Posted on: August 12, 2021

Anyone can wholesale real estate!

Take it from Dustin Ring. He comes from humble beginnings, lives in a rural area, and works a 9-5 IT job. His first 3 deals fell through, but he was able to close 11 deals in a month—one of which is an $80,000 turnkey house that he’s moving into!

In this episode, Dustin will share how he got into wholesaling real estate and the marketing channels he utilizes to get most of his deals. He will also give a quick breakdown of his $15,000 mega deal, offering advice for people who are just starting out or are afraid of getting into this business.

Key Takeaways

  • On getting out of your comfort zone and what the competition is like in real estate
  • Befriend/partner with realtors to get more deals
  • The 3 parts of wholesaling: lead generation, conversion, and exit strategy
  • How Dustin met his acquisition manager
  • Stay humble and be loud


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