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WI 737 | Wholesaling Success


Anyone can find massive success with wholesaling. Even a troubled teenager! The show’s guest today is   of Tyler, Texas, who was sentenced to two years in jail for four different charges at the age of 18. He wanted to get his life together, so he worked hard and educated himself. Now, he’s a nurse and a successful real estate entrepreneur who has countless deals on his radar.


We’ve all had some setbacks, but there will always be a fire in us to keep moving forward. It’s up to you whether you want to feed that fire or snuff it out! Join in the conversation as Jesse walks us through the ups and downs of his journey. Be inspired by his motivations, schedule, and success. If Jesse can do it, you can too! Don’t miss this episode!

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How a Troubled Teen Turned His Life Around and Found Massive Success with Wholesaling

I am telling you this, if I can do this, so can you. Let’s get started. This episode is going to absolutely blow your mind because we’ve all had some setbacks, made some mistakes, tried and failed. There’s something inside of us keeps us going, pushing, feeding that fire that we have to be an entrepreneur, a real estate investor. Overcoming this challenge of the interview and the conversation that I’m going to have with this gentleman is going to absolutely blow you away.

At eighteen years old, at such a critical age, he lost two years of freedom. He’s going to break that all down. Now, he has scratched his way up, worked hard, and kept disciplined. He has been so extremely focused on the goals that he has, that he is now a successful real estate entrepreneur and wholesaler. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Rhino Tribe, to the show, from Tyler, Texas, Jesse Davis. Jesse, what’s up?

I’m doing great. How about you? I’m glad to be here.

I’m excited about this because your story is wild. It has so many different layers to it. Tell us about you, how you grew up, where you’re from and we’ll get to how you started wholesaling.

I grew up all over Texas. We’re from Louisiana originally. My mom and dad got divorced when I was about five. I have a little sister. My dad was in Air Force, got divorced. I stayed with my dad most of the time. Our relationship was rocky. He got remarried. My mom was a sweetheart. He kept me from our mom. That was a weird situation. He was never an alcoholic. He never drank. He was a little different. I stayed with him until I was about fourteen and then finally got to live with my mom. My dad’s disciplined. He’s from the military. Get home from school, you did your homework. You don’t go outside or nothing.

I grew up like that. It’s so structured and has no freedom. My mom was different. I came live with her in East Texas. She’s an awesome mom. I love her to death. She’s a sweetheart. I can say better things about her, but she gave me a lot of freedom, which at fifteen years old, what are you going to do when you’re fifteen? You got a cousin who’s two years older than me. He can drive. I went crazy. I tried to smoke cigarettes. I didn’t like that. That didn’t work out, but drinking, running the roads and stealing. That was a big thing. It’s stupid stuff that kids do, like stealing all kinds of stuff.

Around seventeen, I started a new school, my senior year at a different school in East Texas. I had wrecked my truck. I’m a senior, not driving to school. That was hard. I was depressed. I suffer from depression my whole life. I ended up stealing a truck when I was eighteen at the time. I’m telling you, in 2000, from September to December, I got at least four different charges before I went to court for the stolen truck.

The judge was willing to throw the book at me. I had the worst judge in Longview, Texas, which is the East Texas area. That’s where I grew up, and I got probation in four months. I screwed that up. I got sentenced to two years in state jail here in Henderson, which is East Texas. I spent two solid years. I ran for a little, maybe three months when I found out I was going to go to prison. I turned myself in. I was like, “I got to get my life together.”

Be more consistent. The more you do, the easier it gets.

I was nineteen. I got two years. I was a skinny little twerp because I’m trying going to go. I work out to gain some muscle. I’m going to try to go to school. I’m in there and learn some stuff. That’s the most depressing place you can ever be. It’s the worst place you can be. I had nightmares for years afterwards. I don’t anymore because I’m a lot older now. That was many years ago. It’s the most depressing place, with no air conditioner in Texas heat. There are not people like us there. There are not normal people. These people were in there for drugs. They come from the streets. It was a hard life. I came out and trying to get my life together from there.

You were in there and counting the days. You’re getting out. How do you build up your mindset and start walking down the path to being a real estate entrepreneur now?

I would relate it until now. Us now trying to be real estate investors, cold calling. Getting on the phone is hard every day. I’m not consistent. I need to be more consistent with it. The more you do it, it gets easier. It’s like that. You look and you’re like, “There’s no way I can be where Brent is. He was at one spot. He was there once.” In prison, it was like, “I have two years. What am I going to do?” Think of the future. What is your future hold? It’s a manifestation, thinking of getting out. I had a plan in mind already. I’m ready to get out. I’ve been working out. I’m going to get all the girls. I’m going to get my life. I’m going to go back to college. It’s having that mindset of that future holds a lot. I was young. I have everything in front of me.

Many years later, do you feel like you still have that? Do you still feel like your mindset is always future thinking or are you more present now?

To me, it’s like a sickness. It’s always the future. I try to tell myself live now, live in the present. Stop thinking about the future. I always think of like 2, 4 years ahead of where I’m going to be. I try to live in like the now. I feel like sometimes we get in a hurry to be somewhere. I listened to a lot of podcasts and you guys are setting up before, but you’re in a hurry to get to make $1 million a year, but you need to enjoy getting there.

You’re going to look back. I’ve done this with other things in life where I was in such a hurry to get somewhere and then I’ll look back, and I’m like, “That was so much fun, not fun, but I struggled here. I learned this there.” Once you get there, you’re like, “You missed all the fun because you’re so worried about where I’m going to be in the future.”

I have grown up and continue to listen to and read a lot from a gentleman by the name of Earl Nightingale. He always talks about that success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal. Basically, meaning that if you’re on the journey to accomplish something, you’re successful. It’s that time that you’re spending, focusing on, that actual journey, days that you were in the mix is a success. Getting to the goal is fine.

Once you get there, there are ones to get. It is truly the journey that you’re on. I don’t care if you’re driving for dollars for the first time. You’re successful. If it’s talking to your first seller, you’re successful. If you realize this goal of being a real estate entrepreneur, you are successful. Once you start believing that in your heart and head, you feel so much more confident and certain that what you’re doing is right, and you keep doing it, that’s what pushes you and puts the wind behind your sails. That helps you build that momentum up so that you can do something special with your life.

WI 737 | Wholesaling Success

Wholesaling Success: You have to know that you are a real estate investor. Avoid the imposter syndrome.


You have to know that you are a real estate investor. I don’t have the imposter syndrome. I had that even after two deals, I still had the imposter syndrome. The more consistent you are with this, the more times you talk to people, I don’t care if it’s a realtor, a seller, a contractor, your next-door neighbor, some of the grocery store, the more you speak, the better. I don’t know if you know, but I grew up with a bad stuttering problem. I had speech therapy. I still stutter all the time. You can’t tell them much now, but confidence will help you get through stuff.

I get on the phone still. Even now, I still stutter, but if I’m confident and I know that I can buy this property. I know I can. Even that’s a hard money loan, whatever I have to do, I can purchase this. I can help this person out. It gives you confidence. The more you do it, the more you’re going to believe in yourself that you are. Tell yourself that you are and keep doing it. Keep talking to people, get your communication skills on point.

You don’t have to be a perfect salesman. I think I get wrapped up in, “Do this,” or this person says, “Do that.” If you’re on the phone, talk to them and say a cash offer. “What’s the best you can do?” Go from there, talk to people, be cordial and friendly. It’s like your next-door neighbor. You’re their friend.

What an inspiration, Jesse. I’m sitting here listening to you talk, and it sounded magnificent. Not only that, you go from going to jail for 2 years at 18 years old to getting out of that and staying fixed on the future. Doing everything that you can to be successful in getting over stuttering and then you sign up for the number one thing to challenge that.

I don’t know why. I like to do things that are hard. If you say, “I can’t even do it,” it’s like, “I want to do it.” Plus, you’re the very first podcast I heard. I’m going to tell you. I was mowing that day. I put in my headphones and I found wholesaling because you are the number one podcast. I listened to your podcast. I remember to this day, it’s a podcast about how to get your deal in 90 days. You told us all this stuff under $150 like Trulia search. The words that you used that motivated me was, “If I can do it, so can you.” It put a fire inside me. I listen to a podcast non-stop, every podcast you can think of on wholesaling or more real estate stuff too, more in depth.

Walk me through, Jesse from 21 to now. What does that look like? Obviously, you found the podcast but there was the thread that you pulled to follow that along and find that podcast. What made you think about real estate?

In my twenties, I was mostly in service dentistry, bartending. It was hard too with a stutter problem. If you tell me, “I can do it. I feel like I can do it,” I want to do it more. I did that for all my twenties and traveled a little bit. I didn’t get anywhere. I took community college a little bit and got my nursing license. I’m a nurse for years now. I got that when I was 34. In 2020, I went to Brooklyn for a COVID assignment for nursing. I came back with some money. They are paying us well. That’s the money in the bank. It’s not a whole lot like $10,000. I came back with quite a bit of money. I was like, “I need to invest this.”

I was already fixing my house. That house was built in ‘93. I bought it in 2016. I’ve been renovating ever since. I’m about 95% of the way done. I’ve done showers, gutted them, did a walk-in shower, tiling, gut in my kitchen. I’ve done whole new kitchen marble countertops. We’ve done it all. I’ve always loved real estate. My mom was into older homes. She used to drive around the old neighborhoods. It’s like what Jamil talks about. He loves houses. I love older homes and their potential. I’ll look at a house. I’m like, “That house could be so beautiful. It needs a little bit of work.”

If others can do it, so can you.

I watched HGTV. I’m like, “How do they buy these houses on the market? How do they get money to fix them up?” I came across Jerry Norton. He’s great. There’s so much information. I got addicted to watching his stuff. I don’t know how I found wholesaling, but I did somehow. When I was a kid, if you remember, watching infomercials late at night, there were those infomercials about make money selling. I didn’t know what that was.

It’s in the underground overhear somewhere, but it’s a huge community. I found wholesaling. I got addicted to it. I started researching. I had analysis paralysis. I found out last July. I didn’t jump on board until December of 2020. Even then, I joined your program, I didn’t make my first phone call until February. I make excuses. I’m telling you right now, if you’re a family, I don’t know if you do it or if anybody else has done it, you make excuses with your family.

My son’s awake. He’s a two-year-old. I want to spend time with them. I’ve got to mow the lawn. I got to fix the kitchen. I was renovating my kitchen at the time. You have to find the time. I have a set time from 12 noon to 4:00 that I cold call. I do a follow it. I didn’t call, but I’m calling my leads. I enjoy doing it. I want to work on my business. That’s fun for me.

I don’t want to do anything. I want to talk to people. I want to source some real estate and get some deals. Getting a deal, whenever you get your first and they say, “Yes,” you get this rush. I’ve never done heroin before. I felt a rush. It’s the best feeling in the whole world. It’s the best business ever. I’m so blessed that God showed it to me. I have the capability and the finances. That’s awesome.

You need to time block. There has to be a sacred time in your schedule where you are aside, where you are going to hunt for opportunities. If you’re feeling guilty about it or whatever else, it’s not that I don’t think as a dad, a husband, a brother. It’s more the creative avoidance that we prefer to hang out with our kids. I flipped it a couple of years ago, Jesse. I was like, “My young guy is very similar to me. My younger son is very active, very good communicator and speaks well. I’m going to let him watch me do what I do.” Ever since that, it’s interesting. It’s almost something like we share.

It’s almost something like he knows to listen, be quiet and be there. Not always, he’s four, but he’s still a wild. It was interesting too, to show that part of it. When you’re showing your kids that you are able to provide value to your community, they want a piece of that. They see that. It’s a good example of what it is to be an entrepreneur, to go out there and show them how you communicate, the tone of voice that you use, the pausing and active listening that you do on the phone, all those things. I would encourage anybody listening and watching and you, Jesse as well, open it up. It would be interesting to have you there.

To have fathers like us that they’re going to know about entrepreneurship, my dad didn’t teach me that stuff. My children are going to be multimillionaires. I’m telling you right now. I’m going to instill this into their heads unless they want to, “I want to be a doctor because I want to be a doctor.” They’re going to know there are other options. They don’t have to go to college. I’m there with Cardone. I think college is a scam.

If people want to go to college to be something because they enjoy it, more power to them. A lot of kids think, “I have to go to college because that’s what you’re supposed to do after school.” They get in debt and a job after college. That’s not that great. They’re paying all this debt back and they’re not happy. They’re depressed. They gain weight or are unhealthy.

WI 737 | Wholesaling Success

Wholesaling Success: You have to set time for cold calls and follow-ups.


I think the same thing, Jesse. I look at my children, especially my youngest. I think that what I’m doing from a professional and a financial standpoint is laying a foundation and to see what they do on top of that, which is exciting. Let’s break down a deal. Everybody loves this part of the show where we break down a deal. I want to break down your bigger deal. You’ve closed two since you started calling months ago.

You’ve put together two deals. This one is something that I love because everybody reading can do what Jesse’s going to tell you. He did like in the next five minutes after listening and watching this podcast, you can do this. You can take action on this and see what happens in your life. Go ahead, Jesse, why don’t we talk about this bigger deal that you did?

It was the deal out of Long View, Texas, which is a town about an hour for me. It’s the next bigger town. Over here in this area, you have to market. I market to all the counties. There’s not a lot of people here. This was a referral. The ROI was insane. It didn’t cost me nothing to get this deal. It was a huge deal.

How did you get the referral?

The referral was from posting on Facebook. I don’t have Instagram. I meant to get all this stuff set up, Instagram, YouTube. I can tell everybody where to find me, but I’m an older man. All I have is Facebook. I’ve been on Facebook for a long time. I’ve got my story to home buyers. I’ve got a cheap website, $20 a month. I put all my cover pages. I put my business name, my phone number. “I buy houses.” I’ll post stuff randomly. I usually do stories.

I’m actively buying houses. I don’t do a whole lot. I probably should do more. I do maybe 1 or 2 times a week, on my stories. When I first started, I put stuff as a post, like, “I’m getting into real estate” because I heard you talk about it. Put yourself out, let people know you’re doing real estate. You’re buying houses. A girl messaged me on Messenger. A girl that I knew from high school, haven’t talked to her in years.

She said, “Do you buy houses?” This is my business. I do buy houses. It was a perfect situation. It was her mother-in-law who was in hospice at the time. The house had been vacant for a year. These were her words exactly, “I don’t want to mess with our realtor.” I was like, “Yes, I can buy your house.” I said, “What’s the address?” I’ll look it up. It’s in a perfect location. I was like, “I can sell this house quick. I’m not even going to look at it.”

I did go in and look at it before I made an offer because I was in the town already to see a friend. I drove by there. The daughter was there as well with the sister-in-law. When I looked at the house, it was bad. It was an older house. They’ve owned it. It’s a 1961 small house, 1,300 square feet, 3, 2 brick home. It needed a lot of work. It needed a full gut job. I look at it. I get home. I’m like, “This is a deal.”

Did they give you a price when you met them?

You don’t have to go to college because there are other options.

No. That is the key. Every time, you have to try and get the price out of them. I’ve found it easy to get the price or people that are motivated usually will tell you what they want for it. If they don’t, you can work them into it. This one, I talked with the daughter when I got home. I said, “What do you think that you would want for the property?” She’s like, “We don’t know what it’s worth. I don’t know.” I usually say, “What could you walk away with and need to feel great about the deal or the situation? You feel like you got something out of it. I got something out of it and we’re all happy. What’s the number there that feels great for you?”

She still didn’t know, “Let me talk with my brother.” She had her brother to talk about the deal with because it was her mom. I called them. They said, “I think we know how much we want for it.” I called them back on two lines. I talked to both of them at the same time. They wanted $60,000. I was like, “That’s a deal.” I’ve heard one podcast where there’s an old school wholesaler, a real estate guy, that he breaks down the deal.

He tells them how much it would sell for, how much renovation and closing and all this stuff. I’m not sure if I do that. It’s a lot of stuff, but they were writing stuff down. They said, “We’re writing stuff down.” I broke it down and said, “I’m at $50,000. What do you think about that?” They’re both like, “That sounds good.” I’m like, “What?”

They probably threw out $60,000, assuming that you go lower. They wanted to set their bar at a level. They probably didn’t expect $60,000. They probably never thought that they could. You throw out $50,000 and they’re like, “Yep. Perfect.”

They were motivated and ready to get rid of it. They didn’t want to mess with realtors. The deal was hairy. Not too much. What happened was the mother, the owner was at hospice. The daughter had POA talk with the title company. They said they could do it. Two days later, the mom passes away. That was hard. The daughter was having a hard time. I’m so grateful for the sister-in-law. She was my direct communication. She handled a lot of paperwork for me for the whole situation and got the deal done.

It’s heirship affidavit, stuff like that. Guys, don’t let that scare you. The title company tells you what to get. You don’t have to be the expert. They’ll tell you what you need. They have their attorneys, get under contract, get it over there. They’ll tell you what they need. It closed right on time. I found a buyer. The buyer was a friend. I didn’t know she was a real estate investor. I found out after I talked with a realtor and she showed up like, “Jesse, are you wholesaling?” I was like, “Do you want it?” She goes, “Yeah.” I’m like, “Okay.” I wouldn’t recommend that selling to a friend because I gave and take a little bit. I took a little bit off because of certain stuff, but I still made a lot of money on it. I sold in quick.

You bought it for $50,000. What did you sell it for?

It’s $71,500.

WI 737 | Wholesaling Success

Wholesaling Success: The title company tells you what to get. You don’t have to be an expert.


What’d you net?

It’s $21,500.

You’re getting going. You’ve been in this actually going through. Right now, you’re going, “I should be making calls on my birthday,” all of those things, those are signs of you taking this seriously and reading that hunger to go out there and provide that servant heart to the distressed property owner in the marketplace. Maybe you’re reading this for the first time. People will sell their property at a discount. People want to avoid real estate agents. They want to avoid the traffic going in and out of their house. They want to avoid cleaning it up. They want to avoid fixing it up. They want to avoid the embarrassment that they feel with property, whether it be theirs or something inherited and the condition of it.

They want fast for cash. They will trade potential equity in the property for speed and convenience that happens every minute of every hour of every day. It’s like what Bruce said way back when he was part of Robert Kiyosaki’s Real Estate Advisors, “The deal of a lifetime comes around about once a week.” The more people you talk to, the more likely you’re going to get the opportunity to put something special together.

If you’re out there, have the courage, use this story that Jesse is unfolding in our ears and our eyes right now and use that as inspiration that says, “That is incredible. I think I can do this and have the courage to be able to go out there and serve my community like Jessie’s doing.” That’s what it is. You didn’t come from a wealthy family. You didn’t come from real estate background.

You didn’t have everything go smooth for you in the last many years. You’ve built this up. You have that brain like I do, everybody that’s reading to this. We all have that brain that says, “I don’t want to be average, work at 9:00 to 5:00, to be stuck in the rat race. How do I get out?” When you start asking that, that’s when you do it. It can happen. How do people get a hold of you?

Facebook, message me, friend me. I’ll accept your friend request. DM me on there. I don’t have anything else now. I’m about to start a YouTube channel. I’m going to call it Small Talent Investor to help people understand that small market, you could still do it. I like doing it better. I don’t know anything different, but it’s more challenging sometimes. There are a lot of opportunities. Start in your backyard. You can drive to your properties. I can talk to people.

They know I’m from East Texas from the way I talk. I can meet up with them. I can drop by the property, pick up the phone, follow direction and you have to need it and not want it. As you always say, Brent, it has to be a need. It can’t be, “I don’t feel like doing it.” I think the problem I have now is I don’t need it as much financially, but I want it so bad. I want this for my family, for my children’s future. I want to be rich. It’s like Sean Terry always said on his Flip2Freedom. He wants to be rich. You have to want it.

Life is challenging, but there are lots of opportunities. Start with your backyard!

Thank you so much for going on here and sharing your story with everybody. What an inspiration? Remember guys, TTP is not a cold calling thing. Talking to people is being loud, out there, posting to Facebook, getting referrals. It’s talking to your neighbor and building a network of people that trust, like, want to be around you, send you business and support you. That’s what talking to people is all about. That’s the essence of the philosophy behind TTP. It is being loud, going out there and seeing if you can help people out.

If you are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing like Jesse here, go to Check out what the TPP family is all about. See what the TTP program is all about. Scroll down, see all of the testimonials, all the success. It’s going to take you a lot of scrolls because we have the most. It’s incredible because we have the most proactive people in the real estate industry, like Jesse. If you’re interested in that, sign up for a strategy call. We’d love to speak with you and that’s it. Jesse, thank you so much out there in the Rhino Tribe. I truly love you. I want to encourage you to talk to people. Until next time.

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