Posted on: July 29, 2021
WI 742 | Cash Buyers List


Mark Schinzel has a full-time job and does real estate on the side. Even so, he’s been able to build a very significant cash buyers list that contributes to the increase of his net profit. How? Through different strategies—from negotiating prospects to utilizing real estate Facebook groups and associating with joint venture (JV) partners. Mark covers it all and breaks down his 2 massive deals, so if you’re interested, tune in to find out more!

The Easiest Way to Build a Massive Cash Buyers List in Record Time With Mark Schinzel

Let’s crack open this show with an unbelievable text that I received from a wholesaler and real estate investor out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It says, “This year, I’ve already made my W-2 yearly salary in assignment fees. I made last year’s assignment total already in the past six months. I’m looking to quit my W-2 in October.” When I get a message like this, I have to tell you, the light starts shining in my eyes. I start feeling that fire in my belly. I feel so incredibly happy because it’s a break out of that conventional box, that W-2 life, stay in this row in school and in your job, do what you’re supposed to do, be average and be normal.

For all the people who are reading this, we’re different. We have a different brain and fire in our bellies that says, “I don’t want to just stay in this box and in this row. I want to do something special and spectacular. I want to be able to have more control over my schedule, over my efforts and over my life.” That’s why it is my absolute pleasure to bring to the show and to the Rhino Tribe this incredible conversation with Mark Schinzel. Mark, how are you?

I’m pumped to be here. This has been a dream since I joined the tribe in 2018. I’m super excited.

I’m super excited for you starting out in 2018. It took a while to start building up the momentum and start closing deals. Once you bring everybody back to that starting point at 2018 and what that looked like over that year, year and a half, it took you to finally start getting the momentum in your business.

The common denominator is people hate their job. They want a way out. You read Rich Dad Poor Dad. I’m working 70 hours a week at a supply chain to a warehousing 3rd shift, 2nd shift. I’m sneaking in AirPods to listen to podcasts. I found BiggerPockets and a buddy of mine. I screenshot it and send it to a friend on Snapchat. He was like, “Have you ever heard of wholesaling?” I’m like, “No but I’m interested in anything at this point.” He sent me Wholesaling Inc., Sean Terry and a couple other ones that are out there especially during that time.

I couldn’t stop listening. I got overly obsessed. If you ask my friends, fiancée’s roommates, family, it doesn’t matter who, I was annoying. I knew that but I was so into it. I’m listening and trying to take action. I’m driving around. Driving for dollars was just coming out but I was broke. I did not have a lot of money. I didn’t know how to spend and have a budget. I was writing them down, going back, looking back in tax records. It’s an old-school way, finding them out and then handwriting 100 letters every single night. I had it down, which every letter was 80 seconds to write then to 40 seconds. I knew my time.

I’m trying to keep KPIs and then I heard you. You joined the team right around that time or a little bit later but that’s when you’re getting on the show. You’re telling me it’s cheaper to pick up the phone. I’m in sales already. I have a sales background for years. I’m younger but have always been into sales. I’m a huge entrepreneur guy. I’m like, “This is no brainer to me.” I swiped a credit card in 2018 and went for it. I joined and I’m still working 70 hours a week. I get off shift at 7:00 in the morning and then I come back at 8:00 after traffic.

I felt weird cold calling 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM and I’m tired. I came up with excuses to be inconsistent. I found another W-2 that moved me to Nashville. I work close to 40 hours a week. There are some times where it’s much more but it gave me the work-life. I struggled with money because Nashville’s a little more expensive than where I was. I worked another part-time during 2019. My fiancée moved out there with me. I leaned on her financially a little bit in the beginning and started picking up the phone to get consistent leads to come in. From there, I saw traction and got my first deal in 2019.

Setting up a schedule and time-blocking is crucial.

I want to dissect and break this down. When did you find the time to be consistent? You’re working so much. You and I had talked a lot. You were squeezing it in during lunch breaks, after hours, during vacation time and weekends. How did you set that up? How do you stay focused on the goal? Honestly, the times that you can take a breath and take a moment to sit back and relax, you have your foot on the pedal and you were moving towards your goal of doing this full-time.

It’s hard to say that. Setting up a schedule, of course, time-blocking and you hear from everybody that that’s crucial. Every day after work, I would go back and see my fiancée, girlfriend at the time. I would tell her, “I need to cold call and follow up between the hours of 4:30 and 7:30 PM every single day.” At one point, if I start to slack, she was holding me accountable. That was huge. Another part of that is you got to find out who’s in your corner. I can assure you and everyone that’s reading this that’s in the same situation. I can bet 90% of them have had family and close friends say like, “You’re nuts.” That happened to me.

WI 742 | Cash Buyers List

Cash Buyers List: You’ve got to find out who’s in your corner.


What’s crazy was I had some deals in 2019 that I thought were deals and they were land. I’m still inexperienced. I haven’t done one. I’m looking at this like, “This is going to be a $14,000 deal.” I’m at my W-2 taking calls and leaving the rows like a call center scenario. I’m leaving, going and taking the shift survey, all these things. My still good friend was like, “When do you give up? When do you call it quits?” I signed up in 2018 and this was a year later. I’m still trying it and I’m like, “I’m not giving up.” You just got to laugh, brush it off and then go get with people that are doing it and doing better than you.

I joined real estate investment groups in Nashville and I saw people doing it. I met some guys from TTP that were already six-figure wholesalers and full-time. Setting that schedule and time block is so important than surrounding yourself with people that want to see you doing it and win. It’s so crucial. Trust me, those friends that talked about that see me getting ready to move forward and move out at W-2. They’re like, “I didn’t believe in you.” I’m like, “I know and that’s what fueled me.”

We live in this world and it’s very familiar that we talk about wholesaling real estate and the language that comes with real estate investing but for most people, it’s very foreign. It’s very strange to them. They’re not sure. A lot of people think you need to have a tremendous amount of money to be able to invest in properties. You need to be able to upgrade them and update them. Everybody thinks real estate investors, for the most part, are fix and flippers. They don’t understand that the way that people get these opportunities and get the best deals is through wholesalers like us. We’re out there hustling, initiating the conversation and having quality conversations with the distressed property owners out there but most people don’t know what we’re doing.

It gets very frustrating and makes us feel like we’re on an island when we’re out there trying to pursue this dream. We see the results that other people are having. We see that it’s the foundation of being able to control our real estate business. It all comes from being able to source the deals ourselves. We know, feel and understand that. It is critical that we surround ourselves with people that not only are doing it but are doing more than us. It’s always going to push us up. It’s going to motivate us and give us a path to follow. We’re mirroring and matching what other people are doing. We’re seeing their success. This is not overly complicated. If we keep it simple, we can succeed.

Anybody can succeed in this business if you focus on solving the problems of the 6% to 10% of the real estate market that is in distress at all times. With that being said, Mark, tactically, were you cold calling or DM-ing during these times? Were you reaching out? You’ve built a very significant cash buyer database over the years, which accounts for 50% of your income. Why don’t you break down that a little bit?

2020 was a blow-up for me for JVs. We did well.

Explain a JV. What does that mean?

It’s a joint venture. At least for how I’ve done it because I’ve always had a lengthy cash buyers list. Other wholesalers would bring me a deal, the contract already signed and then from there, I’m blasting it out to all my cash buyers but I try to do more than just your average. I don’t say this but I’ve worked with other people where I’ve tried to JV. I will do not only the disposition but will negotiate with the buyers and walk them through the property. The seller nor the actual wholesaler needs to be there for me personally. Particularly in Pittsburgh, there’s an occupancy permit, a dye test.

There are so many small stipulations needed to get a deal through the finish line that I will take care of versus having another wholesaler who’s maybe out of state or even crazier, out of the country. You don’t have to worry about that stuff. To go back to your question, I was cold calling. It was big. I want to shout out to my team too. I have the best cold-calling team out there, in my personal opinion. Two of them are in the Philippines and I have my part-time acquisition manager there as well. They are killers. They are great. My one Philippine caller, Louis, has been with me for years, which I feel is unheard of in the industry.

We’re cold calling and getting some deals. We’d cleared $60,000 in 2020. That’s nothing crazy. I’ve seen way bigger numbers. People make six figures in a month but half of that was from people sending us deals. What I would do is if I’m on my lunch break, doing nothing at home or watching TV with my fiancée, I would scroll through Facebook and would see new wholesalers that I’ve never seen in these groups that posted a deal. They might not get a like. I know it’s a bad time that they posted it. There are better times to post things when you see it from a picture you put up but I would slide in the DMS, copy and paste every single message that I had. I would change up the end show like, “Hi, John. Hi, Brent. Hi, whoever,” and then say, “I am happy to dispo. I have 1,700, 2,000,” however many buyers in the location and give them all of my contact information.

I have a program for JV-ing. The first one is 50/50, 2nd is 60/40, 3rd is 65/35 and then 70/30 going forward. I want them to come back and make me a permanent disposition. I tag them with that and say, “I’m not going to drop big dispo names but I’m not going to be that company, that guy or that gal. I’m going to give back to you if you keep feeding me deals.” It worked. People were sending them to me. I had repeat multiple JVs and it worked out.

WI 742 | Cash Buyers List

Cash Buyers List: There are so many small stipulations needed to get a deal through the finish line that I will take care of versus having another wholesaler who’s maybe out of state, or even crazier, out of the country.


It’s so that I understand here, you go to Pittsburgh real estate investing groups on Facebook. You see people and you’re in there every day. You’re getting the flow of who are the usual characters and who’s in their post a lot. You see somebody that’s new and they’re posting. They don’t know. They just got a deal and they’re excited to post at 7:30, 8:00 at night or something. The funny thing is and this is true around the country but real estate investors get it hot and heavy in the morning but by 2:30 to 3:00, they’re done reviewing deals and looking at it, for the most part, the bigger guys. It’s the truth.

Go get with people that are doing it better than you.

You’re on there and reaching out to them. You’re saying, “If you need help selling this deal, I’m your guy. I can help you out. I’ve got this big buyer database.” First of all, how did you build 1,700 to 2,000 buyers so that you have this power and confidence to be able to reach out to somebody and start that relationship? You’re leading with a tremendous amount of value. How did you build that buyer base?

Some of the real estate investment groups will have buyers lists already there and they’re usually pretty small. When I say small, it’s 500. That’s great. It’s a nice little base. That starts it. I was pulling lists on PropStream and at this point, at Batch Leads. There are many different providers but I’m texting in each of these places and saying, “Would you ever consider picking up other cash deals?” It wasn’t just me. I have other guys that are doing it with me and for me but we did a lot of that.

I scraped a lot of these different groups for emails and then going to the real estate investment groups in person and business cards. I probably got 10% from each of my lists from emails getting forwarded to other buyers. That happens so often. Once I do go full-time, I have a couple of ways I plan on expanding that a bit but that covered majority of it. Once I got to 800 or 1,000, wherever is beefy enough to push to another wholesaler, I’ll trade up. That’s huge. I trade up with two people in Nashville that put me over 2,000. That was critical. I went from 900 to 2,000 in two weeks with no repeats. It was pretty great.

The biggest wholesalers in the country, all they do is JV deals because they have 70,000, 80,000 buyers in the market. As you’re building your wholesaling business and you’re out there hunting every day, you can turn it into a gathering because you have so many people sending you opportunities that you can JV on. Mark, let me ask you this. When you said 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, I assume that they get a bigger piece of the pie each deal?

Yeah. The lead costs me zero. It will be gas money. I don’t have a disposition person yet. I will be looking to do that when I get full-time. It’s all love. That’s collaboration over competition. Truly, it’s amazing. It’s very real in this industry, at least from what I personally see. I want to give back. You did a lot of that chasing. It takes time on that wholesaler’s side. I give back in any way I can. To me, at 30%, I’m happy.

I liked the way that you have that tiered because the relationship builds over time. If you’re splitting a deal 50/50 with somebody, you’re communicating with them every day. You’re keeping them positive, helping them with the seller sometimes and pulling these deals across the finish line, which is critical especially as people are starting out. The biggest fear is something’s going to happen. The deal is not going to go through. All this effort that you put into it falls apart and evaporates.

If you have somebody there that’s with you, almost like a mentor and keeping you moving forward towards closing that deal, it is a huge benefit. You start getting more confidence as a new wholesaler. As you get that and understand the process more, you get paid more on these JV deals with Mark. I love that. Are you doing that both in Nashville and Pittsburgh?

In Nashville, we’ve got out of that market. I’ve heard big gurus move out too. It’s funny. It’s tough when you’re hunting for a house that’s right next to a new build. They think their house is worth $500,000 when it’s not. The new bill that’s sold was $500,000, not what your house is. I found it difficult but I am primarily doing JVs there because there’s money in the buyer database. In Pittsburgh, I do it too. It’s just I’m much more focused on my own deals here and generating more revenue that way versus JVs at the moment.

It’s an interesting point that you talked about posting times as people are posting to these real estate investing groups. If you’re new and you’re thinking about this, it’s interesting. There are a couple of different strategies that Mark is laying out here for you. If you post in the morning, you’re going to get more action and more people on that but if you post in the later times, you might find somebody phenomenal like Mark that has held your hand during these first few deals and make sure that you have that extra confidence to go through and get it done.

It depends on what you’re looking for when you’re starting out. If you want to try to get that deal sold as quickly as possible, it’s great but maybe you’re not going to get the communication, the guidance and the coaching that you would if you post it later. It’s interesting, Mark. I like that. Let’s break down a deal. We’re going to do two deals on here because one is not enough while we have Mark on the show. First, let’s go with a true wholesale deal, a true assignment. You found a deal, locked it up and sold that contract. Let’s go with that first.

I had a caller that quit on me. Before they quit, I told them, “It’s going to take some time for you to close a deal.” I was going to pay them a hefty amount. It’s a US caller and a friend. They left and at this time, they got me this lead. I was getting so many leads and trying to follow-up. It’s hard. They’re on a learning curve but if you’re not qualifying them well, you get trash leads that cover up all the gold. That’s the truth. I got lucky that I was finding this one through the database and scraping myself again. I’m looking at it. We had two pillars originally, the condition and motivation, which the motivation wasn’t correct. There was a bigger one.

They send me this. That person leaves the company. A couple of weeks later, I follow-up and find out it’s an absentee owner list. I struggled when I moved from Nashville to Pittsburgh because, in Nashville, you can mark it like an hour and a half almost outside of the center city but in Pittsburgh, it’s not like that. It’s different. I probably had a dry couple of months where I sent marketing dollars out there on the outskirts. This is one of the ones that came in that was huge for me. It’s about an hour outside of Pittsburgh Downtown. It’s a quadplex.

We’ll go through the pillars. With the condition, it’s a decent condition and turnkey. There’s nothing wrong with it, whatsoever. Motivation is the biggest part. She tried to list it a few years back and couldn’t sell it. She’s out of state with her mom managing it. Her mom has a W-2. She was spread so thin. It honestly blew my mind that she was a property manager at the time. With timeline, it’s anytime as soon as possible and with price, she originally went for $80,000. To me, I’m running for cap rate. For those that don’t know cap rate, it’s for multifamily, duplex, triplex, quads and up.

How it works is you get net income. The gross rent minus all the expenses, including insurance, taxes, maintenance and utilities. Divide that by the purchase price. When I’m doing it, it’s showing me $80,000, 15% cap rate, which in many markets is great and awesome. Pittsburg is picky. You get high cap rates here. I have one in dispo that I locked up. It’s shown 45% and I’m not getting hits. I’m buying it myself. That doesn’t matter.

WI 742 | Cash Buyers List

Cash Buyers List: Some of the real estate investment groups will have buyers lists already there.


With this one, I’m seeing this and my mind is blown. I go there and take pictures. It needs a little bit of work but the reality is it doesn’t. You can see that it’s going to have deferred maintenance. I go back and I told her, “There are some things I’m a little concerned about. How this next process works is you and I need to agree upon a price. I’m going to bring out my investors to come out there and say if it’s yay or nay, if it’s a deal or not.”

How I post all-cash buyers is they’re my investors and some of them are. What I did was I was like, “Let me come back with a number. I’m not sure if $80,000 is going to work.” My training is huge on your methods, which I know my callers are going to be so excited that I’m on here. We use your YouTube videos constantly for training and then also Chris Voss, who’s an FBI hostage negotiator, had been talked about many times on here. Never Split the Difference is the book. Audible is preferred and it’s honestly amazing. Everyone should listen and read it.

Collaboration over competition.

How I did it was I started with addressing the negative to her. I was like, “Alexis, you’re going to hate me. You’re going to think that I’m so cheap or that I don’t know the market and I will lowball everybody.” There’s a strategy on presenting price. I said, “I’m thinking I can offer $55,000.” You do it with a smile and a higher pitch. She’s like, “There’s a little bit lower than I expected but let me sleep on it.” She followed up the next day and she wanted $60,000 for it. It’s awesome. I feel like I’m in. That brings a cap rate. If I’m displaying it at $80,000, we’re still at it. That’s in the 20% range or something like that. We’re looking good. I worked that numbers and it was a better cap rate than I expected because I was at a little new with the cap rate.

I ended up sending this to a big-time wholesaler and low-key mentor of mine in Pittsburgh. He does $300,000, $400,000 a month. He’s awesome at what he does. I sent it to his team and his team is like, “That’s an hour away. I know the cap rate’s great but that’s not an appreciating area. I’m not sure if we could do it.” She runs it by the guy I know who runs the company and she said, “We’re going to take a chance on it but we won’t be able to dispo it out for another two weeks,” because they’re that busy. They have a back-to-back. I’m like, “That defeats the purpose of wholesaling to me.”

It’s no offense to them. I’m just like, “I need to get her a cash deal. I need to be quick.” I can take a chance. My name is not as big as what theirs is here so I’m like, “I’m going to shoot it out.” I shoot it out at $80,000 and do a buyer walkthrough. I ended up getting $92,000 and some change for it. I put it on assignment and I asked the buyer first, “Do you care what I make?” They were like, “I don’t care at all.” I said, “Good then we can move forward.” I ended up making $32,000 and change.

You locked it up for $60,000, put it out on $80,000 and got a bid up to $92,000, netting you half of what you make in a year in your W-2 just on this deal. I love it. There is so much there. For anybody that’s new and maybe reading this for the first time, if you want to watch this, check it out on Brent Daniels YouTube channel.

We talked about the pillars. Mark did a wonderful job of breaking down the four pillars that you want to know when you’re pre-qualifying every seller. It’s the condition of the property, their timeline to sell, their motivation to sell and their price. He was able to pull all of that out. When you’re able to do that, you know you’ve got somebody that has true motivation. Remember, when it comes to wholesaling real estate, you need two main factors. You need equity in the property and motivation. That’s how you get these bigger deals. It’s incredible.

Not only that but you took it to the biggest wholesaler in your market and they’re like, “We’ll put you here. Take this ticket. In two weeks, we’ll get around to working with you.” You’re like, “I’ll blast it out.” You did it yourself, which I often find that the absolute best way to get the most amount is when you’re sending it out to your own cash buyer database. Not only did they like and respond quickly to the deal but they bid up an additional $12,000. It went from a $20,000 to $32,000. That was just from negotiating. You did a fantastic job with the way that you approached negotiating with the property owner and getting them down to what their bottom line is.

A lot of people have maybe a number in mind or maybe people are whispering in their ear, “You need to get more for this property. I think it’s worth this or whatever else,” but when a ready, willing and able buyer shows up then that is the value. It doesn’t matter what the seller and the market thinks the value is. It doesn’t matter what appraisers or real estate agents think of the value of a property is. The buyer determines the value. That’s what you were able to communicate to her and get that property locked up at $60,000. It’s phenomenal.

The money is awesome but helping out a seller that’s in need is mind-blowing. It’s where I reached out and said, “Would you ever do a video testimonial?” I’ve been trying this for all my other deals. She was the one to do it. It’s my largest deal. She gave me a video testimonial. It’s on my website. To get that clearly you provide value. That’s the biggest part. People look at wholesalers as something like a shark. The reality is, “As long as I know how I can help you in your end goal, that’s it.” Understanding her mom want it out of the management was critical. I told her mom, “I hope I’m your buyer but I might not be so hopefully, we can make this work.” I’m whispering that but the reality is I wanted to help. You got to lean in on that too. Negotiation is great and it’s needed there but helping them is huge.

The only people I find that think that wholesalers are sharks are people that are jealous of the amount of money that wholesalers make. It’s the truth. Our income equals the amount of value we provide to the community. You can’t just do people. You can’t have people go through a process where it goes through a title company and closing attorney. It takes 2 weeks to 1 month to close these deals that all go through the title. There’s no way to fake this. This is real. People are committed to this sale. The only people that think that we’re sharks are people that are jealous about the amount of value we provide because they don’t know necessarily how to provide that value.

That’s what we do and that’s why we exist. If other people did then there wouldn’t be wholesaling. If fix and flippers knew how to go source their own deals or wanted to source their own deals, we wouldn’t exist. If people building their rental portfolios wanting to get the best deals, go out and speak with the property owners themselves, they would get those deals. They don’t want to do that. They just want the properties. That is why wholesaling is so powerful. Beyond that, let’s go real quick through this creative deal because it’s awesome that you were able to get a deal with a creative finance opportunity and with 0% down and 0% interest rate over ten years. This is phenomenal. Break it down for us.

We got the lead in and the After Repair Value, ARV, was $120,000 in a decent area. It’s right by a college in Pittsburgh. It’s up and coming and they’re building a hospital next to it. It’s a good spot. I’m like, “This is great.” It’s hard to find properties in this area. A lady wanted $60,000. We’re in that 50% ballpark so I’m interested. I go out with my partner. It was my stepdad on my holding company. I’m like, “Give me your analysis on what needs to be done here.” I was just starting with him. We started the holding company. I’m like, “What do you think?” He’s like, “If it’s not me doing any of this, it’d be all hired out for a flip for $50,000. With $110,000, it’s worth $120,000.” We’re not breaking even. We’re losing money.

I go back and I call her. I’m like, “You’re going to hate me.” I started doing the whole Chris Voss and addressed the negative. “It’s huge but I’m coming in. I don’t even want to place an offer.” She’s like, “You’re not going to hurt my feelings.” I’m like, “It’s in $20,000.” She was like, “What the.” She hung up on me. It’s crazy. Instantly, I call her back and she didn’t answer. I was like, “This is Mark. I think we may have got disconnected. I apologize if I offended you on my cash offer. However, if you’d ever consider being the bank on the property, I can maybe give you more.”

She called me the next day and apologized. She said, “I’m sorry for flipping out. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks. People are in the hospital.” I’m helping out a seller right there in a crappy situation. You want to help. She’s like, “Explain this to me because I don’t want to foreclose on you.” There are processes and I’m not going to get into that but I give her the insurances and she says, “I would like to do this. Can you work with my power of attorney?” I said, “That’s fine. What is the purchase price? What are you looking for?” At the time, she’s like, “$27,000 would work.” I’m like, “Are you looking for cash or something creative?” She’s like, “Cash is preferred.”

Honestly, I needed it at $20,000. That was the only way to make this work. I was like, “What if I give you $35,000 instead? I’m going to give you more and we work it out to be ten years.” She said, “Did you see that Jeep that was in the house?” “Yeah.” She’s like, “Would you want to buy that?” I’m like, “What if we throw it on the terms, call it a day and we spread that over ten? I’ll give you $40,000 over ten years.” She’s like, “Done. Get with my power of attorney, my brother.” We wrote it up and start renovation in the next week or two.

You wrote it up as for ten years. You’re going to pay her how much a month?

There’s money in the buyer database.

It’s seven years. It’s $350 a month with a balloon payment at the end for less than $10,000.

There are so many different ways to structure this and you get a Jeep with it. You have $350 a month. How much work does this property need?

Being that my stepdad is a general contractor and we can go in and do it ourselves, we’re getting around a total of a little less than $10,000. I make my own condition. If you look those up, you don’t find a ‘97 Jeep Wrangler with 27,000 miles garage cap. It needs to be inspected, all this kind of stuff but we should be able to pull almost all of that out for the renovation to where we zero down, zero interest and zero money out of pocket. To cashflow, the net is around $450 a month when it’s all said and done. It’s an insane deal. That was the home run of the year for us. The first creative deal that I took down myself is mind-blowing. Once we start posting this stuff and being loud, we have private money lenders. We get referrals from family and friends. It’s amazing to see what specifically that deal did for our business and the competence it brought to myself and my team to be able to pitch it a little bit more.

Mark, if people are in Pittsburgh, how do they get ahold of you? How do they reach out? Maybe they want joint venture with you, want to be in your world, squat up, communicate and share results, what’s working and best practices.

I’ll give you two. I’ll give you my Instagram handle, @Mark_Schinzel and then my email is

If you’re feeling Mark’s enthusiasm for this business and his energy, reach out to him. Tell him, “Congratulations.” Squat up with him. Pick his brain. Mark is wildly open to sharing his best practices and what he’s doing so just communicate. He understands that this is a very small community of people that want to make a difference in their communities. He’s willing to help out with that. Mark, thank you so much. This has been a long time in the making. I’ll tell you what. I showed everybody on my team your text and showed it to the world. It’s on Instagram. I couldn’t be happier for you. It’s well-deserved. I’m excited to see how fast and how far you go when you can go full-time. It’s going to be bananas.

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Cash Buyers List: Negotiation is great and it’s needed there but helping them is huge.


It gives me chills. I’m so excited. I couldn’t have done it without you and the TTP fam. That’s what gives you the direction to go where you need. I hate to plug it but the reality is that’s what it is and that’s what got me there so thanks again.

Thank you, Mark. A couple of resources, Mark pulled some of his cash buyers that he reached out through texts and through PropStream. You can get that at If you are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP program and the TTP family. Go to Check out what it’s all about. Check out all the incredible people that are part of this group, their testimonials and all their successes. You’re going to have to scroll for a while because it is incredible how many people are out there making a difference in their communities.

If you are interested in that and it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. We look forward to working with you. I look forward to working with you personally. Mark, thank you for being on the Rhino Tribe and on the show. It’s about time. For everybody out there, as always, I sign off by encouraging you to talk to people. Until next time. Love you. See you.

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