Posted on: August 09, 2021
WI 749 | Overcoming Adversity


Myles Berrio is a published author, a renowned photographer, and a real estate investor. In about 7 months into the business, he was able to generate a $100k deal!
Unfortunately, a drunk driving accident resulted into major injuries that eventually led to the amputation of his leg.
Wholesaling is the ultimate side hustle, and in this special episode, Myles talks about building relationships to generate deals. He recounts the tragedy that he experienced while driving for dollars and shares how he rose above certain challenges, changing the trajectory of his life.

From Tragedy To Triumph – Overcoming Adversity To Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose With Myles Berrio

We have a special episode and an inspirational person here. We’ve got Myles Berrio. Myles is going to leave you shocked. At the end of this episode, you are going to feel empowered and inspired. I’m excited and honored that Myles is telling his story. Myles has an incredible story that I’m going to get into. Myles Berrio is a published author, renowned photographer and real estate investor. He started his entrepreneurial journey in college to escape working three jobs as a full-time student. Myles learned the art of it’s not about what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you. Generating over $100,000 in six months investing in real estate during the COVID pandemic, Myles continues to endure through failures and setbacks as a new amputee from a drunk driving head-on collision. Myles is a father, a husband, a mentor and more importantly, a friend that encourages and empowers. Myles, Welcome to the show.

How is it going? Thank you for having me.

Thank you for being here and being willing to share your story. Tell us a little about yourself. For those who don’t know you, where are you from? Tell me about what you do in real estate.

I live in Greenville, South Carolina. I am originally from Panama, Central America. My dad is from Panama. He is Hispanic. My mom is from Montego Bay, Jamaica. I live in a multicultural background, but that also added to the experience of an immigrant lifestyle. I came from a very humble beginning experience and didn’t make a ton of money. As you said, I was in college. Money was something that was taught as it’s very hard to get. It’s very difficult to make money and then when you do have money, you really hold onto it. I also was taught that in order to make a lot of money, you have to work hard. A lot of that looked like getting a job and getting another job.

I ended up with three jobs in college. To make a long story short, I did well. I was at UGA but I didn’t finish the last two years because I was traveling a ton with that organization in that business. It led me to Atlanta, where I ended up becoming a wedding and commercial photographer. I traveled all over the world. I’ve been to Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Belize. Our honeymoon was in Belize because I had to shoot a wedding in Belize. I had a great career. I shot for Netflix in Love is Blind and a lot of awesome things.

Good deals aren’t always found. They’re created.

Fast forward to 2020, COVID hit. It didn’t matter how cool you were, how awesome life was or whatever you’re doing. I don’t think anybody saw that coming. I definitely did not. I had just got married, just had a baby, then COVID hits. It’s so crazy. My business stopped overnight. That’s not an exaggeration. No one was meeting up to do photography and you couldn’t shoot at venues. Everything was shut down. The crazy thing too is not only did my business stop overnight. When you’re a wedding photographer or commercial photographer, you get booked in advance. You see where the money is coming for the rest of the calendar year, but everyone was so uncertain about what was going on. They rescheduled everything until the following year. Not only did everything stop for the rest of the year, no matter what, everything was already rebooked for the year coming. Now, I don’t know what I’m going to do even for the rest of the entire year.

Even if everything decided to open back up, everything was already rescheduled. It’s like, “What am I going to do for a whole year?” I came across a YouTube video about wholesaling real estate and that’s how I got into real estate. I had always wanted to get into real estate, but I was taught that real estate is for old folks and individuals that have $30,000, $40,000, $50,000, $60,000-plus saved up the cash, ready to buy a house and invest in things like that. I didn’t know you could get involved in real estate the way you can with wholesaling. That was the introduction. When I heard about wholesaling, I was like, “There’s no way I’m not doing this.” This is amazing.

It’s crazy because you didn’t even know about wholesaling. You were traveling the world as an amazing photographer. By the way, he did say he shot at Love is Blind. I watched that show. You had this incredible career, but it got taken away from you. Now you’re going, “How am I going to make money?” You stumbled on a YouTube video. Do you remember what the video was like and who was on that video?


WI 749 | Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming Adversity: You certainly must work hard to achieve your goals, but you should remember what your values are and what matters to you.



It was a YouTube channel. It’s called the Breakfast Club. I don’t know if you know what that is. For anyone who knows the Breakfast Club, they don’t interview real estate investors and things like that. It’s honestly geared towards more like entertainers. My life is full of personal development and growth, spiritually, mentally and physically. You have to give yourself the ability to stimulate your mind in other ways. Sometimes, we get so much on this wheel of growth and we don’t appreciate art. We don’t appreciate where we are, and the fun and exciting things. It’s always how do I grow my physical life or spiritual life or financial life.

I’ve watched or listened to the Breakfast Club as more of an outlet to stimulate my creativity with fun and interesting things and people in the entertainment space. They happen to be interviewing this guy because the channel has grown. It’s a huge channel now with a million followers. They’re trying to add value to all the people that are watching. That’s the hook to get people interested in entertainment, fun and creative stuff, but let’s add some education to it as well to add value to people’s lives in that way. They had interviewed this guy who was in real estate or at least doing wholesaling. The standard pitch that we all hear is making money in real estate without using any of your own credit or your own money. I’m like, “What? How are you doing this not using your own money or credit or any of this stuff?”

He explained the concept of being able to assign the rights to purchase a property with wholesaling. That’s everything. I’ve done a number of businesses. I’ve started a food truck business, dropshipping, and all types of things. I sold an eCommerce store. I understood the idea of wholesaling. It’s like the t-shirts or the hat that you’re wearing. If you bought a $20 hat from H&M, they didn’t buy it for $20. They bought it at a wholesale price of $5 and they’re selling it to you for $20. They’re making that $15 in the middle. That’s everything. When you buy a car, it’s the same thing. We don’t think about real estate like a house and you can do that. I was like, “This is crazy.” I got super stoked about it and the rest is history.

You went all in. It’s funny that you bring up that wholesaling is another industry because people say, “Is wholesaling illegal?” Wholesaling is behind every industry. You just don’t realize it. That is interesting you bring that up. I love that you tried other businesses, so you can compare how wholesaling meetup. I often say wholesaling is the ultimate side hustle as far as how much money that you can make. You can make money in a short amount of time. If you’re looking for a side hustle, there are the Amazon businesses. I’ve heard of dropshipping, but how would you compare to all of these things that you did?

Everyone has their own way of how they work. For me personally, it doesn’t even compare by far. I have a number of buddies. I don’t do a lot of FBA, dropshipping or any of that. As I said, I had a pet portrait store and I sold an eCommerce store, but I have friends who still make great money but it’s still very management intensive. It’s the same thing with a lot of businesses, even food trucks. I’ve been in the food industry. Its super management is intensive. On top of that, you’re talking about products, inventory, overhead, and all these different things. There are many businesses out there that you can think of that take a very long time to grow at the scale that it grows too. Once you get there, it’s still very management intensive.

The cool thing about wholesaling is one deal could change the rest of your life. You don’t get into dropshipping and be like, “One day, it’s changed.” It’s a very long journey to grow. If you write a book, it takes time for you to make anything from having a book if that’s even what you decide to do. You start a store downtown in your city or somewhere locally. All of the overhead, risk, furnishing the store, getting the store set up and employee, all of these different things. Literally, you could get started in wholesaling and not know anything about real estate as a general concept, different terms, and things like that.

Understand the basic fundamentals of having a conversation with a seller who needs to sell their house and work to solve their problem by helping them understand that their property can sell at this price, get it under contract and find someone who’s willing to buy that contract for a little bit more, even if it’s $5,000 more, which in the wholesaling industry it’s crazy. It’s on the low end. There are tons of people that are doing $10,000-plus on average, even when you first get started. Even add $5,000 to it and you can make $5,000 within the next 2 to 3 weeks when it closes and completely changed the trajectory of it, especially if you’re struggling.

It’s really important to build your lifestyle first and then build your business around that.

When you bring up other businesses like I have a background in franchise development for a very well-known sandwich restaurant. I’m not going to drop any names. We sold franchises and I personally know how much these restaurants costs to start up because these were aspiring entrepreneurs and they got into buying into a franchise. These people had to spend at least a minimum of $250,000 cash to build the restaurant.

Honestly, on average, they were making $45,000 to $50,000 a year. You can make way more money with wholesaling and not have to drop that type. I personally started this business with no money. I had a credit card. That’s it. I had a Capital One credit card. I put my marketing budget through that and I knew I’m going to make it happen. I’ll be able to pay it back. It’s amazing. I love that you brought in your perspective that you have done other businesses and this is the ultimate side hustle. It’s the most amount of money out of time with the least amount of investment.

Let’s move on. The universe handed it to you already with COVID, but we all got handed that down. You were like, “I’m going to make something happen fast.” It’s amazing that you had the foresight to know like, “This is going to be not a couple of weeks. This is going to be a problem, so I better get into something.” You jumped and you got into wholesaling. You were doing wholesaling for six months and you made $100,000.

It was 6 or 7 months. I don’t want to take up too much of the time here, but I know the whole schedule was wild. The timeline was January 2020 when I heard about it. I studied wholesaling for all of January. February is when I started doing the whole marketing in terms of driving for dollars because I didn’t have a ton of money. I didn’t have SMS, cold callers, and all this stuff that we hear about now. I was just driving for dollars. Long story short, the end of February is when I contracted my first two properties. I’m not going to go into too much details with that but it ended up happening in February-March 2020. The first deal closed in the middle of March and then the next one closed in April.

I still have those pictures and checks. Both of them were $11,000. We’re talking about $22,000 within the next 60 days, which is insane. I had never made it even in my highest earned job or business. I could make maybe $4,000 or $5,000 for a commercial gig photography-wise or for a wedding $3,500 or $4,000 or something like that, but $20,000 in your card. I never made that kind of money, especially at my age. I went all out. For the next 6 to 7 months, I didn’t do a lot of transactions. I had very big spreads. My business has changed a little bit. We can maybe go into that.

My models changed a little bit now, but even up until a few months ago, I still don’t do a lot of transactions. I only have big spreads. I’m good at building relationships with sellers and being able to get good deals. I definitely agree or I believe that good deals aren’t always found, they’re created. There’s been a number of deals where the wholesalers were talking to the seller. I only knew this because we finished the whole transaction but they wouldn’t tell me what was going on. They either couldn’t complete the transaction, let it go or whatever the case was. I was able to get the deal done and get 2X or 3X in terms of whatever that profit was. I’m a big believer. Everyone’s model is different, but I like to keep them small and have bigger spreads.

It’s interesting that you made driving for dollars work. It’s not something that I teach. I never had a whole lot of luck with driving for dollars. I’ve been using is an app called DealMachine. Do you use the same one?

That was the app.

If you’re thinking of doing it, don’t even mess around with a piece of a pad, a pen and paper because you’re going to get in a car accident. Instead, get this app. It’s called DealMachine. Go to your Apple iTunes or wherever you get your apps from on your phone. My code is TMF. It will get you $10 off per month. It’s an amazing app. I use it where I live because I’m trying to find a beach house. I live in a rural beach community and there are all these old homes that I want to do a development deal with. I’ve been using it personally, but I don’t use it in my wholesale company because I’m virtual.

My business is in Oklahoma. I’ve been at a couple of other states and it’s hard to drive for dollars when you’re virtual. I’ve tried hiring people to do it, but I don’t trust what they’re doing. Driving for dollars is an amazing way when you have no money. How can someone with zero money use driving for dollars? Give a quick 90-second breakdown of how you can drive for dollars to get your first deal?

I don’t even need 90 seconds. It’s very simple. You get it in your car, find areas that you know have distressed properties or make it simple. When you are going to the store, going places that you already are going, keep your eye open. If you see a property that looks a little distressed, that’s how you can drive for dollars for zero money. Takedown that addresses and we could go into the details of skip tracing. There are websites where you can skip trace even for free. I use TruePeopleSearch. That doesn’t mean it’s always as accurate but it’s free. That’s the trade-off on there and you can find your first deal doing that.


WI 749 | Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming Adversity: You have positivity in the sense that you can still make life great. So it doesn’t mean that my life is necessarily easier, but it also means that my life is still worth it. So what I have to do is now use this.



That’s crazy. Do you have a recommended amount if you were intentionally driving for dollars? How many should you get a day?

That’s the thing. As you said, I didn’t have a lot of luck with driving for dollars and I still haven’t had a ton of luck. A lot of my business is virtual as well. I understand what you mean by hiring. It took me three individuals to hire the right person that scaled the business well with using the DealMachine app. In terms of how many you should a day, it’s so hard to quantify that. We didn’t necessarily go over the KPIs because the guy that I hire ended up being an acquisitions manager for me pretty quickly. I’ll say if you do it consistently enough, you can for sure find a good deal. It’s only about being consistent. That’s all it is. It’s hard to quantify a specific number.

Driving for dollars is something like if you have absolutely no marketing budget, but it’s not something that I’m like, “Go do it.” If you have money to market, have it other ways where you can have a real list but there is some investment. A lot of people don’t have that. It’s people that you at least know are driving for dollars and you know it does get deals. I just wanted to review that. You’ve got your first few deals. Take me to what happens next.

I heard about wholesaling in January 2020. Seven months later, I had literally cleared $100,000. My last deal was a $30,000 wholesale deal, and then I got hit by a drunk driver. It was October 2020 and I basically was fighting for my life. The doctors figured I honestly wasn’t going to make it. I had what’s called compartment syndrome on all of my limbs. That’s something that only happens on maybe one of your limbs. It means your muscles get so inflamed that they die, which is why my leg ended up having to get amputated.

I still have tons of persisting injuries that I’m still dealing with. My “good leg,” the ankle has foot drops so I have to wear a brace on that leg, and then my left arm has lost all function. They took a ton of muscle out of that arm, so I don’t have any movement in my fingers. It’s been a crazy amount of injuries. I was in the hospital for a month and a half. There’s a feeding tube and the whole nine yards in critical care and everything like that. I have to learn how to talk, eat, walk, dress myself and everything again, and then I was in intensive rehab for the next three months.

It’s about five months total and then I finally was able to get back to living life. I could get on calls again and go to properties. It doesn’t mean anything has gotten easier. It’s still more of a mindset that’s pushing me to do it all because it’s still very challenging every single day to do the basic things. If I were to get up now to go get water, it’s hard.

This is definitely where the story takes a turn. You were high on life. You’ve made $100,000 in this new business and your life changes in an instant. Do you remember the accident?

Everyone always asks that question but no. The impact is so heavy. You’re not even coherent and don’t know what’s going on. The individual was going 93 or 92 miles per hour and the impact was head-on. You’re not awake. I do remember flashing lights here and there. The only thing I remember is waking up with a doctor in front of me, my family members, and me having a feeding tube. I couldn’t speak or say anything and them asking like, “We have to get consent for you to be able to survive or we’re going to have to amputate your leg.” I had to either nod yes to that or say no because they can’t force that on you. You have to agree to that. I remember waking up having to respond to that. If that’s what we have to do, we got to do what we have to do.

I couldn’t even imagine having to consent to that. That’s pretty heavy. What is your next memory after that?

My next memory after wasn’t the most pleasant. I’m not going to go into all the details that hospitals do and what they can but unfortunately, anyone that I’ve talked to that’s ever been in ICU, we all agree that it’s definitely a place you want to leave as fast as possible. It wasn’t fun or a great experience. A lot of pain, especially in my condition. All of my limbs are wrapped up. To make it more real for everyone, I encourage someone if they feel like they’re having a bad day. It may be TMI but it is what it is. It’s life. People deal with that.

Even going to the bathroom for weeks, the only way for me to go to the bathroom is they had to use a bedpan. They literally put a pan under you for you to be able to go to the restroom, they roll you back over on the pan and that’s very painful as well. You have to go in the pan and you feel everything. You’re in your own stuff and they roll you back over and clean you as much as they can. That’s how you go to the restroom. That’s one example of how that can be. It’s crazy to think that I went through all of that but it’s day-in and day-out.

Was there any moment during this time that you felt sorry for yourself? If you guys look at his Instagram, he is smiling ear-to-ear in every photo. The energy and positivity are radiating. It’s hard to imagine, but was there a moment in that period where you were upset about what happened and feeling down about your situation?

Don’t focus on your fame but focus on what it can do for others.

I would definitely say that there was a moment where I felt like, “Why did this happen to me? This is crazy.” It was very short-lived. Anyone who knows me knows that I preach it all the time. It’s not what happens to you. It’s about what you do with what happens to you. It’s true. I’m so thankful that I got involved in network marketing at a young age because personal development was a big part of my success in network marketing, and my life and my faith. The reality is everything is perspective. My situation was lame. It sucked that that happened. I don’t even like drinking. Any of my friends know that I don’t even drink for reasons like this. For this to happen, you’re like, “Why did this happen to me?” You realize that even though this was so lame and it sucks, I know it sounds like, “Come on, Myles, give yourself a break,” but it’s true.

There are people who are going through even more challenging things than what I went through and are still going through. The reality is it can always be worse. My wife could be a widow now with a baby. Let’s not even go down that route. I could even still be alive but have a crazy spinal injury to where I’m not even that coherent. It can be really bad. The very first thing I did was bring myself to faith. Understanding that at the end of the day, I’m a believer and a son of God. That’s my faith. What does that mean for me? I need to understand that this lady who hit me made a mistake. At the end of the day, she made a mistake because there was another interview I did and asked me how do I feel about her.

Most people assume you’re going to be angry and mad at her. I’ve never been upset with her or angry at her. I’ve totally forgiven her because the reality is we’ve all made mistakes. I’ve made mistakes. I may not have ever had someone go to the hospital have their leg amputated but maybe I’ve done it emotionally. They have had someone spiritually or emotionally amputated. We’ve all hurt one another in different ways. What makes her mistake better or worse than anyone else is we all make mistakes and hurt people. The reality is she’s a human being. That’s the reason we have forgiveness. For me, that’s the reason why Jesus forgave us for what we’ve done. That’s the faith that I have. It allowed me to forgive her and not focus on that.

As I said, it’s not what happens to you. It’s what you do. Even if I were to be upset with her, does that change my situation? No, it doesn’t change my situation. What can change my situation is being positive in the sense of I can use this. People misinterpret what it means to be super positive. They were like, “Why are you like that? You have to have been angry and upset.” It doesn’t mean you’re not upset and you don’t feel like this sucks. What it means is you have a better perspective. You have positivity in the sense that you can still make life great. It doesn’t mean that my life is necessarily easier, but it also means that my life is still worth it. What I have to do is now use this. Most people don’t realize that all the pain that they go through can become a purpose for their life. You can utilize that to impact others and empower others.

That was what allowed me to get through what I was going through. It’s not focusing on the thing but focusing on what it can do for others because when you stop focusing on yourself, you start realizing everybody is fighting a battle. Mine might be a little bit more physical, but everybody is fighting some battle, even if you can’t see it. I have an opportunity right now to empower, to inspire and to help someone go, “I didn’t give up because I saw your story.” Mostly what I’m saying is the truth. It’s the reality. It’s happened to me over and over that people are impacted in a positive way. There’s a beautiful reward when you can do that. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy but it is possible.

Your radical forgiveness is very inspiring. It had me thinking of people that maybe I haven’t forgiven. I’m going, “He forgives someone for something that changed the trajectory of his life.” I think we all have some people with who maybe we’ve held a little grudge. That hit me for sure. Your pain can be your purpose. That’s very powerful. You’re in the hospital and you’re doing a lot of self-talk and going, “What am I going to do with this situation?” I imagine putting myself in your situation and going, “I’m a mom. Who’s going to take care of my kids? I have tons of YouTube videos. I got a film. I’ve got solo marketing that needs to come out. I don’t have time to be in the hospital now.” Did you try to work even though you know you couldn’t and you needed to heal?

I didn’t. For me, what’s important is understanding where you are is where you are. Trust me, it’s a natural response to be like, “I have people to take care of. I got married and I had two children.” I was right there as well. The reality is what causes the anxiety is feeling like you need to do something in a position that you’re not in now. I’m not in the position to be the one that’s bringing home the money, building my business, doing all these things, and that’s okay. What’s important is knowing where I am and what I can do now that will best suit me for where I’m going. That’s what we have to do. We have to start living not necessarily in the past or always living so much in the future, but realizing we only have right now because tomorrow is not here, and yesterday was already gone.

Literally, you are where you are. What I had to do is go, “How can I mentally develop an attitude that would best suit me as I move forward?” What that looked like is not focusing on work or on who I needed to take care of, but the fact that I needed to be taken care of. What can I do for myself? I started to spend a lot of time walking through and having a better perspective of what’s going on. What I mean by that is when you’re in the hospital, there’s usually a TV in the room. I told my nurses and I kept telling them don’t turn the TV on. I spent days sitting there in silence. That’s scary for people. I need a distraction. I don’t want to think about what happened where you’re angry, which is another version of distraction because the reality is you’ve got to deal with what happened because it is what happened. You can’t change that. If I want to go work more or do other things, the reality is I can’t. I am where I am.


WI 749 | Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming Adversity: Most people don’t realize that all the pain they go through can become a purpose for their lives. You can utilize the pain you went through to impact and empower others.



How do I have a better perspective and mindset of where I am? That’s what I ended up doing. That’s what allowed me to have the mindset of what I’m having now. Sharing with you how I look at the lady who hit me, how I looked at my wife, how it has a purpose and all these different things. That all came from spending time at that moment. That’s the only way you can add that value to yourself because if you wait for someone else to do that for you, if you wait to listen to a podcast, or if you wait to go to a convention, what if that never happens? You got to learn to walk through that yourself. That’s what I ended up doing. I was able to mentally strengthen myself, and then everything else will follow. Now, when I do have a phone call to make or I do you have work in front of me that I can do, I have the right mindset. I’m not struggling with regret or anger, and all these different things. I took care of that when I was where I was.

That does put things into perspective because I feel like sometimes I even put so much pressure on myself to constantly be working or do the impossible when you’re not in that state. Imagine if you’re a new mom now and you’re trying to start a business, but you also have a newborn. That’s maybe relevant to me. There was a season for me where I had a newborn and I had a two-year-old. I was trying to make my business work. I was putting a lot of stress on myself unnecessarily. I was taking attention away from my children when I should have said where I am is where I am now. I should maybe put the business on pause for five months, and you can always come back to it. What’s five months? I’m never going to get that time back with my newborn.

I’d love to speak quickly about that idea that you’ll never get that time back. One of the things that I utilize to lead my life is understanding what I can get back and what I can’t. For me, it’s time. That ties into certain values that fall under that. For example, my wife allows me to work my butt off every day, Monday through Friday, from when I wake up, I’d go to the gym, I get my mind in the right way, and then I work. Now, it’s 3:00 PM from where I’m at. I’m going to work until about 4:35-ish, and then I’m going to stop.

When I’m working, I’m working. What I mean by this is on the weekends, I don’t do work at all. When it comes to Saturday and Sunday, I’m not taking calls. I’m not trying to answer emails or build my business. I’m okay not making an extra $5,000 or $10,000 if there are $50,000 on the table. Why? It’s because I know I can always make another $50,000, but I can’t always make the family that I have again because that’s the family that I have. My wife, my kids, and the time that passes by chasing another dollar, I can never get back, but I can always get another dollar.

It’s important to build your lifestyle first then build your business around that. Most people will build a business and a lifestyle comes up with that. That’s why as your business grows, you get the nicer car and the nicer house. Everything keeps falling but the business is growing but then what happens is we end up in a situation where you can’t pay your mortgage and your car anymore. You have all these things and stuff that didn’t meet what your values were from the beginning. You want to make sure that your business revolves around your lifestyle. You’ll be a lot happier.

Could I make more money? I could but I’m not letting my business drive my lifestyle. My lifestyle is I want to spend time with my family. I got into this because I want to spend time with the people I love and I want to have time for them to do all these things. I’m okay putting things on pause, celebrating, taking a day not working at all, taking a day off, stopping and doing different things because my lifestyle is what’s important first. That allows me to make decisions now that can make me happy and joyful rather than being stressed, anxiety-driven and always being in this rat race and wheel of the next dollar or so. That’s awesome.

I got into this business for the same reason. I wanted to be able to be home with my kids. I didn’t want the corporate life. I wanted to be able to go to the park at 10:00 in the morning on a Tuesday. That was my goal. I wanted to pick up my kids from school. I never was chasing the dollar. I’m very much into lifestyle design as well. I love that you touched on that, but the anxiety in me, I always have this pressure to keep working and keep going. Sometimes, I do need to say, “I am where I am now.” This can apply to anything like health issues. Be easy on yourself. Where you are is where you are. I love that quote. I’m going to be using that a lot.

Everyone is different and has their way of how they work.

To encourage people to have that, just understand two things. Number one, when you have this, “I need to do more,” that’s natural, especially if you’re someone who has visions and goals. If you’re reading this, don’t feel bad. What you want to do is you want to have a foundation because everything falls under foundation. You can have this beautiful home, but then what’s having a great home if there’s no foundation? Especially for real estate, we understand how horrible it can be to have a bad foundation.

The foundation for you is boundaries. Most people don’t have boundaries. They don’t have boundaries in their relational life. They’re going to have lunch or dinner with people they probably shouldn’t. They’re texting the opposite sex at a certain time they probably shouldn’t. For my wife and I, we communicate with people and we’ll put them in a group message. We create boundaries and we don’t even allow things to happen.

Moving back into this mindset of like, “I feel like I need to do more,” I feel that all the time. I’m being very honest. Even as you and I are talking now, I’m slightly sometimes battling like, “I need to get on that call with this guy. I need to do this thing real quick.” What I do is create boundaries for myself to understand that just means I’m a very driven individual. You don’t want the opposite of that where you don’t care, you’re lethargic and you’re lazy. That’s hard to come out, but for someone who’s driven and passionate, that’s what moves life forward. That’s why we have Tesla, Uber or all these different things in the world because of those individuals. What you want to do is create boundaries for yourself, so you’re not overwhelmed and allowing that to drive your life.

I feel like I’m getting a little personal coaching. I’m getting a lot out of this now, Myles.

That means like the world. I’m totally inspired by you.

This is like a fly-on-the-wall life coaching session with Lauren Hardy. I love it. After you get out of the hospital and you are finally feeling ready to start working. Did you get back into wholesaling?

I did get back into wholesaling. I would like to let people know, this is Wholesaling Inc. and we’re excited about wholesaling. We’re talking about wholesaling, but I do want to encourage people. I did get back into wholesaling, but I very quickly changed a lot of my business. This is okay if you are wholesaling and you do consider yourself a wholesaler. There’s nothing wrong. I’m going to challenge you to think a little bigger because when I thought of myself as a wholesaler, it not only limited what I was able to do in real estate. It also limited how I could serve the people that I was working with, meaning sellers and homeowners, because not every deal is a wholesale deal. There are a lot of times where the seller is asking for too much, but that deal could be a deal if you understand creative finance.

That’s why I’m getting a call from an individual. I’m in the middle of buying a property subject-to. I’ll walk these quickly. The value of this property’s worth, totally renovated ARV is about $90,000. This guy is asking for $75,000 to $80,000 but it needs about $10,000 to $15,000 of work. There’s no way you can wholesale that. He’s asking for too much. There’s not enough equity, but here’s the thing. He and his wife are going through a divorce. He gave his wife the opportunity to buy the house from him. She has until August 1st to buy this house because she loves his house. They have kids. She doesn’t want them to have to move, have to find a new school, all these different things, but he wants out. He wants it to be done. He wants to move on. It’s his house though. He’s letting her buy it from him.

She’s been trying to get qualified for a mortgage and she can’t. She’s tried over and over again. I got the text from him and the last time she tried to qualify, it was going to be the last time she’s going to be able to do this, and she got denied. She won’t be able to get a traditional mortgage, which happens to a lot of people. This is why creative finance is so important. What I ended up explaining to him and through a number of conversations to save time and won’t go through it all, here’s what I’m about to do. I’m going to be buying this property at the price that he wants for $80,000, but I’m going to be buying it subject-to.

Now I don’t need to come up with $80,000 cash. Buying the property subject-to allows me to take all the mortgage payments, which are about $490 a month. What’s going to happen now is he wants about $15,000 in equity. I’m going to give him even more. It allowed me to get the deal done and him not to shop around and work with anyone else. I can give him more upfront because now, I only need to come to the closing table with $20,000 cash because I don’t have to pay the $80,000 or get private money for the full $80,000. I come to the closing table with $20,000 cash.


WI 749 | Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming Adversity: You could get started in wholesaling and not know anything about real estate. You just have to understand the basic fundamentals of having a conversation with a seller and solving their problems.



I now bought a property worth $90,000 on term subject to the existing mortgage because there’s already financing in place. How does that benefit me? The mortgage payments are $490 a month. This is how you can serve people when you have creative finance. His ex-wife wants to stay on the property. She can’t afford it. What I said is, “Let me sell a property to your wife on terms.” Now that I own the property, I’m going to owner finance it for her. Guess what she’s going to put down?

Twenty thousand dollars?

We’re in the middle of all this. We haven’t confirmed it, but let’s say we do $15,000 down on a 30-year schedule at 8% to 9%. Her payments are going to be more than $490 a month because we’re going to back into what the writ would be in that area. I’m not going to go through all the details of that, but let’s say it’s $1,000 a month is what she’s paying a month. Now I’m able to buy a property for $5,000. Let’s say she couldn’t even put $15,000. She could only put $10,000. I still need to bring $10,000 to the table because what I owe him is $20,000. What she owes me is $10,000. Where is that $10,000 going to come from? There are a couple of ways. It can come from $10,000 that you have saved or, this is how you hear people buying properties with no money into the deal, I have spent a lot of time raising private money.

That’s going to come from someone else. There are a lot of people that I’ve been able to have relationships with. I say, “Your money sitting in a retirement account or the money that you’ve saved up is only sitting there, it’s losing value.” If anybody you know has money sitting in a bank account, it’s losing value because of the rate of inflation. They’re getting nothing in interest now. How can you help someone earn 8%, 9%, 10% or 11% interest on their money? That’s how you can do it. I’m going to grab someone who has that $10,000. They’re going to wire it to closing. That $20,000 would be at closing and $20,000 will go to the original owner. She’s going to give me the actual $10,000 to owner finance, and then that spread in between is how you can make the cashflow.

When we originally had that conversation, she wasn’t able to put $10,000 to $15,000 down. I’ll finish it off with this. She’s going to rent then for the next year for her to save up. Now I can have a writ as well. The writ in that area is around $950 to $1,000 a month. Here’s what is beautiful. Because she already lives on the property, I won’t have to do any type of renovations or any type of repairs. Literally, nothing will change. It’s all paper and contracts. She’s going to stay in the house but now she will owe me $1,000 a month. What I owe the bank is $490 because I bought the property on the terms subject-to, but where does that $20,000 come from? Again, use private money. I’m going to raise private money.

I’ve already done the numbers on this, so $20,000 at 9% ends up being around $160 something a month. You add that to the mortgage. Now what I owe the bank is $490. What I owe the private money lender is $160. I’m not the best at math. Let’s say you’re all in around $600 something but the rent is $950 to $1,000. That’s how you can cashflow. I literally spent none of my own money, but that was not going to work as a wholesale deal. Anyway, I want to throw that out.

You have to set boundaries in different aspects of your life.

You’re not to talk about anything bad about wholesalers. There’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s a huge part of my business.

I call wholesaling the gateway drug to real estate investing. It’s how you learn about these different strategies, and how house flippers buy deals. If you’re a wholesaler, you can stock your deals at the end and see what the flipper did with it. You maintain a friendship with the flipper so that they can share with you. You can stock the landlord buyers as well. I made a bunch of friends with guys that were doing the BRRRR method. That’s all I learned BRRRR method. If you guys don’t know what’s the BRRRR, it’s Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. I learned what the BRRRR method was. I learned a lot by wholesaling deals to these people that that’s what they were doing.

It’s an amazing way to get into real estate investing when you don’t have any money of your own and you’re newer to the business. It eliminates a lot of risks. I think wholesaling is great. What you explained is you’re a better harvester now. It’s easy to pick the low-hanging fruit, which is a cash deal. What if it’s not a cash deal? Now the fruit is difficult. You got to be careful. That’s when you learn the tools, subject-to, and creative financing. That’s cool sharing that with us.

Myles, your story is so inspirational and thank you so much for being candid and real in sharing with us. This is going to impact a lot of people. I have so much respect for you because you went through something very difficult, but you came out of it stronger. You came out of it inspiring other people. I do think a lot of your purpose was to inspire. Thank you so much. Can you share your Instagram handle and any other way you’d like people to get ahold of you?

Instagram is one of the best ways, @Myles.Berrio.

Myles, thank you so much for coming on. I hope you got a lot out of that. I know I did. If you guys are interested in following Myles, make sure you find them on Instagram and make sure you guys find me. If you’re interested in learning more about virtual wholesaling. Check out my coaching program at We’ll see you next time.


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