once, twice, three times, I felt like after a couple of times, you know exactly what to look for, you know the questions to ask, you can start filling out people a little bit more, then you start to come over that fear. Suck it first, like picking up that phone. Do you think everybody wants to do that? Nobody wants to go cold-call people. It’s the things you do that nobody else wants to do you’re going to find success at. That’s why in wholesaling, I become so successful because the few that aren’t successful are doing the things that nobody else does.

You’ve got an IT job and a passion for real estate. Most people start out in the wholesaling business with a full schedule, full of responsibilities, full-time job, whether it’d be the military, stay-at-home parent raising children, or whatever it is. How did you balance it? Where did you find the time? That’s a question that I get all the time on my DMs. Even in our group in TTP family, the coaching program, people ask, “How do I balance this? How do I fit it in?” Where did you find the right time to be able to time block and make it sacred that nobody distracted you from the business?

It’s different for everybody’s situation. I have one son that I get to see every other weekend. You might have a family of four that you constantly have at home, so everyone’s situation is different. I was lucky enough to be able to have more free time than others. First off, I’m at work thinking I knew nothing about wholesaling. I can’t wait to get off work. That’s how exciting it was. You get off work and you might have to sacrifice some free time, TV time, and have to stay up a little bit later.

I know sleep is awesome. Waking up early sucks and it can be painful sometimes. Start getting that snowball rolling that you want to work so hard. You build it up and keep packing that snow on there. You don’t have to constantly look for time to spend wholesaling here and there, especially once you start getting a few deals on your belt. Where I’m from, the assignment fees aren’t that big, but people are wholesaling in some of these places. These assignment fees are huge and life-changing.

What is your average deal size?

My average deal size is anywhere from 5 to 7. I would say I’ve actually pushed it up a little bit to ten. It’s becoming closer to ten. I’m in an area and it’s more country out here. It’s a city, but we have more rural areas. I will say we have more local investors. These aren’t investors that go to a BiggerPockets and study. These are guys that were born into investing. Their family did it for years. Their dad owns the realty company down the street and everybody uses it. It’s stuff like that.

Essentially, what I’m doing in my market is educating everyone on how these deals work because every attorney I go to, which we only close with attorneys around here with power companies, I’m having to teach them how to structure an assignment. It’s very new around here, but it’s a little bit more difficult to work. I was selling myself short at first.

WI 752 | Closing Deals

Closing Deals: You might have to sacrifice some free time. You might have to sacrifice some TV time. You might have to stay up a little bit later.


I’d be like, “I want to get a deal closed. What’s your bottom dollar? I’d like to make $2,000 extra. That would be great.” “Great. $32,000, write it up.” My manager said $35,000 or $36,000. I used to be so anxious to lock a deal up. I would have to float for a minute and try to get the most out of it because these guys want your property. They want to make the deal as bad as you want to close to the deal.

Is it your cash buyers?

Yes, cash buyers where I’m in.

Are you finding that there’s a lot of competition?

There’s a competition that starts but never finishes. Mostly around here, we’re in a realtor bubble. If you’re not a realtor, you can’t work in real estate. That’s the way it is around here. I wasn’t a realtor for two years. I was a realtor for a short time. Investing and not being a realtor is weird around here in this rural area.

I’ll tell you what, though. I’ve befriended most realtors around here. There’s a lot that doesn’t like what I do. No matter what, you can’t change people’s mindsets. If they have one mindset, this is the only way to do real estate. It’s hard to change them over. What I’ve done is I’ve befriended a ton of realtors that come to me daily for deals.

They have buyers in California and New York. Buyers that I would never make connections with. I do deals with realtors all the time. It’s not because I was a realtor, but once you start working with them and show them that you’re easy to work with, they’ll love working with you, even if you’re licensed or not. You can do both, but being unlicensed makes it a little bit more difficult.

Why aren’t these realtors going after the same deals you are or are they?

I would say fear. Most of them want that turnkey house at a $300,000 listing. We’re in a town where there are 50 listings and I’ve got 20 contracts under my belt. They’re not going after them. That’s the stigma. If you don’t have this great listing portfolio, there’s no money in investments. A lot of times, realtors are only getting paid 3%. If the house sells for $30,000, where we could make $10,000 on $30,000, they’re going to make $1,500. They’ll pass it off all day, every day. I’ll get leads like that too, and then I’ll partner up with them.

Let’s break it down. You’ve got eleven deals. You’re going from canceling 3 deals to closing 11 in a month, one being a house that you’re moving into and getting with $80,000 worth of equity. How are you doing this? How are you finding these deals? What are you doing? For everybody out there that’s new to this, there are three parts of this business. Keep it simple.

The few that are successful at wholesaling are doing the things that nobody else does.

The first part is lead generation. That’s the engine of your business. That is when you build up your pipeline of opportunities. That is where you’re going out there and you’re having quality conversations with distressed property owners and seeing if they would consider an offer. The second part of this business is conversion. This is pre-qualifying them. This is doing your lead follow-up and your offer presentation and getting the offer signed.

The third is an exit strategy, whether that be assigning the deal, flipping the deal, or holding the deal. Whatever you want to do there, there are three parts to this business. Let’s start with the first part. What is your main lead generations? What does that look like out of the eleven deals enclosed? What is the makeup of those?

I would say at this point that I’ve got my snowball rolling. I’m dipping into a little bit of everything. I don’t send many mailers. If I am driving for dollars, I’m adding them to a list to cold call or text. I’ve got heavy radio here in town. Radio is super expensive, especially if you’re in bigger cities, but the leads I get coming through the radio, I’ve got a $19,000 assignment fee pending and I’ve got $70,000 pending. In those huge fees, it comes from radio. It’s hot leads. I don’t know what it is, but they’re unique. You’re going to spend all that money, but it’s going to come back.

You’re making Chris Arnold, who does the REI Radio that talks about it on this show, very happy, Dustin. That’s awesome.

I’ve got a buddy that was a part of his program that does it in another state. At this point, all he has to do is wait for his phone to ring. He’s awesome. That’s a kid that when you’re talking about making connections with people, I feel like he’s helped me become successful. I’ve helped him become successful. We’re constantly bouncing off marketing ideas. I would’ve never texted unless he would have, like, ” Have you ever tried texting him?” I’m like, “No, what’s all that about?”

Now, I do everything. I text, cold call, radio marketing, I’ve got a few billboards from brand recognition. I’m in a smaller town. It’s on the main artery. I’m from Memphis, but I’ve lived here for a long time. I can shove my face down everyone’s throat. I don’t care if you’re going to use my service or not. If you see me in the subway line, but “That’s Dustin Ring. He buys houses for cash.”

You’ve got cold calling, texting, some email, radio, and billboard. What are you spending a month in marketing?

To put pen to paper, probably around $7,000, maybe more. I was skip tracing almost three lists a day. I’m spending probably $200 or $300 and we send 600 texts. These are in smaller markets.

For everybody, a skip tracing is a service to get phone numbers for the properties that you’re trying to get ahold of. is the best.

That’s what we use.

WI 752 | Closing Deals

Closing Deals: No matter what, you can’t change people’s mindsets. If they have one mindset, this is the only way to do real estate. It’s kind of hard to change them over.


Use that TTP Coupon code. You’ll get a discount there. About $7,000, maybe a little bit more, but you’re making $70,000. Talk to me about how you met your acquisition manager.

It’s funny. I’m playing Call of Duty. I cannot stand playing Call of Duty, but my best friend in Nashville would always beg me. It’s like our hangout session after work. I can’t see him, but, “Let’s talk and have a beer, like talking and shoot some people.” He’s like, “I want to introduce you to this guy. His name is Uncle Buck online, but his name is Colin. He lives in Nova Scotia.”

Every day, I’d be excited, log on and talk about how the day went like, “I got this deal going.” He’s in college for business management. He would always ask all these questions and go, “I need an assistant, but what if I brought you on and you help me with acquisitions? We both make a ton of money together and you can sit at home.” They’re still in full lockdown up there, so he can’t work his job. He was making $1,800 a month, but now he’s making $9,000. He likes me a little bit more and I like him. He’s awesome.

It is the time of the show where we break down a deal. The reason we break down a deal is to show everybody like open up, open the kimono, look at everything, look under the hood, and see what these transactions require. To put it into perspective like, “You can do this. Let me show you the nuts and bolts of this transaction.” Dustin, what deal do you want to break down?

I will break down my mega-deal. It’s my 3rd or 4th closed and the one where I texted my boss the next day and said, “I’m putting in my two weeks.” This is a double-wide and wholesale mobile home. If they’re on land, it’s big money. People like that stuff. A lady moved into her house. She was terrible with her money, to put it that way. Her husband passed away. She got some large inheritance from insurance or whatever. She buys this super nice double-wide trailer on four acres.

Everything is brand new. It adds on a front porch, back porch, and blacktop driveway. I don’t know if you know how much blacktop cement and concrete is, but it’s expensive. She spent a ton of money getting this thing exactly the way she wanted it. She had it for about a year and a half. I believe I posted it on Facebook. There are Facebook groups that you can post to for marketing-free groups.

What’s the group?

It’s a free Facebook group like in Jackson buy, sell, and trade backyard yard sale. I’m looking for houses to buy. That’s how I got in contact with her. We haggled on price. She called me one month and she was ready to move forward, but she was having these issues where her daughter was living in the house and didn’t want to move. It took a while. I’ve got this lead right when I started and it was about a few months later when we finally got it under contract and closed.

Her daughter was upset that she was selling it and finally, we agreed. After two months, she calls me out of the blue and says, “Dustin, I want to sell right now. I’ll get my daughter out. I’m ready to go.” I go home and print out a contract and drive out there immediately. We haggle to a price. I make her an offer. It’s stung to make that offer, but I knew I had to make that low offer because they’re always going to counter that offer. You can always go up, but you can’t go back down. I had to make that offer. She ended up going $5,000 more and I got it under contract for $40,000.

You posted to the Facebook free group. What did you post?

I used to post my flyers and that’s it.

Once you start working with realtors and show them that you’re easy to work with, they’ll love working with you, even if you’re licensed or not.

What did the flyer say?

Dustin buys houses fast for cash. Need property. The post is almost a picture. It’s all on that post. Divorce, moving out of town, relocating, and vacant property. All those bullet and pressure points. It’s just one page. I’ll use that as my flyer. It’s also taped to people’s doors.

She then called you.

Yes, she called me off of Facebook. It was a free lead. All I did was log into my Facebook and go to a group. It didn’t cost me a dime. I didn’t have to do Facebook ads or anything. I drive out there. We couldn’t get to a price. She was like, “No, never mind. I’m not interested. I can’t do it at that price.” I said, “Okay.” I walked away from the deal. That’s one of the hardest things to do. You don’t want to lose that deal because you’re so interested to get it.

If you walk and you’re truly motivated, they’ll call you back. Forty-five minutes later, I’d get home. I’d made the 30-minute trip home. She calls me again and says, “Never mind, I changed my mind. I want to sell. Come back out here.” I drive right back out there, get it under contract for $40,000 and ended up selling it the very next day for $55,000.”

How much did you make?

$15,000 on that one. That was half my yearly salary right there. You can imagine how I felt.

That’s when you’re like, “See you, boss.”

I did make it right, though. Their central unit ended up going out right as we closed. I’m humbled as hell. I ended up throwing him another $1,000 after closing. I think I made $14,000 to get their HVAC fixed.

How did that feel when you saw that $14,000 or the $15,000 when it came in? How did it feel? What was going through your brain?

I was untouchable for a minute like I’m Superman. You cannot touch me. That’s how I felt like, “Where’s my awesome suit and everything?” You do have to stay humble. It’s hard not to stay humble sometimes when you’re making these huge checks. You want to shout it to the moon because if you’ve come from nothing, which my family didn’t provide much for me at all. It was either sink or swim. I joined the military right after I got out of high school because my parents were like, “You ain’t got to be an F up here. You’re going to be F up over there, but not here.”

WI 752 | Closing Deals

Closing Deals: It’s amazing to be able to create success out of nothing after it’s almost like just pure will.


It’s amazing to be able to create success out of nothing. It’s almost like pure will. I’m so motivated to do this that I’m going to make it happen. When it happens, it’s like, “I did it. I made fire.” It’s an awesome feeling. I still get excited about deals. I can’t wait to market a deal when I get a good one. It’s not about all about the money but the volume I’m moving and everything. People are paying attention. I’m very vocal with what I do. Not necessarily like saying, “I’m a wholesaler,” but they see me moving deals and stuff.

If people want to reach out, maybe they’re in a similar situation as you and they need some guidance, or they want to throw you some love, how do people get ahold of you?

I’m not big on Instagram, but I do have one. I’m big on Facebook. You can hit my name, @DustinRing. I have it right here in Jackson, Tennessee. I’ve got a page called Dustin Buys Houses Fast. You can hit that up. You can email me, I’m a Facebook-holic. I’m always on their market or doing motivational video or something. That’d be the best place to get ahold of me.

Reach out to Dustin, especially if you are in Tennessee. If you’re somewhere in Tennessee, you guys can meet up, get connected, or joint venture and do some deals together.

If you need help, just holler at me. I’ll help you any way I can.

The moral of this show is to be loud. Here’s the thing. You post to the groups. Don’t be scared to be loud. When I talk about TTP and talking to people, people correlate that with cold calling, but it’s not just that. It’s getting out there and building a network of people that understand what you’re doing. Feeding your passion to be a real estate entrepreneur by letting everybody know about it and good things are going to happen.

You’re going to be known as the person that town like Dustin that does deals that are looking for distressed property. All of a sudden, you’re going to get referrals and opportunities. People are going to be a part of your cash buyer database. That’s what it’s all about. Go out there. Have courage like Dustin and be loud.  

Walking away is one of the hardest things to do. You don’t want to lose that deal, and you’re so interested in getting it. But if you walk and they’re truly motivated, they’ll call you back.

If you’re interested in joining the most proactive, most loud group in real estate investing, it is the TTP family and TTP Program. Go to  Check it out, scroll down, check out all the testimonials, check out what it’s about. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. I look forward to working with you personally. Dustin, thank you again for jumping on.

I appreciate it.

What an incredible story and journey. For everybody else out there, as always, I sign off by encouraging you to talk to people. Until next time.

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