Posted on: July 30, 2021
WI 743 | Through The Pain


Anthony Niro began his real estate career at the age of 19. Despite the numerous setbacks he has had along the way, he was able to close a $23,000 deal within three and a half months, and he now has a real estate investment company.

In this episode, Anthony reveals his personal struggles as well as how he achieved financial freedom through tenacity and hard work. This episode is brimming with motivation and guidance, so if you’re looking for a sign to get started on your real estate journey, then this episode is for you!

Pushing Through the Pain to Build a Thriving Wholesaling Business in 3 ½ Months!

I’m sitting down with Anthony Niro out of Tampa, Florida. He’s been crushing it. He got started in wholesaling. We were having a conversation before we got started on the recording and it would have taken him the sale of a $1 million property to make what he’s made in three and a half months in wholesaling. I want to tap into that. I want to break down the journey. He’s got massive stuff in the pipeline and results. Anthony, thank you so much for stopping by. I’m glad to have him.

Thanks for having me.

You got started more than three and a half months ago in wholesaling. Before then, you had your real estate license and you’re primarily focused on traditional sales. Tell me a little bit about you, how you got started in real estate, first off, and how that transition into your wholesaling business. What made it all happen?

I was nineteen years old and graduated high school. I didn’t know where to go. I didn’t know what direction to take. I had a friend of mine say, “Anthony, why don’t we go ahead and get a real estate license?” I’m like, “Why not? That sounds pretty cool. How much is that going to cost?” “Nothing.” It was no risk. We just get into it. He didn’t follow through. He had another opportunity. I stuck with real estate. I joined Keller Williams, a pretty large brokerage. I got trained up and started learning how to navigate through that career right out of high school.

You were nineteen years old when you started in traditional real estate. 

For me, I was 134 pounds when I graduated high school. I was tiny. I had long hair. I never pushed myself. I was always the type of person that does whatever was convenient or whatever I liked to do. I never pushed through that barrier of, “I’m tired of this now. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to go to practice today.” It’s that attitude when I grew up playing baseball. It’s pushing yourself through that discomfort. I never did that. I quit everything early.

That’s where I started. I stumbled my way through it. I had some success. I did fairly good. About two years into that, I took a door-to-door job through a church that I was attending at the time and somebody shared their little testimony about how they had a good experience with the summer. They have a summer job they do. I’m like, “That sounds cool. I like that.” I feel like door-to-door sales is going to help me to get better at closing deals and stuff.

Break out of the shell. Door-to-door sales takes a different type of character to break into that and to do it successfully. It puts you in the spot. It cuts the fat out of everything. At the end of the day, we want to have one-to-one conversations with people. Door-to-door is where we push driving for dollars at the beginning. Besides getting you in front of people real fast, it builds that thicker skin that you need to have to thrive in an industry such as real estate, especially real estate investments and wholesaling.

I truly feel it’s essential, especially if I’m going to build up a team and stuff, which I want to do.

You’re doing the process, by the way.

To be an entrepreneur, you need to step out of the boat and believe it’s going to work.

Inevitably, it’s falling into place. I like for them to experience a summer going door-to-door. It’s life-changing. It changed my life and everything. I learned how to talk. Before, I didn’t know how to talk. I didn’t know how to influence people. I didn’t understand the practicality behind communicating the steps and have a balance to make sure there are not too many benefits. What’s the catch? I learned to have that strategy when I went door-to-door. That changed my life and I took that back into real estate.

Long story short, what happened with wholesaling was I got back from that job. I ran into my now wife at a bar. We were not doing so good. We were in a dark place. We were drinking, spending all of my money at the bar, and doing drugs. It was a bad situation. I knew this girl though, when I was thirteen. She was my sensei in karate. She was my dream girl. I always would say, “God, if I could marry anybody, please let it be Brandy. I want to marry Brandy.” I ran into her at the bar. We kept in touch during that time, not often, but once a year. We talked. I ran into her again at this bar and we were like, “Let’s make something of this.” She was on board with it. We had many problems.

Long story short, we were in such a dark place only God could take us out. She was looking at a ten years sentence in jail. There was a lot of heavy drug use. We surrendered our life to Jesus all over again. We said, “God, I can’t fix this. I know it’s life or death. It’s all or nothing.” We surrendered everything. We got married within three days. We committed to honoring God with our lives and said, “We’re not going to live like this anymore. I need you to change us.”

Your heart is a powerful thing. Whatever you fix your heart on is ultimately going to dictate who you are as a person. Our lives changed so radically that I got my license to sell real estate again. I came back into the marketplace. I quit my job and we came back to working again. You can’t do that with a halfway work ethic. A work ethic is pretty essential when it comes to honoring God.

What I began to appreciate was, if I could put this work ethic into wholesaling, I could create such massive wealth in such a faster amount of time that I couldn’t do with real estate. I could scale that business but I would have to work twice as hard. I would have to spread myself so much further thin to create the same revenue. I started to appreciate the fact that I made $20,000 off a $1 million property to have that same check and that’s a hard market to tap into.

Let me not bypass that $23,000 spread on that one deal. You cut through the conversation. $23,000 in a period of three and half months and you’re learning the process. You’re going through the steps but you’re also getting paid. You’re having this reality come at you. That’s incredible. It’s a big testimony to the change that you’ve been able to produce in your life. I’m not saying that because of the vehicle of wholesaling but because of the mental and the spiritual space that you’ve taken throughout this whole process. You turn your life to be 180 degrees from being in a dark space to being in a space of contribution. I know we have those conversations on a regular basis.

That’s why I shared it. I feel like a lot of people don’t understand. I wouldn’t have understood it had I not gone through that experience in life. I would have to sit here and wonder, “Why is it difficult for me to have success or get anywhere?” I know so many people that struggle with having a breakthrough financially that don’t have the mindset. They can’t seem to get past that glass ceiling that’s over them. I realized that you could create a lot of money in revenue fairly quickly in a short amount of time, before 30 years old.

I feel like a lot of people, at least in my experience, don’t understand the importance of the background and foundation that you have to have established. I’m willing to work through and push through these hard challenges because it’s essential. If you’re going to be an entrepreneur, you have to be able to walk on water, so to speak, in faith. You step out of the boat and believe that it’s going to work and have that rootedness. My cousin, who’s in the background, is working with me. We’re crushing it. It’s amazing.

You’re a two-man team.

WI 743 | Through The Pain

Through The Pain: We want to have one-to-one conversations with people.


He wasn’t happy with his job and I’m like, “Work with me. This stuff works.” He’s like, “I’ll do it.” He had a savings account. It worked out for him. He’s like, “What’s the worst that could happen?” Lo and behold, we’re already in two weeks’ worth of hard work and consistent effort to have enough money in the pipeline generated right now that’s going to be closing soon to triple the income that he would have had.

That’s insane. It goes back to the testimony of what effort means. It’s 100% getting into and committed. I put out a short video on the difference between commitment and interest. When you’re interested, you get to a certain point where it’ll push you, get you to go to seminars, take classes, and whatnot. You’ll learn a little bit. When you’re committed, that’s when the real change happens. You’ve got to be all in. That’s exactly what you did.

I remember the conversations at the beginning. There was confusion, “How do I speak to the sellers? What scripts should I go over? How do we structure the offers?” We were getting caught up in some of those banana peels. You stuck to it and gave it enough time for the thing to work. What happens now? You have a business framework in place. The foundation of your business is there and you’re plugging more resources and people into it. I love it.

It’s not hard. It’s the easiest job you could do. I’ve been door-to-door. I’ve had the door slammed on my face and I’ve had somebody pull a gun on me, as far as, “Get off my property.” I’ve been treated pretty badly. That was the easy part of the job. The hard part was that I had to knock on doors for ten hours a day. They dropped me off in the neighborhood. The work ethic that these guys would put out in the summer job is something that broke me. I tapped out halfway through it. I continued and finished it but I didn’t put that same effort in. I made a ton of money within the first two months. I was like, “I’ve never made this much money.” I don’t care about it anymore.

It’s a breakthrough point.

When it comes to this, I’m in the office, I’m making my calls, and I’m on AC. How much easier can you get? You take all the stress off and say, “I’m here to have fun. I want to enjoy this job.” It’s an incredible thing. I love it. We’re blessing people. We’re helping them.

That’s the thing. There’s a connotation and a stigma to wholesaling. People think that wholesaling is this strategy where you would come in and steal properties from people and whatnot but no. The people that we go after, in order to form a solution for them, they’re not able to sell the property retail for some reason. That’s what happens. We come in and we have a discovery process to find a solution for whatever problem they’re having.

A lot of the times, we have the typical distressed property but you also have circumstantial distress. They don’t have the timeline to put the property up on the MLS. Finding those sellers who are going to benefit from the sale is what creates a win-win. When you understand that much, the flip switches inside your head, it goes from, “I am providing a solution. This is what I’m doing. I’m trying to create a win-win here between them and us. They won because I solved their problem. I won because we started growing towards financial stability and financial freedom.”

Let’s break down the deal. You had a $23,000 deal closed. You started in wholesaling and what happens is in the first few weeks, even the first couple of months, we started stacking. I kept talking about stacking the follow-ups, the leads, and the results. You’re not going to see it happen within the first couple of weeks. You have to work, get it, set up your follow-up, set up your processes, your system, and go in and get into the whole groove of how the machine works. What happens is that you start stacking the results. You start stacking the conversations with the sellers, stacking the deals in the pipeline, and they all start popping. That’s what happened. When the first one closed, which was a $23,000 deal for you, it becomes real.

I remember telling you, “Coach, I’m happy to make $1,200 bucks to get this property disposed of.” It was life-changing. I’ve never made that money in one check.

Have more confidence in your abilities and trust the process.

I will not let you settle for $1,200.

I had three other deals that I locked up and I overbought them. I locked them up too high. I’ll tell you the truth. What happened was, you told me on a coaching program, you’re like, “This market is intense. Lock everything up you can.” Those words are running through my mind. I couldn’t figure out exactly what I can sell this property for. It was hard to comp. You kept pushing me on the purchase and I’m like, “Dude.”

I knew I could do it but you always have to have the balance. “If you can give me access to the property and we can close quickly, let me text my partner and see if we can do it.” I pulled one of those things out and I locked it up. I had three other deals. I had one deal that I locked up and did what you call an Option Ingredient on it. Somebody came in and bought it right out from underneath me quickly. I realized that I have to trust and need to have more confidence in my comping abilities.

Trust the process.

From that point on, I’m locking this stuff up. I go and lock it up. Sure enough, $23,000 spread on the deal. I’m like, “This is incredible.”

It is truly amazing. The thing about it is you did it once and now you know how to do it again. There are no discrepancies as to, “How did I get started? What was the first step I took? I’ve got to reimagine this whole thing again.” No. You already have a process in place because we’ve been building out the whole machine throughout the last 90 days.

I signed another purchase contract.

You’re crushing it.

It was over the phone from a lady in Canada.

WI 743 | Through The Pain

Through The Pain: We go after people to form a solution for them.


This $23,000 lead, how did you find it? What campaign did it come from?

This was on a liens list. I follow the coaching program. It’s step by step. I love the idea that you make it like, “This is what you do. Follow the steps, the program, and you’ll get results.” That’s what I’m doing, I’m following the steps. We’ll pull our list and we’re doing code violations, tax violations, liens, probates, or whatever you’re calling them. I go to my county office here, my courthouse, and I asked for probates, code violations, pre-foreclosures, and the whole nine yards.

That action right there is one of those things that will set you apart. Commitment versus interest. People are interested in closing a wholesale deal. People are interested in owning their own wholesale business. Are they committed? Do they have the commitment to go physically and pull a list that is going to be harder to get than the average list that you can pull from anywhere?

You upload it to an Excel sheet. That’s an extra step. I had to learn how to use Excel. As I’m doing it, I’m like, “I know for a fact that most people aren’t willing to do this.” I was annoyed by the whole process and I was like, “There’s got to be a way to do this.” I’m telling myself, “I bet you most people aren’t willing to do this. This is going to be a good list.”

You went in person, you pulled that list, you built that relationship with the lady in the city, and then you skipped traced it.

I went in there optimistic, nice, and pleasant. I said, “This is what I’m trying to do. I’m working with some investors and we work with a lot of distressed property owners that need help getting out of their property. I’m trying to pull a list of distressed property owners. How can you help me to target those properties?” He started to name the criteria. He’s like, “You’re going to need this, that, and the other. You probably don’t want to target these properties.” He starts helping me and he provides the list all because I was nice.

You’re a genuine dude and that’s it. That goes a long way. You get this list and skip traced it. Did you go door knock on this? Did you cold call it? Did you do direct mail? Was it?

I hooked up the system right at the office with the tools so I got the dialer in place. I got the skip tracing. That’s going, and everything’s BatchLeads. I’m staying with Batch. I stay with Batch across the board. Dialers are annoying. They annoy the heck out of me, but it’s the price you pay. Batch is phenomenal. They do everything in one. They make it so easy. I found out that I could forward my leads into my CRM. Push them right over with the button. I’m manually putting them in there and I’m like, “I could press a button and do this.”

I’m still learning it. I got the systems in place. I set up our campaign. We’re power dialing. Robert, my cousin, had made the call. We pre-recorded a voicemail. They start dropping in on all these no answers. This guy gets one of my voicemails and calls me back and says, “What can you offer me for the home? I’m ready to sell it.” He wasn’t in a distressed scenario. He lived in a mobile home. It was a mobile home, a manufactured home, but it was on lakefront property.

The deal was an actual mobile home. A lot of people scratch those off because they’re mobile homes, but we’ve had some massive deals on mobile homes.

Let the condemnations go. Forget those things that are behind you.

I put one under a contract that I have a $30,000 wholesale opportunity with or I could dispo it for $10,000.

This is what’s crazy to me. You started a couple of months ago, and you’re talking about option agreements, which are different strategies and closings. I know we talked about creative financing and all that stuff but now you’re having conversations about wholetailing. Do you see how big the perspective is?

It’s an explosion.

I’m telling you. That’s what’s so beautiful about having the opportunity to build your business and run it as such.

It’s life-changing.

It’s because you’re taking it there. At the end of the day, all the actions are yours. There’s a blueprint put that in place. You’re following the steps but the actions and the merit is yours. It is that commitment and that tenacity. It’s you jumping in, all in and giving it 100% and bringing somebody else with you. In my eyes, it’s amazing to have the opportunity to change a life and bring it 180 degrees to a space where you’re thriving, happy, and fulfilled, so I love it. You come in and you skip trace a cold call the guy was having. What was the issue with the guy? How did you negotiate the deal?

I got him on the liens list because he had a tree fall through his roof. He got it replaced. He went through a government loan situation, in any case, it showed up as a lien. I’m getting a lot of these. They’re not real liens. This one guy did the same thing and put a new roof on so he got on my liens list. He’s like, “I’m not in a distressed scenario.” I’m meeting a lot of sellers that aren’t necessarily distressed but are considering the convenience for speed and equity.

Do they have mechanic liens on them?

I don’t know, to tell you the truth. In this scenario, they made payments on the roof. Therefore, there was a lien on it, so I got it. This guy has a lien. I call him and leave him a voicemail. He called me back, and we set up an appointment to see the property. I’m always trying to get face-to-face with sellers. My goal is to get face-to-face. I’ll go through the four pillars. I’ve been learning that it didn’t do that initially. I go through the four pillars, and make sure the appointments are vetted or a solid one.

WI 743 | Through The Pain

Through The Pain: It’s amazing to have the opportunity to change a life and have a space where you’re thriving, happy and fulfilled.


The four pillars, the condition of the property, and the motivation, how much they want for it and how quickly they want to close? I asked the golden question every time now that says, “You can put it on the market and I know, it’s more time and energy, but you probably get more for the property. Have you thought about that?” They tell you why they don’t want to do that and I’m like, “This is a solid appointment now. I’m going to go on this appointment and have a real conversation about selling the property.”

It’s amazing what transparency gets you. I’ve seen it in the past where people want to get super sketchy. They don’t want to have that real conversation with sellers and sellers can smell the BS a mile away. To be completely transparent and be there for the problem-solving part, the money part is going to get handled by itself, if you take care of the problem-solving part.

If that’s your approach, you’ll succeed. If you’re going to try to scrape by and have that attitude, you’re going to struggle. That’s why I like the idea of addressing the heart. The heart issues at the outset of having a foundation. It’s looking inwardly and seeing yourself because it’s more than a business and succeeding and making money. This is about creating a life and a family, and a future that has a solid foundation so when pressure comes, we don’t have all of this emotional stuff that’s going to wreck us. I called the guy and we did it face-to-face. Long story short, he wants to net a certain amount. I go through the comps with him. He knows what his property is worth when he puts it on the market. He likes the idea that I’ll give him 60 days of post-occupancy. I offered that to him.

There it is. That’ll set you apart. You come in and sell. That’s not something that probably an agent would give them to somebody buying retail. No, they’re buying retail. They want to get them the heck out of there right up for the most part. A lot of other wholesalers have no idea that they haven’t had that conversation about post-occupancy and that will set you apart.

Maybe they’re pushing the price up and everything but that’s not going to be the thing. The thing in this case, whenever you have a post-possession thing or benefit from your side, it’s timing. They need money, and they want to figure out where to go from there. It can be two months or whatnot and that will make that mental piece come in for them and give you the opportunity to get that deal done.

It was everything for him and now he’s calling me every other day. He calls me too much. This dude does not stop calling me. I’m like, “I’m going to change my number.” He’s a nice guy. He’s an older gentleman and doesn’t have anybody but he’s a character. He’s like, “I’m going to have to stay out of the casino because all of my money is going into the slots now.” He calls me Preacher Dude.

You got that done and you had this conversation with him. You gave him a poster session, which is thinking outside the box and you ended up with a $23,000 spread on this deal. Now, the pipeline that you have going forward, you have multiple deals in the pipeline. That’s the power of stacking the results. You’re closing another one and have a couple of others that are already under contract. It’s amazing. It’s a big testimony of what coming in and giving it 100% does. When you commit to something as opposed to being interested, you can come in and you can change your life. Do 180 degrees in a short period of time.

I wish I would have been braver to do it sooner. I wish I would have been more hungry to do it.

Here’s the thing, though. Would you have been ready for it? That’s a big question.

That’s such an important thing to discuss, too. We don’t realize how much pressure is put on you by feeling this condemnation. “I should have done this. I should have done that. I wish I would have done this or that.” You can’t live like that. You have to let these things go. There’s a famous Bible verse that Paul says, “Forgetting those things that are behind me. I press toward the mark of the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus.”

Opportunities open up in front of us daily.

For us, God works all things out for the better to those who are called and chosen. It’s his words. It’s one of the promises he makes to us. Even if we do make a mistake, it’s unreal. Only God can cause these things to abound to our benefit. I’d love to encourage everybody to open their heart up and ask the Lord to help and to take over because, for me, that was the greatest thing ever. That’s when I began to live. It wasn’t until I did that I experienced freedom and real truth. It changed everything.

It’s amazing. That’s the reality of things. Sometimes we get hit and we see things down the line. We may think that it’s taking forever, “Why didn’t I see this five years ago?” The truth of the matter is, I wasn’t ready to do the stuff and I’ll speak for myself on this, 5 years ago, 10 years ago, I was not ready to process, to commit to the stuff that I’m committing now so the opportunities are different. When people say that, “I wish I had seen it years before,” it may have not necessarily been a good thing because we change.

Evolution is a part of the magic that gives us the opportunity to open up in front of us on a daily basis. I love it. Your story is amazing. Coming in then switching and doing a complete 180 degrees in terms of emotional well-being. Mental fortitude, spiritual fortitude, and coming in and creating this phase where you feel you’re fulfilled, thriving, and you’re enjoying every day, is massive. A lot has happened in a short period of time. What would you say to somebody who’s getting started in wholesaling? What’s the best advice you can give them?

I would say commit to three months of the hardest work you’ve ever put into anything in your life. You can give it you can do anything for three months’ time. Ninety days of consistent action. Anybody can do it. Commit to 90 days, three months of consistent hard work. That’s also thanks to this program. I didn’t even mean to join this program. I was waiting to hear back from another company and they took so long to get to me. I’m like, “There’s got to be another company that’s doing it?” I google it and I come across Wholesaling Inc., and they call me right away.

I’m like, “All right.” They worked with me and helped me out. I was not able to put all the money up in everything, so I was so blessed that I was able to work with this company. I’m so thankful that the company didn’t call me back right away because I know, factually, after learning a ton, that it’s not the same structure. It’s not the same tools and everything like that. I stumbled across this. My point is, you have the tools then apply those tools consistently for 90 days. I dabbled in real estate. I didn’t have that consistent effort. I had some deals closing. I was like, “I’m not so desperate for the work.”

It’s that interest versus commitment difference keeps popping up.

I closed this deal. I have this gigantic check. For me, it’s massive. I went from $20 in my bank account to $23,000 in a day. It was enough for me to say, “I have enough money to reinvest this into this business. I’m done with real estate. We’ll work that out in the future because I’d like to have a brokerage license.”

Traditional real estate.

I want to focus full-time on investing. I want to buy properties. That’s what I want to do. Wholesaling is the entry point to that. We watched this gentleman who was also at Wholesaling Inc., Zack Boothe. He went on a 40-day challenge. He came here to my marketplace in Tampa. He went from Utah to Tampa, and he wanted to turn $1,000 into $40,000. I watched this guy’s testimony and it turned into $100,000 in 40 days. Robert and I saw that and we’re like, “It’s on. It’s happening.” We set a goal for $2,000 that turned into $200,000. We’re still learning a lot. I’m still around to use a dialer.

You’re right in the middle of it. You are doing the process. That’s the thing.

WI 743 | Through The Pain

Through The Pain: Drop the anchor price, then buckle up because you don’t know what’s going to happen.


A week and a half into this, we’ve already locked up some purchase contracts. We’ve already created some good solid leads. What we’ve done is we’ve been driving around and we’re trying to add 2,000 distressed properties to our dialer a week by driving. We’re just driving. We’ll get out early. We’ll get started at 8:39 AM. We’ll get in the car and we’ll start driving. We’ll drive until 5:00 PM.

That list, only you have it. That’s an individualized list. It’s going that extra step that a lot of people aren’t willing to do and not a lot of people are willing to put themselves out there to drive around and pull up the properties that are not going to pop up on absentee owner lists. They’re not going to pop up on the code violations list and liens. There’s something about a property when you’re driving by it and you’ll get a red flag. Maybe they have a burned-out car in the driveway. That’s distress. You take that and drop it into your particular list. They are committing.

A lot of these properties are hard to skip trace. They’ve been in the family for so long. They don’t have a lot of data on these properties. I have to leave notes on some of the doors because I can’t get through to a lot of the sellers. Untapped markets. Between that and the list that I’ve already pulled through the course, liens, code violations, and probates, we’re calling all these numbers. We’ll call until 9:00 PM. For two days in a row, I have got a lead at 9:00 PM. I had an appointment with the lead that I got at 9:00 PM. That’s a solid opportunity that we’re working on.

I love the fact again, that you were in it during the right in the middle of the trench work. We don’t see that part often, especially on the social media type of stuff. You see the end of it. You see the results. When they’re getting started and you see the results but watching the journey is a different thing.

It’s going to be a roller coaster. It’s one of the first things that I remember you said in your coaching call. It’s so funny. You drop the anchor price and you buckle up because you don’t know what’s going to happen next. It’s been a roller coaster. There’s a lot behind the scenes that you have to get through it. You have to experience the whole process of starting to closing and do that a couple of times, probably ten times before you start to feel like you become an expert in the field.

Every deal is going to be different. Creativity is always going to play a part in it. The foundations though, you can rely on some foundations and a bunch of different principles that you can apply to the business to turn it into a business. That’s what’s so amazing. I’m so proud of everything that you’ve done. It’s crazy to see the leaps that you’ve made over the last couple of months. I love being part of your journey and watching you crush it on a continuous basis. If somebody wants to get a hold of you, have a conversation, JV, or pick your brain and whatever, where’s the best place for them to find you?

We are tearing it up here in Pasco County. I live in Pasco, New Port, Richey, Florida. It’s in the Tampa Bay area. We work in Tampa, Pinellas County, and Pasco County, so if anybody wants to get on board and work together and JV or whatever, Facebook for me is the only way they can contact me. I would say get on my Facebook page. It’s Anthony Niro. I have a business page, Niro Capital as well. I don’t know what is easier. It’s getting on my Facebook page and sending me a message out of me as a friend.

Thanks for being so transparent, vulnerable, and sharing your journey. Tribe, there it is again, if you guys are interested in finding out more about coaching the wholesaling business blueprint, and going through the program, go to the Wholesaling Inc. website at and have a conversation with one of our guys. If it makes sense, and you guys feel comfortable with it, we can pull the trigger and start working together. Until then, stay focused, you got this.

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