Posted on: July 19, 2021
WI 734 | Cash Buyers List

One way to increase your profit and maximize your wholesale fee is to build a massive buyer’s list. Interested? Then this is the episode for you! In this short but very informative episode, our very own Lauren Hardy of Virtual Investing Mastery reveals her favorite strategies to update her buyer’s list. Building that list has been one of the keys to her business’ success. Tune in for effective ways to establish your own buyer’s list.

3 Ninja Methods to Build a Massive Cash Buyers List

If you want to make more money and maximize your wholesale fee, you need to have a massive buyer’s list. Who are these buyers that are going to be on your list? These buyers are real estate investors. Specifically, they are landlord buyers, house flippers and developers. Those are the three main categories of investors that you are going to be looking for.

Where do you find them? Networking, meetups, and real estate investment associations are great ways to find these people. How exactly are you going to find them through networking? I would suggest checking out Facebook first. Facebook is a hub for real estate investors. Most real estate investment associations, even locally, have a local Facebook page that you can visit and you can network with people that way. You can also go to the meetups in person and meet them there.

Join Real Estate Investment Associations On Facebook

Let’s get into my favorite way to add to my buyer’s list. Favorite way number one, Real Estate Investment Associations on Facebook. I’m going to call this REIA for short because that is a long word to say. I love going to the local REIA Facebook page and in there is a ton of buyers just hanging out, looking for deals.

If you want to make more money and maximize your wholesale fee, you need to have a massive buyer’s list.

What we regularly do is anytime we get a contract, we will post the details in that group and say who’s interested. A bunch of people always reply in the comments and we scrape those email addresses and add them to our buyer’s list. I also make it an intentional habit of every day going on those Facebook groups and scraping when other people post their deals because if other people post deals and people say they’re interested, they might be interested in mine as well.

Pull An Absentee Owner List

My second favorite way to build a massive buyer’s list is pulling an absentee owner list within the last six months in the territory that you’re in. I send direct mail, text or I give them a call and see if they’re buying any more properties. Usually, this is a very welcomed call. These people want more deals. When I’m calling and I’m saying, “We have deals that we can sell you,” it’s usually very welcomed and they’re very excited to talk to us.


My favorite way, number three and this one is ninja, I didn’t even know about this but someone gave me this tip and it’s something I’ve been doing for years now. It’s worked really well for my team. is a list of available Section 8 properties. If you go in it and you put your city in the search bar, you’ll come up with a bunch of properties that have available vacancies or rentals for Section 8 properties.

WI 734 | Cash Buyers List

Cash Buyers List: Facebook is a hub for real estate investors and most real estate investment associations.


In there, you can contact the actual landlord if you’re interested in renting one of them, but what we do is we contact the landlord and say, “Are you buying any more Section 8 rentals?” Typically, Section 8 landlords want more Section 8 properties. It’s a niche. They want more deals, and I can’t blame them. It’s an amazing niche to be in.

That is by far my favorite secret tip that not a lot of people do. If you guys do this regularly, you will add to your buyer’s list very effectively, and these are some of the best buyers to have on your list. It’s My team was struggling with making a consistent high fee in the territory that we were in. We were virtual and we had to establish from zero buyer base. It wasn’t until our buyer’s list had about 300 names on it that we could consistently move deals.

Once our list got to about 1,000, that was a game-changer. There was a clear difference from 300 to 1,000 people on that buyer’s list. It resonated with me why it’s so important to keep building your buyer’s list. What I personally do as a regular practice is I have a virtual assistant who’s from the Philippines and she does everything that she can do online.

All of the networking that I’m talking about on Facebook is done by a VA. She does it every single day. It’s an intentional practice that she does. She goes on GoSection8. She does all those things to build our buyer’s list regularly, so that way our buyer’s list is staying fresh with some of the newest talents in the area. I hope you guys enjoyed this and I’ll see you guys next time. If you guys want to learn more about real estate investing and taking your business virtually, go to Thanks again for reading.

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